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Happy Friday! I started my day with a very slow 6 miler. I had a random cramp in my upper back and just felt like my legs were tired the whole time. I’m thinking I need a massage – that’ll cure it right?

Last night I made Pizza Eggs for dinner – an open omelet topped with marinara and cheese. It was delicious! This might be my newest “food phase” because I already want another one.IMG 6250 800x533 thumb Off to AZ

I topped it with red pepper flakes and parmesan – it really was like eating pizza with a fork (tell me you normally don’t eat pizza with a fork though). IMG 6261 800x533 thumb Off to AZ

I over dressed for my run and was super hot on the way back. I decided a smoothie sounded amazing after my sweaty run so I busted out my new Jay Robb protein powder to try again (I had it at my mom’s on Monday and it was super icy but I thought it was her blender).

I’m going to have to say the emperor is naked on this one. The consistency is icy, not smooth and it needs something to make it really good. I used to just add ice and almond milk to my favorite Spirutien and it was AMAZING. I might have to switch back and deal with the soyaffects (side affects of soy). IMG 6281 533x800 thumb Off to AZ

I paired my smoothie with a Perfect 10 Bagel and PB&J. Yes, that would be pumpkin butter on one side – on my last jar, but I still see TJ’s has it in stock.IMG 6296 800x533 thumb Off to AZ

Now I’m packing up and heading to Arizona for the weekend! IMG 6311 800x533 thumb Off to AZ

I scored a free bib for the IMS Half Marathon and then found a super great deal at the Marriott (thanks to a client that works there!). So, Ben and are road tripping to AZ today.image thumb10 Off to AZ

We haven’t done a real road trip since we went to Sequoia in September so we’re both really excited!

If you’re traveling for a race soon check out a few of my tips here: Traveling For a Race

Question: Any fun plans for this weekend?

Obviously the road trip is my thing and Ben is hoping to find a triple D place to eat at wlEmoticon smile11 Off to AZ

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  1. Ida says

    Good luck in AZ!

    My run club as a 5 mile team race this weekend with chocolate prizes. It’s my favorite race of the year!

  2. says

    Weather here on the east coast is really warm so I think I might do a hike this weekend. I don’t think I can pass up another 50 degree day!

    BTW – I totally eat pizza with a fork. For some odd reason, I started eating all of the toppings off pizza first and this requires the fork. ;)

  3. says

    This is why you stay in marathon/half marathon shape all year round eh? I like the way you work and I’m sure you’ll have a blast in the half marathon. I bet it’ll be gorgeous! Have fun!

  4. says

    If you are looking for a healthy meal, I heartily recommend Seasons 52 in the Biltmore. Everything on their menu is under 475 calories. For a fat blast, try Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles for brunch. If you are looking for Southwestern goodness, Carlsbad Tavern in South Scottsdale is the way to go (order the lobster enchiladas). They also have a bloody mary bar to die for on weekends. Good luck!

  5. Renee C. says

    Monica! We were just in AZ to run the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon and I am also OBSESSED with Triple D!!! We went to Los Taquitos in Phoenix – one of the Triple D spots- but were were a lil disappointed. It was authentic and we saw all the photos on the wall of Guy’s visit, but the food was kind of standard mexican fare, nothing to write home about:( On a happier note, we tried an awesome restaurant called Culinary Dropout in Scottsdale- amazing food!!!! Highly recommend. And if you are still looking for Triple D spot, I have heard that Over Easy and Matt’s Big breakfast (both are breakfast/brunch spots) are both really good! Have a great trip!

  6. says

    That sounds absolutely disgusting but I’m not sure why and I really want to try it, all at the same time! Have a great road trip and fun time in Arizona! I’m jealous of the sun.

  7. Megan says

    Have fun at the race! Maybe I will see you there! It starts 3 miles from my house and I really wanted to run it, but didn’t sign up since I have Ragnar five days later. Then my friend signed up for it. It will be her first race, and I found a coupon to make it $40 so I signed up too. I’m going to run with my friend at her pace and I’m so excited! It will be my 3rd half. Vegas Rock N Roll was my first in Dec. then I also did the P.F. Changs in January. Can’t wait to run with some company for a change! Have a great trip!

  8. says

    Yay, sounds like fun, I love traveling and running! This weekend is the Austin half, can’t pass up a race starting 6 miles from my house! :)

  9. says

    It’s gonna be perfect race weather here this weekend. I might have to go down and cheer all you bloggers on. So many of you doing IMS. Ever heard about the Lost Dutchman marathon and half? It is an amazing race with stunning views of the superstition mountains.
    There is a Triple D app for the Iphone. Also Guy went to a BBQ place in Glendale but not sure which one. Chino Bandido is a fun quirky place he went to. I love the Jade Red chicken. Not healthy though but after a race who’s counting?

      • says

        I’m doing The Lost Dutchman, and didn’t realize how hilly it was until after I signed up–oy!!! I’m excited though. Even if it takes me forever to finish, it’ll still be an other 1/2 under my belt and should at least be visually enjoyable :)

  10. says

    I make smoothies almost every day. Add the ice super slowly, and then add some pudding mix, about a teaspoon. It makes the smoothie super silky and smooth, kind of like a shake or malt.

    • says

      I’m just bummed that I didn’t used to have to make any special effort with my old powder – I could just dump 3 things in a blender and end up with the perfect smoothie.

  11. Erin says

    I was suppose to run it this weekend, but I’ve been having HORRIBLE numbness and pain in my feet and toes when running more than 3 miles. It sucks!! This would have been my first half. Good luck!

      • Erin says

        I’ve tried every suggestion out there. I got fitted for new shoes at a running store and got new socks and insoles too. I’ve tried tying them looser and tighter and using the “runner’s loop” they showed me at the store. My left knee has been bugging me when I run too, so I may be seeing a sports medicine doctor too. I SOOOO wish I could run the race tomorrow!!!

  12. says

    I use a fork with my pizza if its a really long skinny slice and just flops about.

    This weekend should be about cleaning, but I think it might be about my butt/couch relationship. Husband is headed out of town for most of the day tomorrow for a rugby match, so I will have QUIET. I might just nap :)

  13. Michelle says

    I’m going to Arizona this weekend too! I wish I had known about the IMS Arizona marathon It would have been so cool to run ( attempt to keep running) with you! Good luck!(:

  14. says

    I always pick up and eat my pizza with my hands. I even did it in Europe where everyone else was using a knife and fork and was looking at me like I was crazy. My dining companions were so embarrassed as they were doing it the European way, but I just couldn’t. Who wants to eat pizza with a fork? Not this girl!

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