Running When Sick


Runners are weird people. They pay to run on public streets. They shoot boogers out of their noses onto the sidewalk. They spread vaseline in the oddest places. They suck tubes of jelly from foil packets like it’s their last meal. They smile while sweaty… And sometimes they want to run while sick. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lifelong runner doing laps around the … [Read more...]

Must Eats in the OC


This morning I made some hardboiled eggs and forgot about them, so I had to “check one” to see if it was good. It was Then, I hit the gym for a strength session. I didn’t feel challenged on the leg moves, but felt like it was too hard on the arms. Needs tweaking. I was timing myself to see how long I was at the gym, but it took longer since a few people were chatting with me. … [Read more...]

The Best Breakfast


I have been wanting to try Flame Broiler for weeks since I spotted an ad for it that shared decent nutrition information. So last night I got an all white meat chicken with brown rice bowl. It comes without sauce so I needed to add their “magic sauce”. And I’m sure by “magic” they mean “sugar”, but we’ll ignore that part. Ben got the combo plate. I am an orange thief. I’m … [Read more...]