Just The Tip Tuesday


THANK YOU all for commenting on my last post! We got over 100 comments in under two hours and the Orange County AHA will receive $500 from Quaker on our behalf. (I’ll try to get them to include all our names in the note. No promises.) I got tagged for that “11 Random Things” about me game that’s going around, but I recently shared 5 quirky things so I’m only giving you six … [Read more...]

Nourish What Counts Giveaway


Happy Tuesday! Let’s back up to yesterday… I had an evening shift at work so I ate dinner before. I made a massive egg scramble and roasted veggies. My afternoon snack was a piece of toast with PB so I opted out of bread in this meal. It’s a miracle. I also baked some pumpkin protein bars that were inspired by Jamie Eason’s recipe. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a recipe … [Read more...]