Ask a Monican #28

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Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers:1. How do you deal with family criticizing you about things you post on social media sites?2. What training plan do you use for a half marathon? Sports bra recommendations?3. What brand of Running Capris do you like?? Things I talked about… Half Marathon Training programs: Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Training Hal Higdon Half Marathon … [Read more...]

Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar Interview


Through my partnership with Orville Redenbacher I asked you for some questions for the Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar. I tried to get him to go to each of your homes and answer in person, but his reps refused. Something about me being a creepy stalker, I forget. Anyways, here he is with the answers! Bernie Salazar from the Biggest Loser And Orville is giving one RER … [Read more...]

Jan Review, Feb Goals and Confession Thursday


My brain is broken all over the place this morning. I thought about chopping this up into several posts, but I have a fun giveaway coming up this afternoon so all this junk is posted together. I woke up this morning after a bad dream that I fell asleep during boot camp! Luckily, today is the last day of this session and I’ll be able to catch up on sleep next week. Let’s start … [Read more...]