6 Month Closet Clean Out


Just checking in, how’s it going? My face feels completely congested but my body had energy so I cleaned the house. Around 1:30p I walked to Subway for a tuna to split with Ben. Ben’s trying out a MMA gym and came home exhausted. So the guys took a nap while I hit up Costco. Vegas finds the best places to relax. The “take and bake” pizzas were $3.00 off so I couldn’t walk … [Read more...]

Frustration or Acceptance


Happy Weekend time! Let’s do a quick recap of yesterday first… I ate this thinkThin bar the company sent me (giveaway coming next week), um it’s delicious. And a salad, but sometimes you hafta do dessert first Then, I met up SkinnyRunner for a top secret meeting. She jammed out of there super fast because my cold is disgusting. Luckily we were right next door to Mother’s … [Read more...]