IMS Arizona Half Marathon Recap

Even though I only had to wake up at 5:30am (not early by race standards) I still cringed when my alarm went off this morning. Reluctantly, I rolled out of bed and did all my pre-race rituals – bathroom, change, eat

Luckily, our hotel had a full kitchen so I was able to toast my bagel. It makes all the difference.IMG_6482 (800x600)

And I broke the #1 rule of racing – Don’t do anything new on race day.

I’ve had a new container BCAA mix for a week and decided to pack some to drink before the race. It was tasty! IMG_6483 (800x600)

Before the race I stalled as long as possible in the car before finally getting out with my space blanket from the Tinker Bell Half. It really wasn’t that cold, but I’m a wimp.IMG_6489 (800x600)

The race was pretty small and even though I was near the start line I couldn’t hear what the announcer was saying. It came as a total shock when the gun went off and people started running! People around me kind of looked at each other like, “Oh?! We’re starting!” I quickly tossed my space blanket, turned on my music and got running!

I wanted to stay near an 8 minute/mile pace. I usually got out too fast and then slow down A LOT. So, I was shooting for fairly even splits.

I felt really good the first 7 miles and kept it around 8:06s.

There was a hill right after mile 8 and I took a Gu at that mile, which slowed me down more. Mile 9 was slower and then it stayed slower because I suddenly felt like my heart was beating way to fast (racing, if you will).

The hypochondriac in me immediately thought I might start hyperventilating or that I was having a heart attack. Fantastic.

Well, it would be an appropriate way for me to go, right?

Finally, I realized it might be my body getting a little too excited about the BCAAs and I wasn’t going to meet Jesus today.

Either way, I felt out of breath and tired and my time started slipping. I pulled out my new “Never give up” mantra and kept going. I should have just pushed more because I’m disappointed in my splits now.

I’m not going to stress about it and just be honest with myself -  I really need to actually train for half marathons if I want to PR. What a concept. post race picture

13.39 miles – 1:49:11

Average pace – 8:09IMG_6511 (800x600)

My splits:

  • Mile 1: 8:01
  • Mile 2: 8:06
  • Mile 3: 8:03
  • Mile 4: 8:07
  • Mile 5: 8:02
  • Mile 6: 8:07
  • Mile 7: 8:10
  • Mile 8: 8:08
  • Mile 9: 8:20
  • Mile 10: 8:13
  • Mile 11: 8:17
  • Mile 12: 8:20
  • Mile 13: 8:14
  • Mile .39: 7:53

The race ended at a mall, which would have been great if Skinny Runner was done at the same time. I missed her because she was busy running an AMAZING full marathon and I had to get back to our hotel to check out.

Good job SR! IMG_6491 (800x600)

IMG_6493 (800x600)

Yeah! It’s over!IMG_6498 (800x600)

Ben got me at the Finale Finish Line and we headed back to our hotel to shower and check out. IMG_6507 (600x800)IMG_6516 (800x600)

Ben wanted to hit up another Triple D place, but I didn’t want to worry about a wait so we ended up at The Black Bear Diner.IMG_6543 (800x600)

It was packed and the wait was 45 minutes so we opted to sit at the counter for immediate food consumption. IMG_6530 (800x600)ben the black bear

I didn’t realize but they have a lot of locations around the west. The menu is on a bear diner menuIMG_6522 (800x600)

For all you bacon fans out there – they have a couple of plates that are a bacon party.bacon party

I wanted a pancake, but knew a stack of carb cakes would just make me hungry again in 10 minutes. IMG_6520 (800x600)IMG_6519 (800x600)

So, I got the Farmer’s Scramble and granola pancake instead of toast.IMG_6535 (800x600)

Yes, the pancake was amazing and had crunchy nuts in it. So good.granola pancake

Ben got the tri-tip omeletIMG_6539 (800x600)

Post race plateIMG_6540 (800x600)

Now I’m blogging from the car on the way back home. See ya later!


  1. says

    I love how supportive Ben is about going to so many of your races. Does he enjoy it? What does he do while you run? My husband has gone to maybe two or three and I know he’s bored out of his mind/doesn’t get it, so I don’t push the issue anymore.

  2. says

    congrats on another awesome race! I’m suddenly 100% craving maple syrup and a pancake. Billy and I love to sit at the counter when it’s available rather than waiting for a table – who needs a table when it’s just 2 people, right?

  3. Shawn says

    Awesome Job!! I’m going to try my first half marathon in May and I’d be in heaven if i could pull those splits!! Way to go girl!!

  4. Ida says

    I think your splits look pretty even. It’s so easy to think you could have pushed harder after the race is over and you’ve rested. What I love about the 1/2 marathon is that each race builds your endurance and doesn’t wear you out too much so you’ll be in better shape for the next one.

  5. says

    When your heart is beating really fast like that and you feel out of breath that should have been your first red flag to slow down! How much water did you drink up until race start? you could have been hyponatremic. Maybe try drinking more gatorate and drinks with electrolytes in it, it helps. (i’m only saying this from experience and a Nurses point of view)

    I remember feeling like that during one of my training runs, to the point where my friend (thank god I was with one) had to call her husband to pick me up.

    Glad you finished safe and sound. Next time, dont push so hard when you’re feeling crappy, just listen to your body. Sometimes you have bad runs and today might just have been your day.

  6. Natali says

    Congrats! That’s amazing! Agree with the rest, your splits seem fine, but totally understand you. We are our worst self-critics and push to better ourselves. Your blog is my “to go to” when I need inspiration to keep going. Thanks a bunch!

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