Dogs Lower Blood Pressure


I busted out a quick strength workout after my morning client. It was this jam: Alt. Rows Chest flys on ball Skull Crushers Face Smashers Close hand DB press BB Chest Press Reverse Fly Then, I got a quick eyebrow wax (my gym has a small spa) and ate a pumpkin protein bar. Lunch was awesome thanks to my mom’s food. She sent me home with turkey and perfectly … [Read more...]

Protein Packed Cakes


Happy Monday! I didn’t realize I was wrong on Sunday set up and my schedule called for 4 miles today with some strength thrown in. So, I did 4 miles and will do my strength after my morning client. You guys know I have a deep passionate love for pancakes. It’s almost inappropriate (well at least the noises I make when I eat them are). Luckily, I know how to bust out a healthy … [Read more...]