Friday Fun But Not When You’re Sick

No, it’s just beginning…

I felt sick most of yesterday and woke up with a super bad head cold. Bah. I ate a few bites of Ben’s Chili Killers while letting the Day Quill kick in.IMG_5625 (800x600)

Finally I decided to go for a run/walk to see how I felt. Nope. My body didn’t feel like running so I did a 3 mile mostly walk – run. Then ate cereal for breakfast.IMG_5628 (800x600)

Okay, I’m trying to keep this Friday Fun despite feeling like a big booger head.

So here are my Fun Friday picks for the day…

Favorite Picture: I kinda hope Ben does this to me every time I weigh myself and suddenly stops one day…scale hater(image source)

Favorite Food I want to eat this weekend – mint n’ chip cone from Rite Aide. I saw someone eating a double decker Rite Aide ice cream the other day and can’t get it out of my mind!! When I was a kid I would always get a 2 scoop with either Coconut Pineapple or Chocolate Malted Crunch and Mint N Chip. mint n chip ice cream(image source)

Favorite Work stuff: Last night was slow at the gym so Shelby modeled a hair scarf and someone put up this cute sign.IMG_5614IMG_5615

Favorite Hair Style – braiding my hair because I’m too lazy to dry it and then unbraiding it the next day and pretending I’m fancy. IMG_5605

Question: What’s your favorite Friday thing?

I have a lot of emails to catch up on then I’m headed to my little brother’s science experiment display at his school See ya later!


  1. says

    Eating homemade sourdough bread that I made with my own two hands. It took 6 days but it was well worth it :) Now if only I could stay away from it before I devour the two loaves in way less than 6 days…
    Happy weekend!

  2. says

    Well, right this second it’s stuffing my face with an afternoon snack to get my through the day. :) Favorite Friday thing though is looking forward to spending family time over the weekend. :) Yay! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Natali Valdivia says

    Mmmm…I heart “THRIFTY” ice cream, specially mint n chips! Might have one after the Surf City Half marathon this weekend. First time commenting, but long time reader, love your blog! And this Friday is “Expo pick up the bib kinda night” you know the feeling :-)

    • J says

      She stole my answer! Kitchen closed on Friday nights. I braid my hair when it’s wet but it never comes out looking like yours, the waves are always weird looking.

  4. says

    The moment I really hate is that I have lots of plans and parties but you are reckless because you are sick that is the saddest thing. When you want to eat something but your tongue says I don’t, sad:( Hope you feel better.

  5. says

    I love Friday’s because the kids don’t have homework, I don’t have to worry what time they go to bed and I know I don’t have to wake them up in the morning.
    If it was up to me we would live in a VW bus as a bunch of hippies and never attend school. Just all fun, all the time. heehee

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