Running Costume Craft

After breakfast and blogging I headed to the gym for a quick strength session. I used the “hard body workout” from the WH Big Book of Exercises. It called for two rounds of each move 12 reps – but, I think that went by too fast and next time I’ll go through it 3 times. IMG_5065 (800x600)

Then, I headed out to get supplies for my costume for this weekend’s race. Michael’s Arts & Crafts is right next to a produce store so I grabbed some strawberries and cherries to go with my string cheese snack.

These strawberries are HUGE (read: perfect for dipping in dark chocolate). Just sayin’.IMG_5070 (800x600)

I considered ducking into Panera for lunch since it was right there, but I was craving a big ol’ teriyaki tofu rice bowl anyways so went home to eat. In an attempt to satisfy my craving I threw the following in a bowl and ate it: Costco Asian Stir Fry veggies, Quorn meatballs and Peanut Sauce. Oh, and lots o’ cashews.IMG_5128 (800x533)

Trader Joe’s was sampling their Kettle Corn cookies today, which I’ve been eyeing for weeks! My mom and I have a deep love for Kettle Corn and I’ve been wanting to get them for her (read: get them for ME and give her one). I decided I didn’t need a box of cookies, I just need one and saved it for after lunch.IMG_5135 (800x533)

Now I have supplies for my half marathon costume! I have never run in a costume before and I’m not crafty at all so this might be a disaster.

Here is my loot:

IMG_5047 (800x600)

IMG_5138 (800x533) - You seem a little too excited about dressing in drag

I have to head to the gym to train 2 clients and I’m hoping for an early night. See ya later!

Can you guess what I’m going to attempt to be?


  1. Jana says

    Tinkerbell! Now I feel like I should be dressing for the race too – lol! I was planning on just wearing a running skirt and my favorite Lulu running top.

  2. says

    SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! All I know is that your costume is going to be hot!
    I am craving a big strawberry so bad after reading your post!

  3. Sarah says

    I am excited to see that you are dressing up for Disney. I wanted to but I was worried no one else would so I’d be that awkward girl in a tutu…

    Hopefully I will see you there and have the courage to say hi!

  4. says

    I get the tinkerbell guesses but it’s totally Ariel and a super cute idea!

    Hopefully I will get to run the Disneyland Half and dress up! Hope to see you there (if you go, too!)

  5. Denise P. says

    I’ve been going back and forth about wearing a costume or not for Tink. I was trying to incorporate a Sparkle Skirt into the mix because they’ve got some really cool Disney ideas, but I just couldn’t be decisive enough.

    I ended up finding a girls Tinkerbell shirt at the Disney store and was planning to wear it with a purple running skirt, big purple flower in my hair and sparkly pink bic band.

  6. says

    Ariel? Haha. I cheated and read everyone else’s guesses! That’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see it. I want to run in costume. We might rig something up for a V-day 5k! :)

  7. says

    That skirt looks perfect- will you wear running shorts under (I’d assume so)? Where is that shirt from?

    One thing we totally love about holiday and themed races is the costumes. Our crew always has wacky socks, skirts, shirts … not hard to pick us out of the crowd!

  8. says

    I want that cookie! Looks sooo good. Can you tell I’m trying to phase out carbs and sweets? lol

    My guess would be Ariel–red hair, green skirt (as in a tail), and foam to make sea shells for a “top” over the flesh colored shirt. If that’s not right, I over-thought this way too much! :)

  9. says

    What did you think of the kettle corn cookies?! My momma and I are kettle corn fanatics too and have been eying them…

    P.S. What are “Quorn” meatballs?! Lately I’ve been topping my salads with TJ’s frozen turkey meatballs… Mmm, meaty balls ;P

  10. says

    I’m guessing that tissue paper might turn into wings. Maybe you’re opting for Peter Pan instead though. I really wanted to dress up but then I thought maybe trying to wear a costume for my first half was a little too much. But I already anticipate costume envy. I’m just wearing a running skirt and a tank top…. boring boring boring.

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