National Almond Day and Ask a Monican #29


Today is National Almond Day! I didn’t even realize until after my morning snack (blubes and almonds) so I celebrated double-y with almonds on my Peanut Dressing and Turkey salad. Oh, and some mustard pretzels from the bulk bins – I’m not normally a salty snacks kinda person, but I can make those disappear. Vegas kept me company during a conference call. And by “kept me … [Read more...]

Dentists and Personal Trainers


Happy Thursday! My legs are feeling a little tired so I decided to switch today’s run for tomorrow. I just dropped my car off to get the brakes done and walked home from there. I’ll walk back to get my car later, so about 4.5 miles of walking is my workout today and maybe a little strength this evening. I almost had eggs for dinner last night because I’ve been craving them so … [Read more...]