Running Costume Craft


After breakfast and blogging I headed to the gym for a quick strength session. I used the “hard body workout” from the WH Big Book of Exercises. It called for two rounds of each move 12 reps – but, I think that went by too fast and next time I’ll go through it 3 times. Then, I headed out to get supplies for my costume for this weekend’s race. Michael’s Arts & Crafts is … [Read more...]

Lady Bugs On a Log


Good day to you After boot camp I was tempted to go for a run (it was freezing and I wanted to get warm fast!), but I knew my legs needed a rest so I went home for breakfast instead. I was craving eggs and I wanted oatmeal, so I had both. But, egg whites and oatmeal remind me of something a body builder would eat (maybe I’ve been reading too many body building mags). I better … [Read more...]