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I haven’t been posting all my eats lately because I thought I’d give you guys a break from mixing bowl salads, but I really like seeing my entire day of eats in one post. Despite blogging and reading blogs for almost 4 years I wish I could read posts chronologically from Breakfast to Dinner at the end of the day.

So, this is my little day in food. Actually it’s not little at all. I eat a lot, I just like the adjective “little” and use it in front of 76% of the words I say.journey through five food groups My Day in Food

This morning I did a 4 mile quick pace run with 2 miles at 8:15 and one at 8:13. I ate half a banana with PB while making breakfast for Ben and myself. IMG 5866 800x600 thumb My Day in Food

Breakfast was Pumpkin Pancakes because I finally restocked my pumpkin supply!IMG 5872 800x600 thumb My Day in Food

Then, I blogged and went to the gym for a strength session. I did back and biceps and checked the schedule at work since I was there. The gym’s been super slow, but RER has been busy so it works for now wlEmoticon smile3 My Day in Food 

When I got back from the gym I had a pumpkin protein bar and a handful of almonds. Ben keeps stealing these bars! I can’t believe it.IMG 5879 800x600 thumb My Day in Food

I made the usual beast salad for lunch with a random pickle because I cannot get enough of them lately. IMG 5875 800x600 thumb My Day in Food

And I took 26 minutes to eat this Chobani yogurt so I could eat around the Passion Fruit seeds. No thanks.IMG 5881 800x600 thumb My Day in Food

I was so proud of myself because I thought pictures of all my food today! Until I realized I skipped my little bowl of cereal this afternoon. I don’t ‘need’ Fiber One, but I love the taste! Is that weird? So be it.IMG 5896 533x800 thumb My Day in Food

I had a piece of that amazing roasted garlic loaf while roasting veggies. I paired it with an egg scramble and called it dinner.IMG 5887 800x533 thumb My Day in Food

And now I’m enjoying some Mint n’ Chip while watching House Hunters. Ahhh, this is the life wlEmoticon smile3 My Day in Food IMG 5892 800x533 thumb My Day in Food

Ben is at “bad movie” night with his friends. It’s just like it sounds, they watch a bad movie. Well, I’d rather watch good TV  while reading blogs wlEmoticon smile3 My Day in Food IMG 5899 533x800 thumb My Day in Food

I’m thinking about making a new tab for my daily eats posts. But I’m also thinking that’s a lot of work. So probably not.

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  1. says

    Totally making those pumpkin pancakes tomorrow morning for the family. I scored a million cans of pumpkin from World Market for $.20 each. Gotta use those puppies.

    When you said “bad movie,” I immediately thought x-rated. But, you know, whatever.

  2. Leah says

    Does Ben let you watch House Hunters when he’s around? The second I turn the channel to HGTV my boyfriend just glares at me. I secretly look forward to nights he’s out so I can get watch House Hunters. Why is it so addictive?!

  3. Meg says

    Love the daily eats posts! I’m nosey like that! Have you done something about how you fuel on runs? Would love to know and hear any tips! :)

  4. says

    I love that your husband goes to bad movie night with his friends! My husband has a Current Events Discussion night with his friends which I find funny too.

    Those pumpkin bars look great. Did I miss you share the directions?

  5. says

    Ben and his friends should watch Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus on their bad movie night. I watched this movie the weekend of my first marathon (in San Francisco) and every time I looked at the Golden Gate Bridge, all I could think of was Mega Shark lurking in the water somewhere. It was so bad, it was hilarious.

  6. Lorin says

    If it makes you feel better, I honestly feel like you don’t eat an abnormal amount of food. Seems pretty normal for an active runner:)

  7. Summer T says

    I ♥ when pankcakes appear in your posts, pancakes & peanut butter two of life’s greatest joys! Happy Thursday Monica!

  8. says

    Eww! I agree with you on the Passionfruit Chobani. I suffered through the seeds, yuck! However, the apple cinnamon I would buy cases and cases of and be the happiest girl alive! SO GOOD!

  9. says

    I love Fiber One too! Absolutely my favorite cereal… it is the only one that will keep me full for a good amount of time. I’ve started snacking on it at work. My coworkers must think I am nuts… eating little “twigs” or “worms” (as my husband would say) all day long.

  10. says

    I have respect for bloggers who take the time to take pictures of all of all their food- I don’t have the patience, plus, I eat the same thing nearly every day… soooo it would get a little old! I only post food when I’m sharing a recipe or if I’m out to dinner at a really cool spot… typically I’m too hungry to remember! :)

  11. says

    I am impressed with how you ate around the passion fruit seeds! Not an easy task. hehe. I am not someone who takes pictures of every thing they eat but it might be a good exercise for a day to really see what I’m putting into my body and when.

  12. says

    i love how you eat around the seeds in your yogurt haha i do the same thing with yogurts with pomegranate seeds..they just annoy me!

  13. says

    I tried Fiber One years ago, but it tastes horrible to me! That was back when I was trying a ton of Hungry Girl recipes and she uses it in everything! I actually snuck the box into my mom’s cupboard and left it there it was so gross. Then one day she asked me if I had any idea what it was, and now I really can’t remember if I played dumb or told her it was me, lol! I will forever miss Kashi Go Lean though, it is so delicious! Darn gluten.

  14. janiek says

    With all the pickle cravings you’d think there is a baby on the way. Or maybe just a huge pickle monster burried deep inside your soul :p

  15. says

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