Chino Bandido for Lunch


After breakfast and a shower I went to get my bib for tomorrow’s half. The race expo was part of a bigger community health expo so there were a lot of booths – but not the usual race themed ones. Need some medical care? Go to Mexico! I didn’t spend too much long here, just grabbed my bib, walked through the giant colon and was on my way. We had grand plans for lunch so I … [Read more...]

Free Breakfast


Good Morning! Ben and I started our day with a nice little walk around our hotel. I like the desert - cool crisp mornings, warm days, and weird trees We worked up an appetite and hit the hotel’s complimentary breakfast as soon as we got back. Hotel breakfasts are impressive these days! There was a waffle maker, oatmeal, many bread options, yogurt, juice, coffee, fruit and … [Read more...]