Weight Loss Wednesday– Bad Tips

Hello! This morning I stopped at the health food store for a few new protein powder options. I am still super in love with my favorite Spirutein Cherries Jubilee powder, but it has soy protein. I’m trying to cut back on soy since I found out I have a low T-3 thyroid (supposedly it might contribute).

So I picked up a few individual packets to try out before committing to an entire (very expensive) can. Jay Robb is the Brad Pitt Matt Damon of the blog world so I figured I should give him a whirl first.IMG_5573 (800x600)

Unfortunately, I got a little crazy with the ice and water and it was super watered down. I think if I made it with better measurements it would be good. But let’s face it, anything’s good with cereal on top. IMG_5577 (800x600)

Today I have some Weight Loss Wednesday Tips for you. Some are good, some are bad. Figure out which is which if you want the scale to go down…

Quick Weight loss tips:

1. Choose foods that are really hard to open like tight little pistachios or anything in one of those plastic shell containers that slice your finger bad enough to require stiches. pistachios

2. EAT your food. Duh, right? I mean – eat your calories don’t drink them. I feel like I’m eating  a smoothie when I put it in a bowl and scoop it up (with a Yogurtland spoon).smoothie in a bowl

3. If you have a tempting food in the house – like cereal or candy, eat it all so it’s gone and can’t tempt you any longer.PB cheerios

4. Plan a beach vacation… it’s easier to stay on track with a deadline, right?paradise in costa rica

And maybe buy a “goal” bathing suit and try it on after a really big meal and proceed to take pics of yourself in bad lighting?target bathing suits

5. Pretend like your food is really really delicious so people try to steal it.IMG_5386 (800x600)

6. Get enough sleep. monica is dead

At all costs.monica sleeping

7. Paint your nails your favorite fro-yo flavor (TARO!) instead of eating it. Bonus points if this keeps you from biting your nails (it doesn’t work on me though).IMG_5457

8. Ignore the signs at the zoo and feed the monkeys. Better them than me…

my monkey


Ever gotten a really bad weight loss or diet tip? What was it?


  1. says

    My favorite weight loss tip is “Slow down by eating with your non-dominant hand.” Um, yeah, this doesn’t work. All it does is ensure that I’m going to end up with my meal all over the front of my shirt. Or on my pants. Or in my hair.

  2. Ashley says

    Not sure if you have heard of it but I just ordered new protein powder from truenutrition.com where I got to customize and flavor my own. I got the pure whey protein natural vanilla sweetened with stevia and its pretty good! Plus its way cheaper then the other stuff!

  3. says

    Somebody once told me to replace my Milk Duds with Skim Milk Duds. Wait… that may have been one of my tips… maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead…

  4. says

    That swimsuit is so adorable! It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie green polka dot bikini….! Love it. Though it would be good motivation to lose my belly, I always go for the tankinis….

  5. says

    I totally ordered a teeny string bikini in a rainbow leopard from victorias secret while they were having a sale. My goal is to get to my happy weight this year- and feel fabulous in that bikini. To remind me I have it hanging on my closet door knob!

  6. Amy says

    Low T3 and soy? I have not heard that before? Where did you hear that. I have low T3 too. I eat soy all the time! Can you share some info?

  7. says

    AHHH!! I am so guilty of #3!! I’ll start with a small portion and then keep going back for more….and more….and more. Then I tell myself that I might as well eat the rest so that it doesn’t ruin my “diet” the next day. Now I’m pretty careful of not buying those things and keeping them in the house.

  8. Laura says

    Love the Spirutein Whey-I actually love ALL the Spirutein flavors (Chocolate-Strawberry- Banana-Fudge Crunch) but they are all soy :( By far my favorite protein powder. Did not like Jay’s (I can not get used to the taste of Stevia-sorry). I have been using the Spirutein almost 10 years and by far, my go to powder :) And the Egg Nog around christmas time….yummy!

  9. says

    I try to stay away from too much soy as I can feel the effects on my energy. I have hypothyroidism and I don’t know if that’s why or if in general my body just doesn’t like it. Either way, I just use it sparingly.

  10. Shannon says

    I share the foods that tempt me. That way I eat less of them. One devilish temptation: Golden Oreos (kids get a few for dessert each night, I get one or two…they’re gone within a few days). Golden Oreos are AMAZING.

    Speaking of amazing: I did not know there was MG Cheerios with PEANUT BUTTER!!! I might need to buy a bottle of self-control with that one, as my kids don’t like cereal (yeah, are they really MY kids??!!)

    Love the blog!

  11. Sarah says

    Just the other day I overheard one coworker tell another to do Nutrisystem. You know, because eating fake, shelf-stable, nutrient-void, chemical-laden, pre-portioned food will totally work in the long term! Bleck! I struggled so hard to keep my mouth shut.

  12. jennifer p says

    Is it wrong that when I find myself temptd to binge on temptation food that I hurry up and feed it all to the dog? It’s like combining #3 and #8 except without monkeys… just a dog. Too bad I can’t do that with the chocolate chip cookies that sneak into the house.

  13. says

    I agree with that get rid of all the bad food in the house. When you get tired of your diet it makes it way too easy to stray if it is right there.

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