Weight Loss Wednesday–Work out at Home Giveaway

Hola! I took my morning snack to the coffee shop to go with my iced coffee – cherries and cheese. I think I may be obsessed with both this week as always. Why aren’t cherries cheap and in season all year?big ol string cheese

I was going to document all my eats today but my sandwich disappeared before I remembered to take a picture. I’m still sharing this mess so I can relive that amazing salad for another second Smilethat salad is a mess, a delicious mess

Oh, and I almost forgot I taped Ask a Monican #27 yesterday!

Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers:
1. How do I keep running interesting if I’m not training for a race?
2. Tips to lose weight when the scale is stuck?
3. What is your favorite ethnic food?

Email me with Ask a Monican questions – runeatrepeat at gmail dot com. They will be anonymous unless you ask me to share your name Smile

Weight loss Wednesday – Working out at home

I know not everyone wants or needs to lose weight, but we should all be exercising. But some days it’s hard because…

 it’s too rainy to go to the gym

you worked late

your walking buddy cancelled

you don’t want to!

they don’t have your favorite class at the gym today…

Well, you don’t need a gym to get moving – you can workout at home and it can be fun! Promise.

You know how I know? Because I had a blast Zumba-ing in my living room today.

A rep from the newly launched Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide sent me a Zumba fitness party pack to get my workout on at home. yahoo shine get it guideIMG_5172 (800x600)

The pack came with the illusive Zumba maracas toning sticks I’ve been wanting since I got the Zumba bug! I have been bopping around with these like a Mexican jumping bean Winking smilezumba toning sticks

I can understand if you’re not a big fan of Zumba at the gym because it’s fast paced choreography with a room full of strangers. I get that.

But, the great thing about this (and most other fitness dvds) is it breaks down the basic moves first. So you can learn at your own pace without worrying if the lady behind you thinks you are embarrassing yourself and your entire family with those two left feet.zumba dvd

Want to get your workout on at home? Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide is giving one lucky RER reader a $25.00 gift certificate to Amazon to buy the workout dvd of their choice!

To Enter: Leave a comment answering…

What is your favorite exercise DVD or class at the gym?

Contest open to residents of the US and Canada. Contest ends 1/26/12 at 7am PST. Yahoo!Shine sent me the dvd pack to review at no cost. All opinions are my own.


  1. Trish says

    I love bootcamp! It’s fast paced and never boring and I feel like I have someone to be accountable to because it’s usually the same ladies who show up.

  2. says

    I’ve fallen in love with yoga lately!

    Love that you asked the person w/ the weight loss question about their height. That’s a lot of exercise! It sometimes bothers me when I see bloggers talk about their weight without mentioning their height- there’s a huge difference between weighing 120 pounds (or whatever) if you’re five feet versus five-seven.

  3. says

    At the gym, I love yoga (so much easier to stay focused!) and boot-camp type classes. I need to update my exercise DVDs–Jillian is great but I have to admit the old school “FIRM” series was also pretty effective! (haven’t done those in a while though)

  4. Sophie says

    when i was still going to the gym my favorite class was always yoga. it was a great way to get a good workout yet relax at the same time

  5. maria says

    gah! pick me! i need this! i’m moving to mexico and am not so sure i’ll have a gym anymore! i just recently fell in love with zumba….but there’s one particular TKB instructor who i’ll drive allllll around the city to go to her classes.

  6. Makenna says

    What an awesome giveaway!! I’ve been wanting to try zumba! At the gym, I love spinning, but at home–I haven’t found a Jillian Michaels DVD I don’t love–great workouts.

  7. Barbara says

    OMG you answered my question! Thank you so so much. (is it weird that I feel like a celebrity answered my question? since I only “know” you through the web it feels like you’re a celeb) Anyways, I’m going to do what you suggested with the tempo runs. I think having set day of the week for it would help me feel like I have a bit of a plan so I would get that feeling of going on a run with a purpose, but at the same time I wouldn’t feel like my life is revolving around a specific race schedule like it did in the fall. Thank again for answering! Totally made my day.

  8. Beth says

    Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred was my favorite workout DVD (probably because I haven’t done many others). However, I’ve recently being doing a spinning class at my gym and I’ve found an instructor I love!

  9. says

    I grew up in a town in Eastern Washington (a big agricultural region) and the main crop in my town is cherries. In fact, sorting cherries on a conveyor belt was my first job when I was 14. Anyway, they are a VERY fickle and labor intensive fruit to grow, hence the cost, etc. I remember sorting out lots of cherries that didn’t make the cut. As an adult, I hated them for a long time…that’s what being overly saturated with something as a kid will do to you. I’m 30 and I think last summer was the first time I spent the money on them on my own.

      • Cat says

        Hah! Well, I think it was because I ate a TON and they didn’t seem appetizing anymore. But also they are pretty expensive at the grocery store, so even though I spend a ton on groceries (Whole Foods LOVES me!) it seemed silly to spend lots o’ money on something I feel sort of blase about.

  10. Mary Frances says

    I love Michelle Dozois’s videos! They are super fun and fat burning! I can easily burn 500+ calories in an hour.

    Her latest one that I love: More Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn

  11. says

    WANT! My favorite exercise class is definitely spin! I love running now, or at least I’m learning to love it, and my favorite DVD is the 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body or maybe Slim & Tone Pilates.

  12. Tina says

    DVD has to be Element Yoga for Beginners with Elena Brower. I went to a class of hers in NYC.

    Fitness Class to go to – ZUMBA! Except my instructor went to Mexico this week and there’s no class. :( This is when I wish I could Zumba at home with some toning shaking sticks!

  13. Jen says

    I love the New York City Ballet workout DVDs! I used to do them at my sister’s house and just ordered my own this week.

  14. Megan says

    Love me some bootcamp! I get major exercise ADD doing most other classes/videos and like to never know what’s coming next.

  15. cathy says

    I don’t do classes at the gym…i’ve never been a member…I don’t own any work out videos but can remember doing richard simmons with my grandma…i’d love to try some new ones

  16. Megan says

    I was sure I was going to say the Zumba at home deal, because I’ve been wanting to try it out but am a bit scared to go due to my two left feet! But now that I see these comments, I’m thinking Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, P90X…so many possibilities!!!

  17. Laurel C says

    my absolute favorite gym class just happens to be Zumba! but only if it’s taught by my favorite instructor, Dora. my mom and I have been doing Zumba with Dora even before it was so popular!

  18. Jamie says

    Currently my favorite class is BodyPump. It really helps me stay consistent with weight training. As far as exercise DVD’s, maybe “No More Trouble Zones” from Jillian Michaels. It is hard but fun.

  19. Suzi says

    I love any workout class that has to do with circuits. I feel like I get an all over workout and keep my heartrate up. I also love hip hop dance classes as a workout.

  20. Kristabel says

    I love spin class! Though usually not during the actual class. I always mentally argue with the instructor that no hill is this intense in real life.

  21. Ryah says

    My favorite class/work out dvd is definitely yoga. I went to a Zumba class at my gym once and I loved it, but it’s always so packed.

  22. Denise P. says

    I am a total dork at Zumba but I still do it every now and again when my old instructor hosts charity Zumbathons.

    I have too many DVDs to pick a fave, so I’ll say my favorite class at the gym is aqua aerobics. Sure everyone there is almost twice my age, but it is easy on my joints and the instructor knows what she is doing, because I always feel like it was a good workout.

  23. says

    Some may not consider it exercise since it’s so damn fun, but my favorite way to get my sweat on is belly dancing. I started taking classes last year and am totally hooked. Definitely does a booty good. And the husband seems to like it too!

  24. Elizabeth says

    I love DVD’s! Pop it in and go! Normally when I put one in someone else in the family wants to join! Its a great way to get other involved!

  25. says

    I don’t belong to a gym but I go to hot yoga. Favorite DVD to do at home. Physique 57…and a really old MTV yoga video that I’m embarrassed to admit I own.

  26. says

    My favorite is the hip-hop dance class. The one I attended most recently was to “Baby Got Back,” to which I nearly throw out my back trying to relive the dancing days of my teens. Ah, memories! Lots of fun!

  27. says

    I love Zumba classes at the gym. Unfortunately I haven’t had a membership in about a year, due to costs, so I workout at home using intervals. Right now, my favorite DVD is Yogalosophy. It’s more of a workout than yoga, but I love it! That, and my MTV Pilates one, of course :)

  28. says

    I love hot yoga! I’m starting to take a fitness Pilates class but I think I need more 1-on-1 attention to make sure I have the proper form. I definitely agree about the whole Zumba thing… I took one class and never went back because I was so intimidated by the moves, people, and their ability to shake it ( never once took a dance class).

  29. Sarah says

    I’m currently addicted to spin!! I love it, but I want to try something new! The only problem is, I’m the shy girl! I’m going to make it my goal next week to try one new class!

  30. Lindsay says

    For a butt kicking at home workout I do Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred or her Metabolism Booster workout.

    For a “lighter” day workout I do any of Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away The Pounds workout videos. I love her!

  31. Christina L. says

    Love my step class at the gym, its step,body pump, step…and its painful just the way I love it!

    DVD: 30 day shred!

  32. Stephanie says

    I love Jillian Michael’s DVDs, especially 30 Day Shred because I never have an excuse to miss a 20 minute workout! Also, she says true things like “When it’s hard, that’s when it counts the most.” Love that!

  33. Kelly says

    My favorite DVD is Bethenny Frankel’s Body by Bethenny and my favorite gym class is Zumba, but I’ve been itching to get a Zumba video.

  34. Pam says

    My favorite class is Fusion–it’s a mix of tai chi, yoga and Pilates. My gym offers Zumba classes but I’ve been too chicken/uncoordinated to try!

  35. blair says

    Recently I’ve been really into barre classes. But they’re too expensive for me to do more than once a week so I’ve been trying the Core Fusion DVDs at home.

  36. says

    My favorite is 30 day shred… I know. I know. That’s not terribly original, but it is.. Oh and I also like p90x! That is tough, because I’m terrible at anything relating to strength.

  37. Kellie says

    I am a yoga person. I love a good, strong Vinyasa class. I also like my power yoga video I can do at home if I don’t make it to the studio.

  38. says

    My favorite class is a bootcamp at my gym. It leaves me drenched!!! Favorite DVD…either Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism or P90x Plyometrics. Both are killers!

  39. Stephanie says

    I only own 2 workout DVDs so I’d have to go with 30day shred at home. At the gym, yoga is my favorite.

    Also, I’m new to running so can you explain what “junk miles” are?

  40. Bri says

    My fav class at the gym is ZUMBA! Just started going again today. Although living in upstate NY and dealing w/ cold temperatures, it’d be so nice to have a DVD to do it at home!

  41. Stephanie says

    I love Namaste Yoga dvd’s. For some reason, I am really nervous about going to a yoga studio, even tho I have a gift certificate to go to one…need to just suck it up and ry, because I bet I’d love it!

  42. Jessica says

    I just cannot do the gym, too self conscience maybe? I am a total at home dvd work out junkie, though. Hey, I have no excuse not to, right?
    My all time favorite instructor is Cathe Friedrich. Love.

  43. Megan says

    Oh man! I heard some great news that I had to tell you! We are getting a Dunkin Donuts!!

    Oh and my favorite class is Body Pump!

  44. says

    My favourite gym class is body pump! (weights to music) At home, I like the booty camp fitness dvd and my guilty pleasure, Paula Abdul cardio cheer.

  45. Alina says

    I just started taking Zumba a week ago and I LOVE it. I am currently trying to get my mom to come with me. I know she will love it too!

  46. Leah K says

    the only exercise video that i can do the whole way through (and actually enjoy it!) is turbo jam. i have tried several and liked them all. now i want to try turbo fire and see how that compares.

  47. Sarah says

    So first, my favorite at home workout DVD is TurboFire. Love the HIIT workouts.

    Also, LOVE that you’re doing so many Ask a Monican’s lately. They’re so entertaining to watch!

    I’m also confused about the junk miles concept. I understand not training for a race and workouts not having a distinct purpose, but isn’t it really a good thing any time someone gets out and runs. No matter what you’re still getting out there moving, getting stronger, increasing your endurance and burning calories…so why are “junk miles” such a bad thing?!? I don’t get it?!

  48. says

    Oh! Great giveaway! My favorite class will always be body pump… but since they don’t offer it at my gym :( I always go to an “abs and back” class 3 days a week. They spend 25 minutes targeting your core and it’s great!

  49. says

    I babysit on occasion for another fitness blogger who passed onto me the newest Billy Blanks (as in, Tae Bo) program… PT 24/7. It has boxing gloves you attach to your shoes with resistance bands — a shockingly incredible at-home workout!

  50. TiffanyS says

    What don’t I love lately? My first love was Zumba, but now my love is bootcamp. I love to mix in Muay Thai Kickboxing, TRX, and spinning to keep it fresh.

  51. Steff K. says

    I love Jillian Michaels…and my favorite DVD of hers is her kettle bell workout. I also like Bob Harpers yoga!!!

  52. Amanda W says

    I’m a fan of yoga DVDs because I’m still totally shy about attending grown up classes (as opposed to the mommy and me classes I take/took with my son from 4 months-present, 12 months). I keep thinking if the DVDs make me “good enough” I’ll work up the courage to go, even though being “good” totally isn’t the point and I know it.

  53. Jaclyn says

    I haven’t tried any DVDs at home, but would the opportunity. I really enjoy my Kickboxing class at the gym. It kicks my butt!

  54. Stephanie s says

    I feel like recently I finally got my workout mojo back and have been OBSESSED with workout DVDs after the dread mill. My favorite one lately has been shred it with weights by Jillian michaels!

  55. Erica D says

    Zumba is by far my favorite class! I’m also a fan of BodyJam, which is similar but more contemporary in music.

  56. Lindsay says

    I have many favorite classes at the gym. The classes I go to at the gym are WERQ, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, R.I.P.P.E.D., Strong (group weight lifting), and YogaFit!

  57. Robin says

    I love Jackie Warner’s Xtreme 30 minute workout but would love to learn Zumba in the comforts of my home. I am alot of things-coordinated is NOT one of them!

  58. Christina says

    In college I loved step. Now that I’m older and don’t belong to a gym I own a bunch of Jillian DVDs, she kicks my butt!

  59. Autumn Rae says

    My favorite class at the gym is Body Pump. As for my favorite work out DVD, I guess Jillian Michaels, but I would love to try something new!

  60. says

    I am definitely too intimidated to try Zumba at the gym, but I’d definitely give it a whirl at home. I’m a big fan of the 30 Day Shred, I’ve been doing that one for about a month and seeing great results. Seems like all Jillian’s workouts are popular! She is so motivating.

  61. Stephanie Johnson says

    Favorite class is Kickboxing, I have been too scared to try Zumba though for fear of looking like an idiot!

  62. Nancy says

    I always work out at home, I try to keep it interesting with the ONDEMAND fitness channel. Otherwise, my go-to videos are Jillian Michaels, Jackie Warner and Bob Harper.

  63. Amelia says

    Right now my favorite workout DVD is Jillian Michael’s new Extreme Shed and Shred. It’s fast paced and has new moves she hasn’t used in previous dvds so the workout is over before I know it.

  64. says

    my favorite class i’ve EVER taken was willpower & grace!
    [ive been considering getting the DVDs to try, too!]

    my favorite work out DVD as of late is Bob’s Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss. It always makes me feel like I’ve had a good workout, but doesn’t make my downstairs neighbors think and elephant parade is taking place in my living room. 😉

  65. Ali says

    I just tried sweat and soul cycle and it was no joke…the bikes move from side to side! slightly terrifying but fun

  66. Jamie says

    I know I missed it but thought I would reply anyway. My fall back DVD is Power 90 but at the gym I love Spinning. Its been awhile since Ive been to class but I remember the high I felt afterwards, LOVE IT!

  67. Daphne says

    I love the dvds that Jillian Michaels has out. I’m determined to finish the 30 day shred. Only 3 more days to go!!!

  68. heatherfeather says

    i like to zummmmmba (said in my best latin accent!). and i just discovered cardio boxing where I can punch away the day’s stress – so fun!

  69. Katie says

    I really like Power 90, but I don’t do it all the time. It’s good for lazy days when you don’t want to leave home, gets your heart up, but quick and you can shrink portions if needed.

  70. Summer says

    I love kickboxing and zumba!

    I tried bellydancing a couple times… want to feel COMPLETELY uncoordinated? BELLYDANCE!

  71. says

    My absolute FAVORITE dvd is Bryan Kest Power Yoga! He has the most soothing voice and its from the early 90s so he does all his yoga moves in a pair of sweet jorts!

  72. Mandy says

    I love zumba but I don’t do it at my apartment’s gym because they do it in a really small room with everyone on the ellipticals and treadmills right in the same room.

  73. TiffanyM says

    My favourite gym class is definitely Zumba (which is why I am so jealous of your party pack!) and my favourite DVD is an old kickboxing one!

  74. says

    Any Jillian Michael’s DVD, or, if I’m feeling old school, some Tae Bo. Nothin’ like Billy yelling at you to eek out one more drop kick!

  75. Emma says

    I got my husband liquored up one night and got him to do a Bollywood dance video with me. It was hilarious and he was disturbingly good at it.

  76. TJ says

    Ha, well I interpret “favorite” as “least-hated”….I have to go with the Leslie Sansone walking DVD with jogging segments at the end of each mile (sorry, at work and I don’t know the formal title off the top of my head). The jogging segments get my heart rate up enough that it’s a good calorie burn, but it’s not all killer so I can force myself to do it even when I’m sleepy and lazy.

  77. Jordan K. says

    My favorite class at my gym is called BodyBlast. It is just basically an hour long of curcuit training. We constantly switch from high intensity cardio (think mountain climbers, squat jacks, etc.) to various strengh moves. I love it because it’s different moves each week and the quick pace never lets me get bored! Plus, I almost always wake up the next day sore in some spot! That let’s me know I must be doing something right, right?!

  78. Isabel says

    My absolute favorite class at the gym is their “Lunch Krunch”. It’s a 30 minute workout that leaves my abs and booty sore for days! There are various stations set up around the room with weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, whatever to make your muscles burn! We do each station for about 30 secs, break for 10 sec and continue. We do 2 rounds of this. Then we end with a hardcore ab session that leaves me sore!

  79. says

    I love Tara Stiles yoga DVD for at home workouts and I my favorite gym class is a step class at our local rec center. I am the youngest participant by at least 30 years but it is a killer workout and I always leave drenched in sweat.

  80. AshinMT says

    Um… yeah, i live in a small town in central Montana so classes are limited here and I have never purchased a dvd besides a cheap yoga for weightloss dvd at target… so i guess Aerobics- which is the least expensive and one of the only group classes offered in my town. ha! Been dreaming of trying zumba…

  81. Jennifer says

    My favorite class at the gym is Body Bump, because it requires no rhythm at all. Zumba would be fun to try in the comforts of my own house!

  82. says

    The only class I go to is spin. I love that everyone can control their own intensity.

    Hey on a side note…would you be interested in giving one of my workout rings away for a giveaway??

  83. says

    my favorite workout dvds are definitely jillians…shes awesome!! my favorite workout class has been turbo kick. i miss it so much (it was at my old gym in chicago). there are SO many great classes out there though. love the giveaway!

  84. Liz says

    i Really like zumba………but the place i like is 10bucks a class so had to cut back on that. At the gym i usually go for TURBO KICKBOXING so much fun and i usually burn over 700cals:)

  85. says

    I love the 10 minute workout DVDs because I can just do one segment if that’s all the time I have or more if I want. My favorite class at the gym is the TRX class though, because I can do things I can’t do at home!

  86. says

    This MAY sound silly, but I love all of the Just Dance games on the Wii. You don’t realize it at first, but you get a really great workout! They usually leave me pretty sore afterwards but that’s probably because I’m doing all the dances wrong. God only knows what my neighbors think! ::shakes head::

  87. KK says

    Ahh! I just got zumba for the wii and I would loveeee those maracas! And yes, I’m calling them maracas, not toning sticks.

  88. says

    I’m into the Insanity DVDs at the moment. I’m still doing the first month, been doing that one for about three months now, but it works and I like everything that he does. It’s crazy but that’s why it’s called Insanity.

  89. Tameika says

    My favorite class at the gym is a new one: Ripped. It’s crazy intense and I love a good challenge. I would definitely use the $25 to buy a DVD of the class because the times it’s offered at my gym conflict with my work schedule. :(

  90. Julie says

    I am sure that I am too late, but I love Zumba at my gym! I have been to other classes, but the teacher is no where near as good as the one at the gym! She makes the class!

  91. Katie M. says

    Doing 30 day Shred! It’s kicking my but. I haven’t tried Zumba yet but just got the DVD’s! Looks like fun!

  92. says

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  93. zoe says

    favorite class at the gym is spinning! i hope i’m not too late to enter this one because I would JUMP UP AND DOWN in PUBLIC If i won this stuff!

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