Just The Tip Tuesday

THANK YOU all for commenting on my last post! We got over 100 comments in under two hours and the Orange County AHA will receive $500 from Quaker on our behalf. (I’ll try to get them to include all our names in the note. No promises.)

I got tagged for that “11 Random Things” about me game that’s going around, but I recently shared 5 quirky things so I’m only giving you six more.

1. (This goes along with my quirky hating to get out of the shower thing…) I ran out of q-tips today and freaked out and went straight to the store sopping wet. I hate when my ears are wet, makes me cold.q tips

2. I feel like I have a ton of regrets about major life decisions. It’s something I really want to let go of this year Disappointed smile

3. Last night I had a dream that a stranger kid slammed a guinea pig into a cement block and it was dying. I was screaming for Ben and he woke me up.

And that’s why you get married – so someone wakes you up from  bad dreams.

4. I wish I drank more. I don’t know anyone who says that, but I say I’m going to start drinking more every year and never do. I am not good at relaxing so I thought this would help. Smart plan, right?

5. My least favorite chores are putting away dishes and getting gas.

6. All my childhood videos are super embarrassing because I was unbelievably bossy and LOUD! I know, it’s hard to imagine.9124_1178348792942_1654813392_463485_2083033_n

In other news, since I’m the master Manager’s Special Scorer I grabbed this Roasted Garlic Loaf for 50% off today!IMG_5817 (800x600)

See that whole clove of garlic in the bottom right? Well, my carpool friends are going to be smelling that tonight. Sorry ladies. IMG_5814 (800x600)

Annnnnd a big ol’ mixing bowl salad. Three years later I am still not sick of TJ’s Peanut Dressing. IMG_5820 (800x600)

And now I present to you a new feature on RER – Just the tip Tuesday.

One tip. On Tuesday.

Since just the tip was inspired by TJ’s List on Twitter this is a Trader Joes Tip: Buy the Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette dressing. TJ's peanut dressing

As I was writing this post the Fed Ex delivered this Healthiest Foods on Earth 2012 Calendar from Dole. It made me happy to remember the Dole Summit I attended in November SmileIMG_5824 (800x600)

Part of the reason I wanted to do Jamie Eason’s strength routine was forced variation – I need to be made to change it up sometimes! (See above mentioned salad for the 953 day in a row.) So I’m hoping this calendar will expose me to some new foods. I bought the healthiest foods book a while back and never read it – this is like my Cliff’s Notes version!

Hey, ever heard of a Strawberry?! IMG_5826 (600x800)Kidding. Maybe tomorrow will bring a new healthy food.

I am going to a fun dinner tonight in San Diego with my runner / blogger peeps! See ya later Smile


  1. says

    My least favorite chore is either dishes or the bathroom. My hubbs least favorites are the laundry and grocery shopping. We sorta split up the chores that way…

    And that garlic loaf looks A-MAYYY-ZING. :) Totally worth any unfortunate smells…

  2. says

    I absolutely love that picture of you as a wee Monica! I can picture you being loud and bossy (in the most endearing way possible 😉 )

    Have so much fun in San Diego! I have always wanted to visit SD. Maybe someday!

    Curious, what do you like to drink when you do?? I have wine most every night and love vino chat. I used to work in the wine business and give walking wine tours in Boston over the weekends! But of course, I will never, ever turn down a margarita! This past Saturday I had a habenero spiced WATERMELON margarita that knocked my socks off. It was seriously ridiculously spicy but the watermelon was an excellent counterpart.


  3. christine e says

    Vince Vaughn + Wedding Crashers is hysterical!! Here’s a tip- if you’re gonna leave a comment on this blog, make sure to UNcheck the notify me of follow-up comments, otherwise you’ll have over 300 emails to delete. My bad.

  4. says

    Putting away dishes and getting gas are my top least favorite chores also!!! I let the dishes pile up in the sink for two days until my husband gives me the stink eye, and I drive my car 20+ miles after the light goes on. I would rather fold laundry or vacuum than do either of those things!

  5. says

    I can’t stand the feeling of wet ears. I clean the water out every time I get wet, and I will only use Q-Tip brand….

    My favorite dressing is Asian Ginger Vinaigrette from Raley’s (their brand).

  6. says

    That’s so funny- I always say that I wish I drank more! I wish I could be one of those people who comes home and has a glass of wine at night. It will never happen..

  7. Maren says

    Do you do the ass-out hug?! haha love it!! Man, I wish I drank less…okay that’s a lie. My fiance makes the best drinks! It’s hard to resist 😉

  8. says

    I’m with you on regrets. I’ve had such a hard letting it go, and I still haven’t. I’m working on making up for those mistakes though. Cough… new career… cough.

  9. says

    I HATE pumping gas more than anything. I find it embarrassing and generally gross. I love that in South Africa (and Oregon!!!) that there is a kind soul to do it for you. That is priceless in my book…and creates jobs! Win-Win….and I don’t have to get out of the car

  10. says

    My least favorite chore is CLEANING THE FLOOR – sweeping, mopping… UGH, so annoying! But… floors look so pretty when they are clean! ha ha ha.

    I also kinda hate emptying the dish washer too, but I do love putting away the silverware! Oh I hate laundry! Yes, Yes I do! lol.

  11. says

    HAaha that drinking thing made me laugh! For the longest time I wished I enjoyed the taste of drinking (peer pressure and all ha) and after many attempts, I’ve finally developed a taste for it…vodka/soda/lime is the way to go!

  12. Kelly says

    I wish I drank more too haha but hate beer and wine. I love bellinis though! I think it’s the sugary slushy slurpee like quality they have.

  13. says

    I have the same deal with Q-tips. I can stand having unclean/wet ears, I can’t even concentrate. I have to keep a private stash of them, so I always have a supply.

  14. says

    “I wish I drank more”…..me too!! I am also someone that has a hard time loosening up. I always look ahead at what is going on in the future rather than just being in the moment. I need to practice this concept more, being in the moment and letting loose. I think we should both take a shot.

  15. Kate says

    Did you read the Runner’s World article on beer drinking and runners?? It looks like it is actually a good thing especially for women. I also enjoy a glass of good red wine. One glass does seem to have some good relaxing benefits.

    So, since I am a psychology person, it is hard for me not to ask you to expand more on the major life decisions you regret. If you would have done a number of things differently, you would be in a much different place in your life. You can’t separate career from personal, and vice versa. Maybe you would not even be a runner or married to Ben. You are where you are at for a reason. Focus on what you want to change in the future!

    • says

      Kate, I’m not trying to spill my guts in the comments but yeah I’ve thought about how my life might be different if I didn’t make those mistakes in the past. I dunno, I just can’t forgive myself?

  16. says

    I have no problem having one drink when I come home from work. The crazy part is that I might have one more. But, never more than 2. It relaxes me and after 1 or 2, I just want to drink tea or water.

  17. says

    The title of your post made me laugh! Out loud! At work! Awkward… So all I need to be entertained in life is a good title, no need to work hard on the post. :-) I must go to TJ’s and get that dressing.

  18. Katie P says

    My least favorite chore is cleaning the shower. I will clean the rest of the bathroom and leave the shower, shame on me

  19. says

    I was going to complain that I hate getting gas too, but I live in Oregon and it would make me especially whiny since I don’t even have to leave my car. What’s the most annoying is some of them make you pay inside. 😉

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