Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Ben came home for lunch today, so even though it was the same-o salad (which I am not sick of at all 983 days later) it was a nice little change up! Plus, I had an excuse to dig into the Wheat Thins, something I normally try to avoid.IMG 6194 800x600 thumb Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway

and the best Chobani flavor. It’s a food fact.IMG 6198 800x600 thumb Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway

dont touch my chocolate thumb Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway 

Since it’s Valentine’s Day I wanted some chocolate. Okay, I want chocolate everyday (twice a day most times) but today I had an excuse wlEmoticon smile9 Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Unfortunately I have to work this evening and figured candy wouldn’t hold me over through my shift so I busted into the stash of bars thinkThin sent me. This is only part of it as I tried a few of the bars over the weekend.IMG 6184 800x600 800x600 thumb Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway

The Chocolate Brownie flavor is no See’s Candy, but it will keep me full longer and prevent a crazy dip in blood sugar resulting in me rushing to Starbucks across the street from my gym for a cake pop. Not that I do that.IMG 6189 600x800 600x800 thumb Chocolate on Valentine’s Day Giveaway

In the spirit of Valentine’s and giving and chocolate thinkThin is giving one RER reader a variety pack of bars!

To Enter: Leave a comment. Any comment. Keep it clean.

Contest closes tomorrow (2/15) at 9am PST. Open to residents of the US and Canada. Winners have 48 hours to respond.


  1. says

    In the spirit of chocolate and the holiday, I bought myself a pack of Reese’s PB Hearts, since we don’t celebrate it/my husband thinks it’s a holidays greeting card company’s created. Then he comes home, grabs them from the cupboard and pretends he bought them for me. Rolls eyes. Marriage :)

  2. Jenn S says

    Spending my V day at home with my 2 year old while my husband works. Romantic Mac and cheese dinner for him and yogurt for me. Those bars look yummy!

  3. Kerry says

    All I know is that I don’t want to be on my death bed thinking, “Dang, I should have let myself eat more chocolate.”

    You only live once… Chocolate=Happiness

  4. says

    chocolate is my weakness. i just bought some clif kids bar in brownie at my local tarjay. a box of 18 was six bucks! thinking about getting more or maybe the s’more flavor, but i might as well go with the adult version.

  5. Susie says

    i LOVE the cherry and mixed nuts ones and the cranberry and apple think thin crunch bars. They are soooo good. I’ve been meaning to try the others!

  6. Olivia M says

    My boyfriend and I have like maybe 8 fav meals that we pick from every single lunch and dinner. And somehow we still loovve every bit of it =)
    Happy vday! Time for me to have some more chocolates.

  7. Jackie says

    I’m a plain Greek yogurt gal myself…mixed with a crap-ton of cinnamon and a handful of almonds. After reading your blog, I started throwing in a sprinkle of chia seeds too…YUMMO!

  8. Abbey says

    I have been wanting to try those for a long time! I love reading your blog…it has become a part of my nightly ritual! Thanks for the great posts!!

  9. Ann Marion says

    Anything with the name Chocolate Brownie gets my attention. Especially when I’m eligible for a prize containing them.

  10. Maren says

    My vday card for Nate has a pic of an outlet and a plug and says, “my parts love your parts!” and on the inside, “I bet if we put them together, we could turn something on!”

    Wait, I thought you said don’t keep it clean…oops.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  11. says

    Good for you and a chocolate energy bar. That is what I should have had when I went into the staff room today and all of our students parents made baked goods. Brownies are a weakness!

  12. Kellie says

    I love the flavor of the think thin bars. They are one of the only bars that actually keep me full for a little while.

  13. Jennifer C. says

    I would love to win the thinkThin bars! I always see them at the store, but they always seem to be a little pricey where I shop.

  14. jessa r. says

    my sister shared your blog with me – i can’t wait to read more about your adventures! we are currently training for our first half marathon in may!

  15. says

    Random Fact: every time I see “wheat thins” I think of Stewie and Brian on Family Guy arguing over “wheat thins” vs “wHheat thins”.

    Youtube it..its funny! I’d share a link but I’m afraid I’ll end up in spam and ruin my chance at free food! ;)

  16. Meghan says

    So what your saying, is that these would have been better than that Kit Kat bar I ate, huh? Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. Meg says

    When I read leave a comment, any comment, I thought oh I’m in! Then I read keep it clean . . . hmmm – my comment for the day: Today was supossed to be a rest day but then I ate 2 marshmellow carmel chocolates (full disclosure: one was enough for 3 people) so I did a quick 2 mile run with the hub tonight!

  18. Adina Johnson says

    I tried my best to resist a piece from my family’s See’s chocolate truffles but failed miserably. ThinkThin bars ain’t got nothin’ on a piece of See’s candy but I wouldn’t mind winning a pack :)

  19. blair says

    I completely understand. I feel like 6 out of 7 days a week I have to convince myself that a larabar/trail mix/apple is a better afternoon snack than peanut m&ms.

  20. Lindsay says

    I’ve never had a ThinkThin Bar, but I’m going to be needing to think thin tomorrow after the cupcake I just ate that was the size of my head.

  21. Amy W says

    i use my boyfriend’s snacking as an opportunity to have cheez-its! but the thinkthin bars look like a delicious option too.

  22. meg says

    observation from my home gym: all the trainers spend their entire “training” session gossiping and talking random crap and the client never breaks a sweat. wtf man, annoying to watch that crap

  23. Monica says

    I’ve never tried these before but after all the treats I’v had today maybe a think thin bar will do me some good, plus they look yummo!

  24. says

    Pineapple is definitely one of the best flavors of Chobani – I agree! Chocolate on V-Day is a requirement, right? That is what I just told myself while eating a few squares of it and washing it down with a little red wine :)

  25. Sarah says

    I have yet to try THINK THIN! I would like to say that I, too, reach for an energizing, filling, healthy treat when the sweet attacks hit…however…my love has been for DOVE. oops. need to think thin ;)

  26. Chole Franklin says

    I ADORE these bars and would love to try some more of the flavors…it is hard to do while on a college budget! Help a sistah out!!

  27. Lindsay says

    I would love one of three things to happen this year:

    1) to meet you in person!
    2) to win this sa-wheeeeeet give away
    3) to eat an entire watermelon guilt free / pain free (too much watermelon hurts so good), or maybe just start a blog to talk about our favorite fruit on the daily.

  28. Cheryl says

    So you know what’s better than valentines day chocolate? Discount day after valentines day chocolate. Bring it on.

  29. adria biasi says

    i may be moving down there for grad school, if so we should become red headed running buddies, or atleast frozen yogurt buddies, heck we dont even have to be buddies, just show me all the good places to run and eat :) and ive always wanted to try those bars but being a poor college student i stick with what i can get with coupons and sales :)

  30. Martha says

    I’m the same way with my salads — I pack the same one every day for work, and I have yet to get tired of it. Why miss out on a beautiful thing?

  31. LeslieG says

    I’ve been doing some historical research on candy lately. Curtiss Candy did a test in the 1950s and put it in an ad declaring that a 154-pound man running at a speed of 5 1/4 MPH can run exactly 1 5/6 miles on the “muscle fuel” in one Baby Ruth bar. How’s that for an excuse to eat more chocolate!

  32. says

    I’d love to try those bars! I’ve heard good things. I keep bars in my snack drawer at work; I like to nibble on them when mid-afternoon hunger hits.

  33. Megan S. says

    I love trying to get my chocolate fix in that way! I also have the Adora dark chocolate discs that I try eat after dinner to nix the sweet tooth a bit

  34. Caroline says

    I’ve never tried pineapple chobani before. Will have to get on that. Also I love the peanut butter think thin bars! So good for such low sugar content

  35. Lora says

    I could use the bars ever since I had my baby I have been thinking (ok dreaming) about being thin again :). Happy V day!

  36. Sarah says

    I just had my first taste of See’s candy! Yum! We don’t have them here in New York, but my roommate is from LA. I don’t think any bar is quite as tasty, but I’d love to give these a try :)

  37. says

    One time my mom and I left my 90 year old grandma in the car while we shopped at the Gap. We came out to a pile of Sees lollypops laying on the pavement next to the car. “Nana, did you toss those out the window?” “Yeah, they tasted horrible.” God bless the seniors.

  38. Amanda says

    i love wheat thins! Although – and i’ve had other people back me up on this – the reduced fat are better…. i think they’re a bit crunchier and saltier, which imo is always better.

  39. Terri says

    We love think thin bars because we can share with my 5 year old who has Celiacs Disease and needs to eat Gluten Free! : )

  40. jennifer p says

    I can’t really think of anything clever, but I do want to win the giveaway. :) And I totally love Valentine’s Day.

  41. Krystina says

    I absolutely LOVE chocolate, especially when I’m training, so a healthier option would definitely be a good thing!

  42. erica says

    I have heard such amazing things at ThinkThin bars and have desperately wanted to try one! The flavors and consistency seem like candy bars— I’d love to be able to try an assortment!

  43. Ashley says

    Hope your Valentine’s Day was great!

    This comment is my very first, but I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and it’s easily a favorite of mine. Thanks for keeping it real!

  44. Debbie C says

    I need chocolate, have to have it. Calories.. not. Sounds like Think Thin bars are for me. I need to try them.


  45. Shani says

    My hubby surprised me with flowers, “The Notebook” (which he agreed to watch!!!) and then when he had me put the dvd into the xbox out popped a gift card for Forever 21! I felt so bad for the online shopping I’d done this week :)

  46. TeresaD says

    mmmm… chocolate!
    I’ve been doing a candida detox and am 21 days into the 35 day process. No sugar, no fruit, no candy.
    At the end of it, any form of chocolate will be heavenly, and I’ll be looking for ways to get sugar that =/= snickers and diet coke.

  47. Lindsey says

    I would love to try those bars, I always see them in my grocery store, but could never justify paying $2 a piece for a single bar!

  48. Marija says

    ’tis true that Chobani Pineapple is the best. hands down. Interested in these ThinkThin bars (not only because I now have a chance to win)..a brownie alternative that fills me up?! yes please!

  49. Stephanie says

    I’ve tried to comment for the last day, and your site wouldn’t work for some crazy reason. Anyways, I could totally use some Thinkthin bars. We’re doing Biggest Loser at my workplace, and times have gotten HARD when I’m jonesing for something sweet. Thank goodness for fresh fruit, and Larabars. I just realized I can’t remember the last time I had a cookie….oh wait yes I do, a Panera cookie after my half marathon- a very cookie-worthy occasion, indeed! Anyways yay rah, hope I win, and love your blog!

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