Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway


Ben came home for lunch today, so even though it was the same-o salad (which I am not sick of at all 983 days later) it was a nice little change up! Plus, I had an excuse to dig into the Wheat Thins, something I normally try to avoid. and the best Chobani flavor. It’s a food fact.   Since it’s Valentine’s Day I wanted some chocolate. Okay, I want chocolate everyday … [Read more...]

V Day Until the Violence Stops


Happy Valentine’s Day! I started my day with a 6 mile run, 8:41 average pace. I’m going to start driving to flat ground, I just felt like I was going uphill forever. Last night I came home to find roses from Ben, he’s the guy I married. I am not a big fan of flowers, but he is a romantic and thinks I’m just saying that. I’m not, but I don’t want to be a btch about it so I … [Read more...]

Valentine Workout


Happy Valentine’s Day! February 14th is my mom’s birthday - Happy Birthday Mom! My mom is the best because she birthed me (I was a very large baby) and the other red headed anomaly in my family, Michael. She fed me well… And raised me to be the questionable internet personality I am today. I knew that Communications degree would come in handy some day. Happy Birthday Mom! I … [Read more...]