Five Fun Friday Fings

Happy Friday! Here are 5 “F” words for your enjoyment…

Fitness – I ran 9 miles, wanted to get a longer run in today since I have the half Sunday and won’t be running tomorrow. It was eh.

FOOD! I headed straight for the watermelon when I got back.IMG_5229 (800x600)

Thanks reader Eva for sending me this…watermelon understands me

Favorite Breakfast – My favorite breakfast is an amazing egg sandwich, preferably made by someone else. Unfortunately a personal chef isn’t in the cards when you can barely afford two buck Chuck, so I made it myself…IMG_5231 (800x600)

I put turkey bacon in it, laughing cow cheese and tons of hot sauce and ketchup. So so good.IMG_5232 (800x600)

Food Coma – me after this sandwich…food coma dog

Fun – I’m headed to the Disneyland Tinkerbell Expo today! Tomorrow will be low key and Sunday’s the race! I still need to actually make my costume though…

Question: What are you doing this weekend? (Bonus points if you say helping me with my costume.)


  1. Denise P. says

    I’m cutting out of work in 20 minutes to head to the expo. Very excited for my first Disney event! If I see you at this one I’ll definitely say Yello. (Saw you in Vegas in the bathroom.)

    My dad sent me this e-mail yesterday and I thought it was something serious about overdosing – it was all animals “overdosing” on food and such. haha

  2. says

    Running 10 miles for my half I’m doing in a few weeks, cleaning the house, doing a little yoga…….. I’ve run the Disney World Half a few times and haven’t dressed up…. I can’t wait to see your costume!

  3. says

    This weekend looks like this:

    going to the grocery store, cleaning, and doing laundry before sitting around as much as possible today.
    getting up at a ridiculously early hour tomorrow to fit in a 3 hour indoor cycling/core combo class i seem to have roped myself into.
    spending 4 hours at Crossfit for a workshop “Strength Considerations for Runners”
    drinking copious amounts of red wine
    dancing the night away at Charity Ball, the equivalent of prom for my university
    sleeping as much of sunday as possible to recover…

    happy costume creating. i am far from crafty so you’re actually probably in better shape without any offers from me..

  4. Tawny says

    You crack me up! This weekend i’m playing in a roller derby tournament. Lots of skating around and some hard hitting action!

  5. says

    Love the picture of the watermelon! You are way to funny.
    I am such a loser when it comes to anything crafty. I have called arts and crafts, arts and craps for years because I am handicapped when it comes to anything creative. I am missing that gene.
    Good luck on the race girl.

  6. says

    This is going to sound gross (probably because it IS) but my new favorite bfast sandwich is an egg sunnyside up (nice and goooooey), with turkey on toasted and buttered ezekiel bread.. and here’s the kicker.. put MUSTARD on your turkey and then loads of salsa.. I’m not kidding.. something about it makes me want to sing and drool at the same time. mmmmm.

  7. says

    Taking an aerial dance class tomorrow. I’ve taken one before so I know it will be a million bits of fun.

    I should get half a bonus point since I’ll be sending good costume vibes your way. Good luck on Sunday!

  8. says

    Weekends aren’t super relaxing over here bc it the only chance I get to play catch up. This weekend I must prepare for my in-laws’ visit so I gotta clean, steam clean the carpets, do laundry, grocery shop. Blah. 😛

  9. says

    Two buck chuck is actually decent, IMO. But I am pretty cheap and don’t get too snobby with wine (except wine from a box or those massive jugs – I draw the line there).

    The food coma dog looks like an Australian Shepherd puppy (I have two, so I couldn’t help but notice).

  10. says

    If you like turkey bacon on your breakfast sandwich, I highly recommend trying it with those little canadian bacon rounds. SO GOOD. My favorite combo right now is ww english muffin, 1 slice processed cheese – 1/2 on the bottom & 1/2 on top (don’t hate), 2 slices canadian bacon & 1 egg seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder. BOOM.

    Weekend: Tonight is a lazy night… Just relaxing around the house and watching a movie or something. Super excited about a friends bday party tomorrow. There’s supposed to some kick ass Latin music, a taco truck and cocktails. WooHoo! I can’t wait. Sunday is strictly for Battlefield3 w. my brother and husband. Headphones with boom mic’s and all. All day. Yep, I said it… allllll day 😀

  11. Sarah says

    Hi, You have a great blog. I’m not sure..but I think maybe you have talked about struggles with binge eating before ? (I might be wrong…you seem so fit, athletic and balanced and normal now…). But anyway..I’m struggling really badly now..if you are open to chat briefly, please email me. I’m not sure if you are in the depths that I am in…but would love to bounce some stuff off of you.
    My body is being treated poorly and I am ashamed of myself :(

  12. says

    It’s still Chinese New Year (15 days!!!). Long run this morning followed by a CNY breakfast hosted by one of the group leaders and now lunchie gathering at another group leader’s house. Tonight is CNY dinner (another one!) with the fam. Group mid-distance run tomorrow morning. Fun-filled weekend and good luck with Sunday’s race!

  13. says

    I hope your costume includes a tutu, a fairy wand, and lots of sparkles! It’s a 4-day weekend so I’ll be doing whatever the heck I want and I bet it’s gonna include a lot of F’s… Food, fitness, friends, family 😀

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