My First 5K


When I signed up for the Carlsbad 5000 at the Tinker Bell Half expo I swore it was my first 5K. My first race ever was a 10K from there I jumped straight to half marathons and fell in love with lucky number 13 (point one). But, it turns out I ran a 5K on Fourth of July two years ago! The thing is, it was a last minute run with a friend so I didn’t pre-register or train or … [Read more...]

RER Giveaway Winners and Policy


How’s your Wednesday going? I stopped on the way home from the gym for juice and ended up scoring some discount produce. Stuff like this is often marked down because it’s close to the “Best By” date so I just make sure to check that I can eat it before it goes bad. Luckily, I can eat entire watermelons in 24 hours, so nothing spoils on my watch After the gym I had a morning … [Read more...]

New Speed Route


Part of my present to Ben was shutting off the computer last night. I’ve been really bad about bring my laptop with me while we’re watching TV and then staying on super late. Does anyone else do this? I made dinner before my evening shift so it was waiting when we got home. My favorite dinner is Pizza. My second favorite is salmon and sweet potato, this was close enough – … [Read more...]