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Happy Monday! I did an easy 2 miler ‘shake out’ run after boot camp to see how my legs were feeling. My legs feel fine, but my motivation needs a little push Smile

Some business: I changed how RER looks on phones thinking it would be better, but I kinda don’t like it and have had a few people comment on it as well. If you read RER on your mobile, do you prefer it this way or the old way?IMG_5399 (800x600)

My walk/run was anticlimactic, but breakfast was delicious enough to make up for that – eggs, toast topped with PB&J, ICBINB and a fun sprinkle mix Phebe sent me with the shirt.IMG_5403 (800x600)

Then, I headed to work to train a client. I was hoping to get in a strength session, but the gym was oddly crowded plus co-workers kept chatting with me. After getting nothing done in 20 minutes I gave up and went home. Bah. I need to hit up our other location to get a workout.

Yesterday I picked up the latest Prevention magazine with Alley Sweeney on the cover. There was a really good article about SNACKING – aka my worst habit. snack food nation

The article said Americans eat up to 600 calories a day in snacks. a few of my favorite points…

“Think back to when you were a child and asked your mother for a snack before dinner. She didn’t treat it as if it were some kind of crisis. She simply said no and wanted you against spoiling your appetite.”

The article went on to point out that foods are now manufactured to be “’hyper palatable’ and hijack our brains the same way nicotine and alcohol do.” (Prevention 1/12 Karen Ansel RD)

Even though I’m doing my Smart Snacking Challenge and trying to limit my snacks to 2 – 200 250 calorie snacks a day it’s really hard when I choose snacks that trigger me to keep wanting to eat (like cereal!).

I’m going to refocus on snacks higher in protein and foods in their natural state.

When I came home from the gym I was tempted to grab a granola bar, but knew I needed something a little higher in protein. So, I dug into the massive stash of soufflés Garden Lites sent me! garden lites souffle

I went with the Pizza Soufflé and was pleasantly amazingly surprised. This was delicious! The nutrition stats are delicious too…pizza souffle stats

The savory soufflés have a lot of ingredients, but you can recognize all of them. IMG_4856 (800x600)

The real deal are the sweet soufflés – carrot raisin and butternut squash that only have a handful of ingredients. carrot souffle ingredients

The Garden Lites team is giving away a stash of frozen meals to one RER reader!garden lites

To Enter: Leave a comment with your favorite HEALTHY snack.

*Open to residents of the US only. Contest closes 1/31/12 at 12pm PST


  1. Stacey says

    My favorite healthy snack – either veggies and hummus or a spoonful of natural PB with a sprinkle of chia seeds. Even just a spoonful of PB seems to do the trick!

  2. Blake says

    I love hummus and veggies as a snack or greek yogurt. I’m always looking for new snack options though – especially those that are office friendly like these Garden Lites!

  3. Lauren says

    My favorite healthy snack is a fruit salad with no fat cool whip or salsa and blue corn chips from Trader Joe’s. MMM.

  4. tink says

    Greek yogurt with a little bit (ok a lot) of granola + almonds. Fruit too, i’m loving minneola tangelos right now but one is never enough!

  5. says

    Mobile sites are hard! I feel like mine is weird too. But yours is fine.

    As for fav healthy snack – I’m a huge fan of the high fiber low carb tortilla with trader joes peanut butter. I also love a make your own orange Julius…. Vanilla protein powder, tangerine juice and a splash of vanilla!

  6. Lindsey says

    I agree that I need a protein in my snack so I usually eat greek yogurt with peanut butter and something crunchy in it (like cereal or granola) but i pre-portion them so i dont grab handfuls of it while im making my snack!

  7. Diana S. says

    The Garden Lite souffles look really good (and gluten free, so right up my alley).

    My favorite snack right now is lightly salted rice cakes with Trader Joe’s almond/flax seed butter, sliced banana on top, with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Salty and sweety. Yummy!!!

  8. says

    I’m not much of a snacker, but my hubby sure is! My favorite snack for both of us is homemade kale chips. So addictive, but yet I don’t feel so bad about eating them.

  9. TeresaD says

    No matter what phases I go through, a handful of raw almonds is always my fall-back. I keep a ziploc in my purse, and at my desk at work.
    Yummy snack- another vote for apples with peanut butter.

  10. Shannon says

    I have two:
    –1/4 cup of a yummy trail mix from Sprouts (pecans, cashews, peanuts, almonds, dried cranberries and mini choc chips).
    ** yes I have to portion 1/4 cup and WALK AWAY

    –one small/medium apple with 2-3 TB of natural peanut butter.


  11. says

    Do you ever have GoLean Crunch as a snack? It is surprisingly filling in small amounts, and is just sweet enough to satisfy without making you want to eat the whole box. I’m all for veggies and whole foods as snacks, but sometimes you just need a handful (or two) of cereal, you know? :)

  12. Brooke says

    I love Pomegranite Chobani with a sprinkle of granola on top. Or I can always count on a cheese stick and a handful of almonds to keep me satisfied until dinner time.

  13. Gen says

    My favorite healthy(ish) snack has to be plain Greek yogurt with a packet of sugar free or fat free hot chocolate. Its like pudding but with more protein…plus chocolate is always good!!!!!!!!

  14. Another Katie says

    A small piece of dark chocolate can be healthy, right? :)
    Depending on my mood, either a small banana (with or without nut butter), clementine, or small greek yogurt with a pinch/sprinkle of granola.

  15. abby r says

    i think my favorite healthy snack is either strawberries or a banana with some peanut butter & co dark chocolate peanut butter!

  16. Casey says

    My favorite healthy snack is ‘protein ice cream’ made with a frozen banana, a splash of milk & chocolate protein powder thrown in a blender!

  17. Erin says

    Garden Lites sound great! My favorite snack would probably have to be greek yogurt with stevia and cocoa powder plus a graham cracker to crumble on top.

  18. says

    Clementines or popcorn are probably my favorite healthy snacks. Of course, if I have peanut butter and bananas around, I then have a good excuse for adding chocolate chips, preferably mini ones.

  19. Jenny says

    At first I was freaked out by the new mobile format I thought I was at the wrong website. But now I am used to it and like it I don’t have to make the text larger to get rid of everything in the margins if you know what I mean.

    Our local grocery carries those souffles but for me they are way too high in sodium. They look good but I am on 1500 mg per day total so these are just too much. Bummer.

    Thanks for your blog love it!

  20. says

    If I need something really quick I reach for a hard boiled egg, string cheese, or a handful of nuts. I also find that if I eat a carb-heavy snack, I cannot stop! Cereal is definitely the worst for me. I start out with a “normal” portion and end up eating two more bowls. My snack turned into a meal, and yet I do not compensate and eat less at my next meal. Protein is the way to go!

  21. Brittney says

    I am the worst at snacking too! I need to work on that. I would say that my favorite healthy snake is an apple with cottage cheese. SO GOOD!

  22. says

    I love having fruit as a snack! I get free fruit where I work, so it’s a huge plus to reach for a free apple over an overly processed granola bar.

  23. says

    Those look a bit crazy… frozen souffles? So weird! I admit though, the carrot raisin one does sound good!

    My favorite snack is fresh fruit! I never get sick of it!

  24. Jamie says

    My favorite snack is Ezekiel bread with natural pb and an ice coffee along side would just be a bonus. Im not so sure about frozen souffles, sounds kinda wierd. Im willing to try anythin though.

  25. Lauren says

    I read your blog from my phone, and I definitely prefer the OLD way. Please change it back. :-)

    I’ll keep reading if you don’t though, so I’m not much of a threat.

  26. says

    Cereal is the devil. I’m not allowed it at all! I’m on a huge carrots and hummus kick right now. I like the look of the phone for other people that don’t post as often, but for you there’s usually more than one new post for me to read. So then I don’t like it because I have to look at more than one page. I hope that helps!

  27. Meredith says

    i’m a huge snacker too! I try to stay with fruits, yogurt, or dried fruits. But I need to do better about eating snacks that fill me up!

  28. says

    I eat an unholy amount of carrots and hummus. I’ve recently added broccoli into the mix as well. It’s a good snack, and it leaves me feeling refreshed rather than sluggish!

  29. Tameika says

    I think I prefer the old mobile view of your site. I noticed the change a few days ago and it was a little odd, but I kinda got the hang of it. I still prefer the older way, but I’ll keep reading either way. :-)

    And my favorite healthy snack is a toss-up between hummus with baby carrots or greek yogurt. So good!

  30. Jean says

    Greek yogurt! Or one of those Kashi bars-there’s one that’s espresso something or other and it’s to die for! Only 120 calories, too, and filling!

  31. says

    I love Garden Lites roasted vegetable souffles! My favorite snack of lately is dried and flavored seaweed because it satisfies my salt craving as much as a handful of chips does for only 30 calories and its chock full of vitamins!

  32. laura says

    I love love love the mobile view! It was really hard for me to read your site on my phone…..please don’t change it!!

    My favorite healthy snack is grapes or carrots. I don’t have to eat a lot of them and they fill me up too!

  33. Kate says

    At my previous job, I worked long hours (10 – 11 hour days – I’m an accountant) and my idea of snacks was dark chocolate m&ms and granola bars, which probably could be directly tied to my 5 – 7 lb weight gain each ‘busy’ season. This year I switched it up to bananas and clementines and only a 1 lb weight gain so far for busy season, which should be cake to work off!

  34. Holly says

    Well, yay! Those look delicious!

    My current favorite snack is fruit and nuts = right now, apple and some almonds. The cocoa roasted almonds are amazing!

  35. Robin says

    VEGGIES. All types of veggies, although raw cauliflower makes my stomach hurt. I could also eat strawberries by the pint.

  36. karla says

    My favorite healthy snack is yogurt with cereal. It’s filling and i’ve gotta feel after a snack or my thought is…why bother if i’m still going to be hungry?

  37. Amanda says

    Half of a whole wheat sandwich thin toasted then smeared with some nut butter and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips!

  38. Zoe says

    My favorite healthy snack is a baked sweet potato. Also sugar snap peas. So yuummmmyy.

    P.s. Beware of the CRAZY amount of sodium in those souffles. I’m a hypocrite mostly because I loved sodium enhanced canned soups but 27% sodium is really ridiculous and super bad for you.

  39. Emma says

    I am a big fan of air-popped popcorn and could eat it day or night as a snack (or occassional meal!) These souffles look awesome.

  40. Jennifer says

    I read on my mobile and I prefer it the old way!

    My favorite snack right now sadly is swedish fish. I’m in an obsessed time with them right now!

  41. Meg says

    My favorite healthy snack is roasted broccoli (pop it in the oven for 10minutes at 450 with a little garlic and EVOO) DELISH!

    I like the mobile look both ways but if I had to pick, I’d go with the old version :)

  42. says

    mostly my snacks are fruit or greek yoghurt. I especially love chopping up an apple and putting it in the freezer for a few hours. frozen grapes are also delicious.

    if I want something savoury though, I’ll go for veg and pretzels with hummus.

  43. Adriana says

    I have to say my favorite healthy snack lately has been cottage cheese. Throw in some blueberries and a sprinkling of high fiber cereal and it’s a satisfying snack. And of course on occassion the pineapple cottage cheese – that’s my favorite!

  44. adria biasi says

    I prefer the old version and my favorite healthy snack is greek yogurt or cottage cheese mixed with jam or some flavor! But who knows, if I win maybe these souflees will be my new fav :)

  45. says

    I too cant be trusted with the cereal. So Ive been mixing my protien with my carbolicios treats- so Cottage cheese and flavored rice cakes, apple and PB, or if I just have to have snackage I sprinkle flavored salt on airpopped popcorn.

  46. says

    I love a protein shake with berries and bits of dark chocolate nibs. The best part is when the nibs come through the straw for a little crunch!

    That carrot souffle sounds too good. Do they sell it in normal grocery stores?

  47. says

    I don’t know how healthy they are, but I love Fiber One chocolate & oats bars when I want something sweet, and for savory I tend to go for popchips. These souffles look great though!

  48. says

    Mmmmmmm they look delicious!! If I’m being good, I think there’s nothing better than a honey crisp apple with almond butter. If I’m eating like a horse, it’s cereal-lots and lots of cereal.

  49. Natalie says

    My favorite healthy snack is Chobani with fruit. Usually Lemon with blueberries! But, I’m totally in love with the new blood orange, too. When in season, I can eat a whole watermelon in a day as my snack-age!

  50. Dannielle says

    greek yogurt mixed with SF pistachio pudding mix w/sliced bananas. Yea yea yea it has artificial flavoring but IT’S SO. DAMN. GOOD. ( :

  51. says

    I just experimented this week with making homemade energy bars. I can know each ingredient! The recipe I used snuck in beans so that they had extra protein with less fat! Delicious first try!

  52. Carmen Kercher says

    My favorite snack is peanut butter and apples! Oh- or peanut and celery! Ok..peanut butter on anything is my favorite snack!

  53. Jessica says

    Hard to pick a favorite snack! I’ll usually grab a handful of the Emerald Nuts dark chocolate almonds and a string cheese. Or scoop some PB with graham crackers. Or PB with apple slices.

    BTW congrats on your race yesterday! 😀

  54. Vanessa says

    My favorite healthy snack is a Golden delicious apple with crunchy peanut butter. I’d love to win this giveaway. I’ve been wanting to try them. Thanks for the chance!

  55. Denise says

    Favorite healthy snack: SAVORY:spaghetti squash with a baby bell lite cheese melted in!!!!! SWEET: Fiber one brownie RUNNER UP: Rum and Coke Zero (cherry). As you can see, snacking is a full time obsession for me.

  56. Jordan K. says

    Wow, those look delicious! My favorite healthy snack is probably a sandwich thin with some peanut butter and honey! It always seems to satisfy me.

  57. Amy says

    I am currently in LOVE with TJ’s eggplant hummus with carrots and bell peppers. It is crunchy and delicious and keeps me from downing an entire jar of PB (my absolute favorite, but I have no self-control!) These look really good!

  58. says

    Favorite healthy snack – probably some fruit/sunflower seed butter or yogurt or carrots/hummus!

    I actually like the new format of the blog on mobile devices better – much easier to read!

  59. Hannah M. says

    My favorite snack is 1/2 of a bagel thin with a smear of PB and a drizzle of honey! Especially great right before a run!

  60. Melanie says

    My favorite healthy snack, hands down, unquestionably is a fresh smoothie! Fills me up and is so good! I put in a container of fat free Chobani (usually blueberry), a banana, handful of strawberries, handful of frozen peaches, pineapple,mango, one container of red grapefruit and a splash of orange juice…… Delish!!!

  61. Stephanie says

    Lately, I’ve been digging mozzarella string cheeses. They add a little protein and substance to a lot of other stuff like having fruit or veggies for a snack, crackers, toast, anything!

  62. Lara F. says

    I love Luna bars; they are tasty and great on-the-go options. I also love PB + a few chocolate chips on a small tortilla, microwaved until the chocolate is melted. Omg, it’s good! Those souffles sound great! I am going to try to track them down. :)

  63. Catherine says

    I roast cauliflower or broccoli or asparagus on the weekend with just Pam, salt and pepper and eat them as a snack all week – good cold or warmed up.

  64. Lindsay says

    My favorite snack, like you, is gobs of dry cereal at a time. Butttt since I’m trying to jump on the healthy train, lately i’ve been going for hummus or pb on apples or wheat crackers. Not near as delicious as Fruity Peebles…..sigh.

  65. Jeri says

    my favorite snack is kabocha squash! i put some greek yogurt and cinnamon on top (sounds weird, but insanely delicious)!

  66. JessicaE says

    Gosh its hard to pick one just one healthy snack!

    My favorite right now is vanilla yogurt mixed with quick oats (let sit until they get soft), cinnamon, some kind of fruit (usually blueberries, strawberries or nectarines) and all natural peanut butter. NOM.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Monica!! <3

  67. Em says

    I think my favorite healthy snack is strawberries and bananas served with Nutella! Okay, the Nutella kind of makes it slightly less healthy.. but you have to have chocolate sometimes, right? :)

  68. CaitlinRory says

    I always change what my favorite snack is but right now I’m totally on a celery and peanut butter kick! Love it!

  69. Julie says

    My favorite lately is yogurt. I ate way to much of it a while back and have not been able to really enjoy it since. Now it is back to one ofmy favorites, I am limiting myself though. Don’t want to burn out again!

  70. Amy says

    My favorite healthy snack (because i would really like cookies all the time if i could) is an apple with all natural PB on it…..gotta love PB!! 😉

  71. Kaye says

    I love apples and PB or almonds and string cheese. Best snacks ever!
    Is the sprinkle mix from Trader Joe’s? They have this chocolate sprinkle grinder that looks SO good!

  72. says

    My go-to snacks are almost always fruity, like Larabars, bananas or apples w/ PB, Chobani with oatmeal, etc.

    It’s so cool that the Garden Lites Souffles are gluten-free! Aside from winning the giveaway, where can we find these???

  73. sally kate says

    My go to snack is always a piece of fruit or a granola bar since I’m in school again and it’s easy to grab but if I’m at home, it’s usually a greek yogurt bowl with fruit and granola… what? you mean some people think that’s a whole meal?

  74. Emily says

    i LOVE the new mobile version of the blog (I have iphone4); please keep it!

    chips + salsa + guacamole served with a Skinny Girl margarita is considered a healthy snack, right? 😉

  75. Megan says

    Wow those souffles look good! My favorite healthy snack is oat bran with peanut butter…kind of higher calorie for a snack but good calories! If I want a lower calorie option I go for a piece of fruit

  76. Lori Connors says

    My favorite healthy snack this week is the Kashi crunchy chocolate caramel bars…YUMMM! Wish I had one now:-)

  77. Suzi says

    Currently my favorite healthy snack is Greek Yogurt with a little bit of honey. I am trying to keep my protein intake up and it seems to do the trick.

  78. Bridget says

    My absolute favorite healthy snack is roasted vegetables! Veggies taste so much different when they’re roasted. I love them with just some salt and pepper or maybe a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Today, I roasted a root vegetable medley of turnips, parsnips and sweet potato.. sooo good!

  79. Kelly says

    I love apples and peanut butter or string cheese and frozen grapes! Love Garden Lites. I have never seen the pizza kind!

  80. says

    i try to snack on fruit, but that doesnt always work out. so i always have lara bars around, string cheese, and nuts. although i just made chocolate chip cookies soooo…thats clearly gonna be a problem

  81. says

    Can’t go wrong with an apple and some good ol’ PB!

    Those souffles look awesome! I’ve tried their plain veggie souffle (had them at Costco!) and they’re delish.

  82. Carrie says

    Ahhhh these look awesome! I have just recently changed up my eating to include 5-6 small meals rather than my regular 3 big meals and 1 snack, and it is amazing!! These little souffles would help me spice it up! My favorite healthy snacks/small meals lately have been: smoothie w/ frozen banana and 1 T PB, 5 egg whites and veggies with 1 slice brown rice bread, and a microwaved sweet potato with almond butter!

  83. Katy A says

    My favorite healthy snacks are frozen banana with PB in the middle (when I want something sweet) and Habanero BBQ Almonds (when I want something salty).

  84. Ashley says

    Do the “M&Ms” from Whole Foods count? The presence of evaporated cane juice makes them healthy, right? :) Ok, just kidding. I really love a combination of high fiber cereal and lightly salted almonds. Hits all the right spots.

  85. Sunshine Townsend says

    I like to keep it simple when snaking, a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts! One of my favorite combos are blueberries and cashews.

  86. Sunshine Townsend says

    I like to keep it simple with snaking, a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts! One of my favorite combos are blueberries and cashews.

  87. Ryah says

    One of my favorite healthy snacks is greek yogurt with granola. I also like cheese with pickle slices. It sounds odd, but it’s so good.

  88. Grecia says

    I read RER on my ipod and I prefer the old way too! The new layout threw me off.

    My fave healthy snack is a Gala apple, delicious!

  89. Alison says

    I like the new layout! I can finally read your blog on my phone!

    Favorite snacks include cottage cheese with peaches or grapes, Chobani yogurt, wheat thins and laughing cow cheese, raw veggies and hummus…. i could go on and on. I love snacking!

  90. Maren says

    One of my favorite healthy snacks are homemade protein bars or energy balls!! So few calories/ingredients and so filling! p.s. I absolutely love Garden Lites! They are delish!

  91. Ashleigh says

    Right now my favorite healthy snack is a clementine and a handful of almonds. Runner up – an apple-pear and a homemade granola bar!

  92. Jen says

    Plain, nonfat greek yogurt with fruit – kiwi or berries is my favorite – and something crunchy, like honey nut cheerios or walnuts. It’s actually the only way I can eat cereal without downing half the box at once.

  93. Claire says

    Awesome giveaway! I am going to try these no matter what, but winning some free ones would be great, too! My favorite healthy snack is greek yogurt and berries!

  94. Jen B says

    I do my bad snacking when I get home from work and am waiting for my husband to get home. It gets pretty out of control sometimes and it makes me so mad bc I feel like I eat pretty well while at work. I vote for the old look of the blog. I wondered whether there was something wrong with my phone when I first saw it.

  95. Angie says

    I normally turn to carrots and hummus but lately apple slices with a hint of cinnamon.

    I also like the original website on my iPhone. I don’t know why but it makes it easier when reading multiple posts.

  96. Laurel C says

    I love to snack on fruits and veggies and air popped popcorn…..I’m actually a really smart snacker and try to limit snacks to only a couple times a day :)

  97. blair says

    Yum – the pizza one looks delicious. Larabars and luna bars are sort of my default afternoon snack. I’d like to eat more real food and fewer bars but those are just so easy to grab.

  98. says

    I really like hummus and pitas if I am in the mood for savory. Also, popcorn. If I want something sweet, I like vanilla almond milk on a cereal like Kashi Go Lean Crunch, or an almond butter and sugar-free jam whole grain waffle sandwich.

  99. Erica says

    My favorite healthy snack is a mini bag of microwave popcorn with a handful of puffins thrown in, and a dash of cinnamon! I love my cereal too

  100. Emmah says

    My favorite healthy snack is a pineapple, banana, raspberry and cherry smoothie. It’s a mouthful, but is so darn good!

  101. Jackie says

    I have a bunch. Apple with peanut butter and honey is my favorite. I also like air-popped popcorn if I’m home. If I’m out, Kind bars are my go to snack.

  102. Denise says

    Ohhh I haven’t heard of those before, they look like they’ re right up my alley.

    My favorite healthy snack is flavored greek yogurt- have it almost everyday as my mid-morning snack.

  103. Carly says

    Air popped popcorn and dried fruit/chocolate chips/nuts is my healthy night snack of choice right now! In fact, I’m eating it right now…nom nom!

  104. Lindsay says

    I love that it is easier to read on my phone. I would love to win these treats/snacks as I can never find something good to snack on when I am hungry! 😀

  105. TiffanyS says

    Lately I’m digging the Everything Pretzel crisps with a little bit of cheese, a clementine, or hummus with yellow peppers. I try to have protein at every meal. Hardboiled eggs are another go to snack.

  106. Rachel says

    My favorite healthy snack is a bowl of low sugar peaches and cream oatmeal. It is relatively low in calories but will actually make me feel full if I’m really snacky.

  107. Amy H says

    Those look like seriously good nutritonal stats, and delicious to boot! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for them.

  108. Caroline S says

    I absolutely LOVE garden Lites, but they are too expensive for me to get all of the time…I love having them for lunch with a salad, and sort of mixing it all together..I’m weird like that! My favorite snack is either a piece of fruit or rice cake with cream cheese and jelly..yummm

  109. Caroline says

    I love carrots and hummus or carrots and peanut butter except I stopped carrots and peanut butter because I can’t control myself around nut butter! I also like Larabars (pb chocolate chip, chocolate chip brownie, or cookie dough). Dates are just so good!

  110. Jenn says

    YUM!!! those look tasty. I am always hesitant to try veggie burgers and related products bc of the amount of ingredients. i would love to win and sample the products!! i am a vegetarian and struggle to find good protein sources. this would be a good option to fall in love with anew product with ingredients that are not heavily processed

  111. Katie P says

    I love to sprinkle some broccoli with blue cheese and a drizzle of buffalo sauce then microwave it for 45 seconds for a quick snack. I get some protein and another serving of veggies into my day!

  112. Beth says

    I always keep a few hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, so my go-to healthy snack is an egg and a couple slices of avacados!

  113. says

    i’ve been on a clementine binge lately.. eating some turkey with it to get my protein in.. i also like the new choabnis.. even though i have myself convinced that i will never have the honor of trying the apple cinnamon, since i cant find it anywhere :(

    love your blog, btw! i’m struggling at the beginning of my weight loss, hopefully i will be able to push through and get to a point where i’m happy with me.

  114. Jennifer says

    Definitely apples with peanut butter and some cinnamon sprinkled on top! Or anything with peanut butter, for that matter :)

  115. Jennifer says

    My favorite healthy snack would have to be an apple…sometimes with peanut butter. Well, most of the time :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Jessica says

    My fav healthy snack is a homemade granola bar. I prefer the normal blog setup on my phone, I despise the mobile versions on websites.

  117. Dani says

    Apple and Almond butter is a go to for me, but lately, I’ve been all about the cottage cheese with cinnamon and nutmeg.

  118. Brandie says

    Hi Monica! I love the changes you made for mobile users. I have a 2-week old and I catch up on your blog when I’m nursing. It is really easy to navigate, and no reformating required. Clean and simple. Thanks for keeping me entertained at all hours of the day.

    PS, favorite healthy snack is yogurt with granola and blueberries. Favorite naughty snack is the Kirkland Kettle potato chips from Costco… soooo yummy and crunchy and salty.

  119. sara u says

    I am probably way late on this but I would loveeeee to win some! I love cliff kids bars: the brownie one is my favorite! I love chobani too!

  120. Carla says

    I LOVE Garden Lites! My favorite on the go snack is honestly beef or turkey jerky. It’s gross if you think about it but it hits the salty spot and gives me a shot of protein to boot! I always keep individual packs in my gym bag.

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