Not The Faster Bunny

Hello! I am blogging from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf between a client and a fitness assessment this morning Smile IMG_5158 (600x800)

It’s super gorgeous out, but I’m enjoying my coffee from inside because of the laptop glare. At least I’m sitting by a window?IMG_5160 (600x800)

I was supposed to join a few of my fave runner/blogger friends for a speed work session this morning, but I had to bail last night because I wasn’t going to make it in time. I asked Margot aka The Faster Bunny (that’s her blog name!) to tell me what to do. the faster bunny 2

Note: Margot knows my PRs and gave me the following Yasso session…IMG_5091 (800x600)

Note #2: Margot obviously doesn’t know I am NOT the Faster Bunny, maybe I could pass for the Easter Bunny, but that’s it.

I have never legitimately done speed work. I tried Yassos I think once before but didn’t really shoot for a time, just attempted to go faster than usual.

Since I wasn’t at a track I ran half a mile around a big block. Recovered, then went back where I came from. I did this 6 times. I’m sure it looked really weird to passersby, but I’m used to that.

The first two 800s were brutal. I called Margot and left a voicemail screaming, “I am NOT the faster bunny!!!!!!!”

Then, I put my big girl chonies on and did the other 4. I got faster for the last few, but did not hit 7:15s like she advised. Next time, I promise.IMG_5085 (800x600)

Now that it’s over I’m kinda proud of myself for doing all 6 repeats. I wanted to quit after one.IMG_5088 (800x600)

Then, I headed home to celebrate Waffle Wednesday! Remember when I used to eat waffles every Wednesday and make a joke about how it sounded like awful Wednesday?

I really wish I could make protein waffles, but the last two times they’ve been a disaster. I will try again soon, but for now I have Kashi waffles with PB&J, chia seeds and naner. I filled the protein void with a big bite of Ben’s egg sandwich. IMG_5153 (800x533)

Snack Spotlight: I scored a Manager’s Special for the new Yoplait Greek Yogurt Parfaits and had one for a snack yesterday afternoon. IMG_5072 (800x600)

I thought it was going to be crappy granola, but it was good!

IMG_5077 (600x800)

230 calories seems like a lot compared to other greek yogurts, but this is a lot less than I would eat if I had a whole bag of granola I added to the yogurt myself!IMG_5075 (800x600)

Pros: Portion control, Easy to take on the go, tastes good

Cons: Not as much protein as other greek yogurts, Too expensive even on sale

Question: Favorite granola?

Bonus Question: Ever done speed?

*Speed work, I meant speed work…


  1. margot says

    I am proud of you for doing them! Seriously impressed. I swear they would be billions of times easier with oual and me :). Speedwork by yourself sucks.
    Next Wednesday! We can go earlier if you can’t make the 7.

  2. says

    I haven’t done legit speed work since 2007 when I trained for my first marathon. But I used to do it every tuesday and thursday when I was in high school. And it must be legit…because back then I had an avg 7:10-15 min pace…haha

  3. says

    I was just going to say not as much protein…but noticed it at the end. Hey, if it taste good and you scored a great price.. all that matters. 😉

    the iced coffee looks delicious. i could use one right now.

    And running faster… i just tolerate running. LOL. good luck on becoming the faster bunny.

  4. says

    I am not a speedy bunny either- I only see 7:15 on my clock on weekend mornings [if I’m lucky to sleep in that late even!] 😛

    Kashi waffles + PB + jelly have been my bfast the past two mornings and I have no desire to make anything else…

  5. says

    I did some speed intervals on the treadmill yesterday – But only @ one minute of speedy (for me), one minute walking recovery. And I only did 5 of those. Started and ended with a mile at a slightly faster than normal pace for me. Gotta start somewhere!! These kill me every time I do them though!

  6. says

    I am a weirdo, but I love speedwork. :) I don’t think I can quite rock the 7:10 pace required for those though…

    Not a granola fan, but my daily breakfast is greek yogurt, fruit, stevia, and sometimes a little cinnamon/nutmeg/allspice/lemon juice. Yum!

  7. says

    Hi! I read your blog frequently, and really enjoy it, but have not commented. I thought I would comment today, because I actually did speedwork today! I just started doing the actual planned out speed thing too, figured it’s the only way to get faster. I think I kind of cheat though by doing it on the treadmill because my legs are forced to move faster. tough either way! Love your blog:-)

  8. says

    Don’t really eat granola. I like the taste of it, but I end up eating the entire bag so I stay away. Couldn’t tell you what my favorite kind is.

    I’ve only tried speedwork a few times. My first attempt at Yasso 800s went well, but then I fell off on my training so I didn’t keep going. This year shall be the year of speed!

  9. says

    I just tried 800m repeats for the first time last week. I did 2. You’re post is inspiring me to stick it out for 4 next time. Then I’ll worry about 6 :)

  10. Jen B says

    You are so freakin fast! Great job on your run. I must tell you I adore your blog and look forward to reading it every day.
    I LOVE Bear Naked granola. It’s the best that I’ve found so far. I try to do one speed session per week, which is usually just a warm up jog for about 5 minutes followed by 4-6 one minute runs that are about 2 min faster than my regular pace followed by a 2 minute “recovery” jog that is a minute or two slower than my normal pace. I run slow for about 5 minutes after the last speedy minute as a cool down. It’s a fun way to make a workout fly by since you’re constantly adjusting pace. I like it.

  11. says

    I’m forced to do speedwork (200m repeats, 400m repeats, 800m repeats, ladder intervals, the whole shebang) 1-2 times a week for track and I hate every second of it. At home I stick to fartleks, tempo runs, and the ocassional mile repeats.

  12. says

    I definitely have a love-hate relationship with track workouts. I know they make me faster, but they’re scary because they hurt! One of my favorite workouts is 12 x 400m @ 5k pace w/ 200m recovery. It’s probably best to do it on a track because it’s so fast. It’s a tough, but good workout!

  13. says

    I want to try that! But not at 7:15–yikes! I’m trying to start doing speed work, so I just keep reading around to see what other people are doing. I need a fancy speedy running friend to give me hard pace goals! Margot, can we be friends too? 😉

  14. says

    You should come buy yogurt where I live for a bit. It will have you jumping up and down for that price! My husband almost had a heart attack when I asked him to pick me up some greek yogurt the other day and he had to pay $5 (plus tax) for 500ml :) And that was the store brand.

  15. Katie P says

    My favorite granola is Galaxy Granola’s maple pecan quinoa, it tastes great and it’s from a local (to me) company. I was bummed though last time I was at Whole Food they were out :(

  16. says

    I find speed work easier with a friend or group- it’s hard to be disciplined and motivated enough to push through it by yourself! I love having others around who are faster than I am to push me.

    Way to go having the discipline to stick it out!!

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