Tinkerbell Half Marathon Expo

I have been excited for the first Tinkerbell Half Marathon since I heard about this race on Disney’s Facebook page the beginning of last year! I remember  emailing (non runner) friends to join me back in April. Unfortunately no one took me up on the offer, but I’m still planning to make this a fun race!IMG_5266 (800x600)

Even though I am a Southern California girl I’ve never been able to run the Disney Half Marathon in September because I’m usually out of town that weekend. When I heard Disney was adding a fun themed race in January I signed up on the first day registration opened!

And today I went to the expo SmileIMG_5236 (800x600)

Ben and I hit up the expo around 2:30pm today. Surprisingly it was not busy at all. I figured it was going to be a mad house.IMG_5241 (800x600)

expo sign

After I got my bib and shirt we walked around the expo. It wasn’t really big compared to some others I’ve been to, but it had everything I need (read: samples). power crunch barsIMG_5246 (800x600)

peanut honey pretzel luna barsIMG_5251 (800x600)

I spotted a sign in the Rock N’ Roll booth that said “$10.00 off if you sign up today”.

If you run races you might be aware of the fact that RNR races are ridiculously priced. But, they are EVERYWHERE now and in a lot of cool locations. So I still want to run them, just not at full price.

When I saw I could get 10 bucks off the Carlsbad 5k I decided – this will be my first 5k! And I got Ben and my mom to sign up for it!!IMG_5255 (600x800)

After the expo we walked around Downtown Disney. The weather has been ridiculously gorgeous. God Bless America California.IMG_5263 (800x600)

My mom and little brother have annual passes and were going to Disney after work/school. So we decided to stall and have a drink at the outdoor bar to wait for them and visit. I got the Castaway.IMG_5268 (800x600)

IMG_5274 (800x600) IMG_5276 (600x800)

When my  mom and Matt got there I ordered a Chocolate Cake shooter, but didn’t like it so I had a sip and passed it on.IMG_5281 (600x800)

IMG_5285 (800x600)

After 3 attempts of trying to get these guys not to blink we gave up. I think they make have been doing it on purpose at this point.IMG_5287 (800x600)

After our drinks I convinced my mom to stop into the expo to sign up for the Carlsbad 5k too! It was only 30 dollars at the expo and you got a bonus tech tee right there.

Sadly, my mom and Matt got to go into Disneyland and we were moving on. I am desperately trying to get Ben to get annual passes! I had a pass in middle school and in college and it was a BLAST to go on random afternoons for some rides and ice cream.

As a consolation prize we went to Slater’s 50 50 for dinner. There was a 30+ minute wait and we were hungry so we opted to sit in the bar area. It was loud, but fun.IMG_5315 (800x600)

We started with a plate of sweet potato fries and onion rings. The sweet potato fries come with pumpkin sauce for dipping. It is amazing. IMG_5293 (800x600)

And since we were at a burger joint, I went with the “build your own burger” option. I got some inspiration from their menu and make a Thanksgiving style burger – grilled chicken burger with

  • Gravy
  • Asparagus
  • Grilled onions
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Stuffing
  • on a Whole Grain Bun

I shall call this masterpiece “T Day Everyday”. IMG_5298 (800x600)Between the pumpkin dipping sauce and stuffing in my burger it really is like T-Day again!slaters chicken burger

This burger was a BEAST!!! It was really good, but there was too much cranberry sauce and barely any stuffing. I really wanted to taste the stuffing, but it was a very small amount and got lost under the cran sauce. IMG_5305 (600x800)

epic 50 50 burger

Ben and I took bites of my burger while waiting for his, but it never came. He tried to act tough…IMG_5309 (600x800)

but, I knew he was really sad.IMG_5310 (600x800)

Finally the waitress came over to check on us and we told her he never got his burger. Turns out it was a big mix up in the kitchen and didn’t get made!

She came back and said it was at the front of the line and they were going to comp it.

Ben came for the 50% beef 50% bacon burger and added to that: cheddar, feta, garlic aoli and grilled onions on a ciabatta bread.half bacon half beef

I had to taste it to see what all the hype was about (I know this is rare, but I don’t really like bacon). Even though I’m not a bacon addict like 95% of the internet, I have to admit, this was fantastic. slaters 50 50 burger

Despite the kitchen mix up, we had a really good experience. They fixed the issue are soon as they realized the problem and the food was delicious!

I saved half my burger for tomorrow so I’d have room for dessert. IMG_5317 (800x600)

Just like the weather, today’s eats were ridiculously amazing. See ya later!


  1. Alice says

    I got a Dland pass recently after having one in college (went to uci), but sadly they now offer payment plans and it is SO FREAKING packed all of the time…I can’t even stand to go :( makes me terribly sad.

  2. Lorin says

    The carlsbad marathon happened last weekend and that’s an awesome race. I’m from carlsbad and I volunteered at it. The course is on the coast highway. One of my friends did the marathon last weekend and loved it. I hope the 5K is fun too…not sure where that is at in Carlsbad.

  3. says

    It looks like you had a fabulous day. I have only been to Disney World once. I am jealous of the people who get to go all the time. We have a membership to an arboretum. ;/

  4. says

    I love that you got your mom to sign up for a 5K! I recently ran my first one and ever since my family/friends have been wanting to sign up as well. Love your blog…but can’t read it without wanting to go immediately to Yogurtland….I guess there could be worse things.. :)

  5. says

    why do you not invite me on your romantic dates with ben? i just want to know why!?

    lets figure out a plan for tomorrow am. i might just crash with you and ben, like in between you. cool?

  6. says

    Free samples are like a honing beacon for my heart! Slash stomach. Whatever.

    I am so jealous of all your sunshine and warmth and t-shirts outside! I got excited today because a. there is actually sun and b. there should be a high of over 40 degrees (41! WOOHOO!)

  7. says

    I’m planning to do the Carlsbad 5000 too (wonder if I can find a 10 off coupon online somewhere – I saw one recently but it totally slipped my mind that it’s also an RnR race).

    Tinkerbell looks like fun but I just could not bring myself to pay the high registration fee. Anyway, it worked out because a week out from a marathon would be a recipe for injury.

  8. says

    I’m debating going out to Anaheim tonight to see my sister (she’s running tomorrow) and to go eat one of those burgers. I am bacon-obsessed so I’m all over it. And the pumpkin sauce for the fries? YES.

    Hope you have fun tomorrow!

  9. says

    Those burgers look amazing!!! If you haven’t tried it, you need to get a drink with Cruzan Black Cherry Rum–it’s the best alcohol ever invented. I like it with Coke Zero, it goes down too easily!

  10. Jill says

    Lesson learned, about when to go to the Expo. I left work early to get there for the 10am opening. Had to wait 20 mins in line for parking then there were long lines to get bibs.
    St. Joe’s hospital had a booth where I learned that my blood pressure was the highest I’ve ever seen it (probably due to waiting so long in line) but my body fat was awesomely low.
    Where are the photos of your costume for the race?

  11. says

    That was always my dream as a kid – to live close enough to Disney to get to go all the time! I loved it there.

    Those burgers are HUGE! Holy cow. And I never really understood everyone’s love of bacon, tastes gross to me. But then I think that about all meat.

  12. Ida says

    I was in SD last weekend and learned about Slater’s 50/50. Sadly we didnt have time to go, so I have to make do with The Counter. I did get in 3 trips to yogurtland though:)
    Good luck tomorrow, I’m excited to see this costume!

  13. says

    I went to college in Orlando and had a Disney annual pass there. You use it so much, just going on a random weekend or afternoon… because you can! And where better to hang out than Disney?! My best friend and I were more than a little ridiculous with our Magic Kingdom adventures.

    I wish I lived near Disney (any Disney would do!) now, but I go to work every day at a tourist attraction (Johnson Space Center) so I guess that will have to do!

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