Fun Friday, Kinda


Ben and I were supposed to do something super fun today (hint: it involves the Happiest Place on Earth, but not Yogurtland) but he is sick. Boo. Luckily, Vegas took care of him while I worked this morning. At least his computer doesn’t have a virus! Around noon I made a massive salad and drank 3 seltzers. I drink too much, I need Seltzer’s Anonymous. Step One: Admit your … [Read more...]

Friday 5K Giveaway


Happy Friday! I started my day with a 3 miler, just me – no Garmin or ipod because they were dead. It’s French Toast Friday! I dipped Little Big Bread in egg whites, cinnamon and chia seeds. Topped with PB & sf syrup. As I was eating I got a text from Skinny Runner that she was in the area and wanted to take a little walk, you know to cool down from the 24 miles she … [Read more...]