Lazy Casserole Recipe

I’m a mess. Yes, that’s the norm around here. But, I’m a bigger mess these days because of the super early boot camp and random afternoon schedule at the gym. I haven’t been able to get into a routine and I’m exhausted all the time.

I knew I was going to work until 7:30p tonight so I made a super easy casserole before I went to work. Like most of my recipes the directions are:

Throw everything together in a bowl. Top with cheese. Cook.

I used shredded chicken, broccoli, microwave brown rice and cream of mushroom soup.

IMG_5467 (533x800)

Mixed and seasoned with garlic powder and pepper.

casserole ingredients

Top with cheese just like my jokes. Bake at 350 until heated through.

IMG_5478 (800x533)

It was surprisingly good! easy casserole recipe

And it’ll be even better tomorrow topped with an egg. Yeah I do.

cheesy rice casserole recipe

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Brightroom Released the pictures from the Tinker Bell Half Marathon!

Confession: I always hope for bad race pics so I don’t have to mortgage my house to buy one 8×10

rer and sr

I never take the post-race picture, but SR made me.


But I don’t need their million dollar action shots…

Because reader and runner Kristine’s dad got a few running shots of me and SR!



  1. Meg says

    Your post race picture is gorgeous you’d think you were just about to begin the race! And perfect recipe for a busy night!!!

  2. says

    I’m impressed with your race photos. Mine are normally horrible – face all contorted or arms in a funny position haha. I love that they can charge you $55 to download a photo that captures all your wrong angles and unpleasant expressions.

  3. says

    I do that too. Soup. Rice. Chicken. Veggies. Oven. :-) One of my all time favorite dinners. (except then i snack a little while its in the oven. oops)

  4. Mendy says

    Fun Fact: I totally thought you were going to be Tinkerbell. So I had Tinkerbell in my head when I saw your pics. “Why are her wings on her boobs?” Not even your mention of Areola/Ariel made it sink in. It was like the day after. Oh my, I’m a brainiac. : )

  5. says

    love the outfit you ran in! so cute! and the pics look great! who needs to waste money when you have such great ones already!?

    i’m all for quick and easy meals when i know a long day is ahead.. this one seems like a great idea!

  6. says

    it looks like you guys ran the race by yourselves! my bay to breakers race photos from last year’s centennial, on the other hand, look like i was running in a parade 😛

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