The BEST Bar–Vega Bar Giveaway


Despite my Sangria slinging Super Bowl party, my favorite bar is not a seedy establishment with loud mariachi music. (Okay, maybe sometimes.) Nope, I think I’ve found my favorite bar and it’s not Papas and Beer. I was recently sent a pack of pre-, during and post- workout fuel from Vega Sport, the sports nutrition company formulated by Brendan Brazier. I am always excited to … [Read more...]

Back to Training


Happy Monday! I wasn’t supposed to be into work until 9am, but got a last minute appointment for a fitness evaluation at 8 so I had to cut my run to 5 miles. (It was a close call to even make it with that!) I made the world’s fastest pancake for breakfast – 1/2c egg whites with 1/3c pancake mix. Stir, dust with chia seeds. Cook. Eat. I always consider pancakes a “fancy” … [Read more...]