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The Bumble Bee tuna peeps sent me some Lemon & Pepper tuna 5 years ago (give or take) and I finally used it tonight. I love tuna, but don’t think to make it that often (or I get it from Subway). I know it’s already seasoned but I’m an OG tuna kinda girl and still mixed it with a little lf mayo, pickle juice, chopped picked, green onion. And the most random salad of the … [Read more...]

Burnt and Bloody


How’s your Wednesday going? Mine is swell. As in, my finger is swollen. But I’ll get there in a minute… I trained a client in the morning and ate an apple while running a few errands. Since I was running late this morning I told Ben just to come home for lunch. (I make his lunch most of the time and we haven’t done lunch together in a while.) As I was slicing a roll I … [Read more...]

Salad Works and Six Miles


I had to work at 2pm yesterday so I had an early snack before I went. Cereal x2. After work I rushed to meet Skinny Runner to carpool to Salad Works. (She probably would have run there if I didn’t beg her to drive me since it was only 20 miles away.) Mini-Pam, Pam and Life sized SR Salad Works is pretty awesome. They have 13 salad options or you can build your own. Salad … [Read more...]

12 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging


Happy Tuesday! I am having the weirdest feeling day. After breakfast I felt super nauseous and wanted to barf (I am not pregnant) and now I have a headache (but the nausea is gone). Luckily (?), my appetite is like 7-11 –> it never closes! So I had an apple and nuts mid-morning. Pizza and salad for lunch. I love Lean Cuisine pizza. Well, I love ALL pizza and I have extra … [Read more...]

4 Years of Blogging


Today is my 4 year Blogaversary! In hindsight, I wish I would have started RER on Feb 29th 2008 so it would only be 1 year old, but wise beyond it’s years Wow! Looking back on the last 4 years is crazy – so much has changed in my  life, on the blog, in the world. I started Run Eat Repeat as a joke way to document running and eating – an online food diary since all my … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up On Monday


Hello! Since I was MIA from my computer all day yesterday I tried to get caught up on everything today. I worked until 3:30pm when my stomach told me to take a cereal break. When my stomach talks, I listen. Obviously. The cereal was delicious, but I needed some nut butter. PB&J crackers did the trick. And since I was having fun all Sunday I didn’t do Sunday Set Up. … [Read more...]

World Yoga Day, Late


Did you know yesterday was World Yoga Day? Apparently, it’s the day all the world’s inhabitants are supposed to do Downward Dog in their front yard at noon. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that until just now. Oh well. Did you get down with your dog on your lawn? If so, please tell me you took a picture. And send it to me. I really need to get back to going to yoga once … [Read more...]

ICBINB Giveaway


Last night Ben and I stayed up watching TV and ended up getting hungry again. I am really trying not to eat after ate so we split these yogurt drinks the company sent me. This morning I woke up hungry and ate a few bites of Ben’s oatmeal before heading out. Run: My plan said 3 miles, but I wanted to do 5. Turns out the path was closed for landscaping so I ended up doing … [Read more...]

Toast to the Red Carpet Live


I attended the Toast To The Red Carpet Live event in Hollywood today. We didn’t hit any traffic so I arrived over an hour early! It was a little weird so I decided to walk up Sunset and get some coffee. I didn’t end up getting coffee, but did enjoy the sights. The event was a 2 part-er. We started at the studio where the red carpet show was being filmed. It was only a few … [Read more...]

Toast The Red Carpet


Hello! I set my alarm for 6:16am this morning and started my day with a nice little walk. I needed a little quiet time with my thoughts (and to ease my nerves about today’s events!). It’s Pancake Sunday! You know I celebrated… Then, I got started on a complete make-over. It took a long time. Hair, make-up, new dress. Check, check, check. This the the Cynthia Rowley dress I … [Read more...]

belVita Breakfast Biscuits


Have you guys seen those belVita commercials with Snooki and Deena? I’ve been wanting to try them for weeks and my mom bought a box! (Hmm, now I wonder if she watches Jersey Shore…) Each little pack has 4 cookies. So, the calorie count seems a little higher than a granola bar but it’s more food. Ingredients: Sadly, they are really good! I was hoping they weren’t but now … [Read more...]

10 Miles and a Dress


Happy Saturday! I made a rough plan to do 12-14 miles today, but my hips just feel super tight so I turned around at 5.5 out and did 10.5 miles. I am going to yoga next week or I’m grounded! During my run I saw a running group with an aid station and everything! I am kicking myself for not stopping and asking if they’d be willing to take on a sad red-headed half marathon … [Read more...]

Disneyland Day


Ben and I decided to exchange Disneyland passes for Valentine’s Day. We were about to go two Fridays ago, but he was sick. Last week we were out of town. We were finally able to go today! I made a salad to eat on the way and packed a bunch of snacks – popcorn, celery, granola bars. It was super busy at the park! All the rides had long waits so we stuck to the mediocre stuff … [Read more...]

Body Fat Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I walked to the gym (it’s just over a mile away) and did a strength workout this morning. The gym was empty! I love when the gym is empty – is that mean? Well, if it is mean the universe got me back via the scale this morning. I doubt I gained 2 pounds this week, so I also checked my body fat at the gym. It’s close to the last time I checked and in … [Read more...]

Personal Trainer Questions Vlog

year calendar

Hello! I had a nice little snack mid-morning when my stomach started complaining. That apple was huge. JustLikeILikeIt. I really wanted to catch up on blogs today, but knew I should be efficient with my time. I have myself 15 minutes for some “power blog reading” and then closed Google Reader. It wasn’t enough time,  maybe I can catch up later! Lunch was a layered salad … [Read more...]

Pile O’ Mail


Last night I ended up cooking the Comfort Greens according to the package directions. Then, I added them to a bowl of tomato soup with a side of cheesy sourdough bread. It was delicious! Southern food isn’t common around here so I don’t think I’ve ever tried collard greens! I’m thinking this is the same thing, but the company named the mix different for marketing purposes? … [Read more...]