Palm Springs Pit Stop


Hello from Arizona! Ben and I just got to our hotel and I’m blogging at the desk in our room. I don’t know if it’s the lack of clutter (that is always covering my own desk at home), the buzz I get from traveling or the tiny little bottles of conditioner, but I love hotels! We left home around 11:30am and packed a bunch of snacks to hold off lunch. I snuck into the bulk bin … [Read more...]

Off to AZ


Happy Friday! I started my day with a very slow 6 miler. I had a random cramp in my upper back and just felt like my legs were tired the whole time. I’m thinking I need a massage – that’ll cure it right? Last night I made Pizza Eggs for dinner – an open omelet topped with marinara and cheese. It was delicious! This might be my newest “food phase” because I already want another … [Read more...]