Super Bowl Sunday Set Up


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I’m not all about the game, but I am all about the food. Ben and I were going to go to my mom’s to watch the game but decided we didn’t feel like making the drive and should be productive around here (she’s 40 miles north of us). So I hit up the store for some Super Bowl Snacks… A veggie plate with ranch and HUGE pickle for me Chips and dips Those … [Read more...]

Letting Ben Cook


Before we got married Ben would cook for himself – breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Okay not lunch, he would go to Togos or Chick Fil A for lunch.) Anyways, when we got married I would get home from work an hour earlier than him and cook dinner. Many times I’d pack his lunch too. Then, I lost my job and started making him breakfast before he left for work too. Before I knew it I … [Read more...]