Lady Bugs On a Log

Good day to you Smile After boot camp I was tempted to go for a run (it was freezing and I wanted to get warm fast!), but I knew my legs needed a rest so I went home for breakfast instead.

I was craving eggs and I wanted oatmeal, so I had both. But, egg whites and oatmeal remind me of something a body builder would eat (maybe I’ve been reading too many body building mags). I better go pump some iron now!IMG_5089 (800x533)

How’s everyone doing on the 30 Day Smart Snacking Challenge? I’m hanging in there. I had an extra small bowl of cereal yesterday and a few extra cashews but not the usual damage, so there’s progress?

I packed Ben’s lunch and changed up his snack today – Ants on a log are so 2011…

This year it’s all about Lady Bugs on a LogIMG_5099 (800x533)

I used dark chocolate M&Ms instead of raisins and spread one celery with AB, one with PB. I know what you’re thinking, “What do I do with the other colors of M&Ms?”

Send them to me SmileIMG_5102 (800x533)

Okay not really, I used those too…IMG_5109 (800x533)

Now I’m headed to the gym for a workout. Today I’m doing strength. I want to get buff…

Question: What’s on your exercise agenda today?

Bonus Question: What’s for snack??


  1. says

    I woke up early this morning and did my new dvd – Bob Harper’s Warrior Yoga. I’ll do some kind of easy cardio tonight while I watch Jeopardy at the gym! :) Snack is going to be strawberry mint Greek yogurt. That should be interesting. The ladybug idea is genius!

  2. Summer T says

    Week three on the ol WW, love that it forces me to log my snack, all 8 of them!!!! ha Started with 19 lbs to lose as of Jan 1, at week three (today) am down 6 lbs. There really is something to this accountability of what goes in my mouth :) Thanks for letting us visit with you each day Monica, you are so fun!

  3. says

    Cute idea! How does the chocolate/PB combo taste with the celery? Believe it or not, celery is one of my favorite veggies!

    Today’s snacks are: Almonds, pineapple, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. Random, I know! Maybe I’ll even have a Clif Z bar.

  4. says

    I just did some running intervals on the treadmill followed by incline walking and forgot socks so now I have a nice blister! Morning snack was an apple and some coca roasted almonds. Afternopon snack is usually no sugar added hot cocoa – Not the healthiest but warms me up and hits the spot!

  5. says

    Did a crossfit WOD this morning and get my butt handed to me on a silver platter. Dang burpees.

    Tonight I’m going to the gym with my mom to help her with weight lifting, so I may or may not sneak in some HIIT stuff. See above re: butt and silver platter.

    Snack will be TJ’s omega snack mix, clementines, apple, and carrots. I already ate the Kind Bar and string cheese.

  6. says

    Ladybugs on a log is such a cute idea! I wonder if I could persuade my boyfriend to eat celery with this… hmmm.

    I don’t really have meals, really. I just constantly snack, which is good in some ways but proves really inconvenient when going out to eat or when I can’t eat for long periods of time.

  7. says

    Strength training today! Funny thing…my hubby is a body builder and his breakfast is egg whites mixed with oatmeal…ha! Today’s snack was almonds and grapes!

  8. Bethany says

    I’m doing yoga this afternoon.

    I already burned through the snacks I brought to work today (string cheese and two Kashi bars), and I’m still hungry… It might end up being a peanut M&M vending machine day…

  9. says

    I LOOOVE your version of ants on a log. I hate raisins (I love all other dried fruit and I love grapes, but raisins gross me out). So chocolate with peanut butter and some sweet celery sounds like a great snack to me!

  10. says

    That look delicious! Plus, very time, because did you know today is national peanut butter day! My favorite day of the year! Besides talk like a pirate day, of course!

  11. Meg says

    Tonight is circuit training and maybe a quick mile or 2 run. My snack was half a grapefruit (not my fav but I’m learning to love!!)

  12. says

    I did a cardio + weights workout yesterday and thinking some plain old classic cardio on the spin bike will take place later today… I’m not sure what’s for snack- perhaps some popcorn since that seems to be my go-to recently?! Or a yogurt mess? Eggs? Something with PB? We shall see!

  13. says

    Morning snack- apple and cheese stick. afternoon snack- peanuts and orange (carb + protein = happy tummy). After gym snack – hopefully nothing, but we’ll see if I’m too hungry to wait for dinner.

    This afternoon’s workout is 30ish minutes on the elliptical and then some weights!

  14. Willie Tibbetts says

    I’m a delayed start on the snack challenge but I’m on day numero dos! I heart this challenge, but I love your lady bugs on a log idea muchu more! I’m not biased so any color dark choc. m&m will do.

    and TOO funny on bodybuilding image! Did you know you need super glue to get the bottom part of the bikini to stay in place? Sometimes or the top part too. That’s no matter how many egg whites your eat or what small you shrink your fanny…True story.

  15. Vesna says

    Now that i’m a paying member of Weight Watchers, I’m totally obsessed with tracking everything that I put in my mouth (including Friday’s date night at Buffalo Wild Wings). So i’ve been controlling my snacking urge by removing all the food in my work file cabinet and only packing only lunch, some fruit, a piece of babybel light cheese and a cup of greek yogurt.

    Your celery with PB made my mouth water…

  16. says

    Mmmm the ladybugs on a log actually look really good!! it’s kind of funny- I was craving celery with light cheese whiz for a snack and didn’t have any, so I ran to the grocery store about an hour ago on a mission for celery (before I saw this post!). I had celery + cheese whiz and an orange the size of my face. Delicious!

  17. Jana says

    I’m running the Tinkerbell Half this weekend so this is my taper week. I’m just running 2 miles today. My morning snack today was celery with hummus and my afternoon snack with be an apple with PB.

  18. says

    This sounds like a great snack. I’d probably eat the entire bag of m&m’s and place a few on the celery stick. I may sub the m&m’s for dried cranberries or maybe dried pomegranates. I’m sure that would be pretty good too.

  19. says

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