Weight Loss Wednesday– Bad Tips


Hello! This morning I stopped at the health food store for a few new protein powder options. I am still super in love with my favorite Spirutein Cherries Jubilee powder, but it has soy protein. I’m trying to cut back on soy since I found out I have a low T-3 thyroid (supposedly it might contribute). So I picked up a few individual packets to try out before committing to an … [Read more...]

Wishes on a Wednesday


*I started to write a Confession Thursday post before realizing it’s Wed. I wish I can get it together soon... I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat. It might be just because I haven’t been getting enough sleep, but I drank an Emergen-C on the way to work just in case. I hope wish I’m not getting sick. Breakfast was a risk (for me). I covet my neighbor’s oatmeal when … [Read more...]