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Happy Monday! I wasn’t supposed to be into work until 9am, but got a last minute appointment for a fitness evaluation at 8 so I had to cut my run to 5 miles. (It was a close call to even make it with that!)

I made the world’s fastest pancake for breakfast – 1/2c egg whites with 1/3c pancake mix. Stir, dust with chia seeds. Cook. Eat. IMG_5774 (800x533)

I always consider pancakes a “fancy” breakfast, but I make them so often it’s the easier than oatmeal!IMG_5780 (800x533)

I ended up having 15 minutes in between clients and did a quick strength workout.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but I started doing the program EVERYONE’s talking about Jamie Eason’s 12 week trainer in November (I did starting measurements and everything but seriously everyone seems to be doing this, right?).

But I fell off the wagon when we were in Florida for Christmas and am just now picking it back up. I decided to start over from day one since it’s easier that way. I really enjoyed it since the first 4 weeks are quick workouts and I’m already at the gym 4 days a week. I think this program is difficult to do without a gym, but I like the forced variety as I tend to favor certain machines and moves. IMG_5782 (800x600)

On the way home from the gym I ate a few handfuls of almondsIMG_5788 (600x800)

I have a lot of fruit options right now – cherries, blueberries, bananas, apples, kiwis and I want to eat them all! Instead of having one of each I made a quick fruit salad to go with my nuts almonds when I got home.IMG_5790 (800x600)

imageSpeaking of falling off the wagon…
When I “fall off the wagon” I always want to jump on another train all together. I blame the wagon, the route, the speed of the driver, road conditions…  you get it.

But the reality is, if we were on a good wagon -  we should get back on and hold on better next time. Buckle up. Be prepared.

You don’t need a completely NEW AND IMPROVED plan. You just have to stick with the plan you have and keep at it.

Does anyone hear me, or am I crazy? (You can’t say yes to both.)


  1. says

    Part of me wishes I had a gym to try LiveFit but in all reality, i don’t want to try it because everyone else is. haha…err.

    I hope you’re able to stay with this “wagon” though! It seems like everyone is enjoying it and getting some good results!

  2. says

    Thank you for posting this; I sometimes take it pretty rough when I fall off the wagon of my own training. I think that this week has been tough because I have set the goals a little too high for February.

  3. Allison says

    Can you really say you are “doing the program” if you are running? She is so hard core about the “no cardio” for the first 4 weeks. She just did a post about it on her facebook page. Not that you can’t follow her lifting schedule, as we all have different goals, but that isn’t the same as doing her program.

    • says

      Right, which is why I’m really committing to the complete program. I will not skip cardio for 4 weeks – I love to run and I have a bunch of races coming up! I just want to do it to have a more varied strength routine.

      • D says

        Do you mean that you’re *not* really committing? Sorry – just confused over here!

        Also, if you are doing it just because you want a more varied strength routine, can’t you incorporate new moves alongside running? Why do you need to do this program?

  4. Steve says

    I hear you LOUD and CLEAR!! Fell off the wagon myself last week – eating way too much and topping it off with Superbowl Sunday food was not a good ending. But back at it this week – hopefully more miles and better results! Love your blog! :)

  5. Jessica says

    I have a hard time with the wagon as well. I like to remind myself that it takes smoker like 10 times or something to quit, so it will take me at least that many times to stay on the wagon.
    I get fits of jealousy every time I read your blog. I am in Iowa and our only in-season fresh fruit is oranges. I could eat my weight in Bing Cherries every summer so reading your blog makes me crazy. But keep up the good work because
    BTW, thanks for responding to my emailing asking your about the Body Bugg, I ordered one through ebay and am excited to receive it this week!

  6. says

    Those pancakes look delicious! I almost never make pancakes, so those seem more of a treat to me then oatmeal does. I’m definitely interested in trying this program, but may wait until my first half is over so I don’t have to focus on training and this at the same time!

  7. says

    Agreed! I always buy a new book or new magazine with some routine in it that I think will change my body/life but to be honest, if I’m not seeing results, it’s probably because I’ve been slacking, have only been doing something for a few days, or am doing it wrong.

    Hope you feel like you’re back at it soon.

  8. Ida says

    When I fall off the wagon I like to think it’s because the plan wasn’t quite right for me and with a new and improved plan I’ll stay on the wagon longer. It’s always the plan’s fault, not mine:)

  9. says

    I’m the same! I’ve gotten into this bad habit of losing 15lbs and slowly putting them back on. each time i lose with something different, but just can’t seem to use that program again to get there

  10. Katie P says

    Such great timing for this post. I have fallen off my fitness/healthy living wagon and and struggling to get back on.
    I tend to think that if I feel of maybe it wasn’t the “right” program for me and find another. You have a good point that maybe it is ME and I need to focus and commit myself. Change is hard and it won’t happen magically, we have to want it and MAKE it happen.

  11. says

    I had to come back and dig up this post because I made that pancake yesterday and yum!

    I never make pancakes because I need more protein in the mornings; this makes it ok! Especially with my super-mega-multi-grain mix and egg whites – delicious and easy and healthy. A little maple syrup and … Ok I’m going to make another one for lunch.

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