Subway Sweet Onion Jaryaki


One of my big dreams in life is to get a magic Subway card that allows you to eat for free at any Subway for the rest of your life. (I heard a rumor that superstar athletes get them, but this could be entirely made up. By me.) Anyways, I have always been a big big fan of Subway. I even ate it in Panama because I needed a meal that didn’t include fried chicken for once that … [Read more...]

Garden Lites Giveaway


Happy Monday! I did an easy 2 miler ‘shake out’ run after boot camp to see how my legs were feeling. My legs feel fine, but my motivation needs a little push Some business: I changed how RER looks on phones thinking it would be better, but I kinda don’t like it and have had a few people comment on it as well. If you read RER on your mobile, do you prefer it this way or the … [Read more...]