Meatless Monday Giveaway–Quorn Vegan Burger


After my clients this morning I had a BIG apple and little pack of almonds. Then, did a chest/triceps workout. I didn’t feel like it was a good workout until I started making lunch and my arms felt all weird. Workout Tip: “Weird Arms Syndrome” is the sign of a good workout. Or, a stroke. Know the difference. Ben came home for lunch and as soon as he walked out the door back … [Read more...]

Smart Snacking Challenge Continues


Happy Monday! I feel so great after a good night’s sleep I never sleep well the night before races so last night was much needed. I got a call last night that a new gym member needed a fitness evaluation this morning so I’m headed to the gym at 8am today, usually I don’t go in until 9 on Mondays (every day is different). Since I didn’t do my usual Sunday Set Up my planner is … [Read more...]