Meatless Monday Giveaway–Quorn Vegan Burger

After my clients this morning I had a BIG apple and little pack of almonds. Then, did a chest/triceps workout. IMG_6579 (600x800)

I didn’t feel like it was a good workout until I started making lunch and my arms felt all weird.

Workout Tip: “Weird Arms Syndrome” is the sign of a good workout. Or, a stroke. Know the difference.IMG_6589 (800x600)

Ben came home for lunch and as soon as he walked out the door back to work, the Fed-ex guy brought a care package from his mom (in Florida). The box had a massive container of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I had to think fast!

I quickly called Ben to see if he was gone. Luckily, he was still in the parking lot and I instructed him to swing back in front of the house because he forgot something. I ran out and shoved the cookies through his window.

Well, I did all that after pulling out 3 cookies for myself…IMG_6593 (800x600)

And that my friends is the difference between me eating 3 or 30 cookies today. Because sometimes my search for the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie means I think I need to eat the entire batch because maybe the next cookie is “the ONE”.

Remember when I used to do Meatless Mexican Monday?

I miss those days because Ben loves Mexican woman food and I love cooking. I’ve been meaning to bring them back for a while now, but am considering doing meatless Friday since Lent starts this week.

Anyways, I’m not doing Meatless Mexican Monday today because I’m lazy and have crockpot salsa chicken already preparing.

And because I am lazy, my favorite way to eat meatless is to toss a veggie burger in the microwave.

Aaaaaand my favorite brand of veggie burger/chicken nugget/patty is Quorn. They rock because the products are soy free and made of mushroom protein. It sounds weird, but everything I’ve tried from this brand is good (but expensive)!quorn vegan burgers

quorn nutritional info IMG_6607 (800x600)

The company sent me their newest product – Quorn Vegan Burgers to try and they’re passing on the meat-free love to you!

Quorn will send one RER reader a pack of vegan burgers.

To Enter: Leave a comment with your favorite meat free meal.

My answer: Frozen Yogurt.

Contest open to US and Canada. Closes 2/21/12 at 9am PST


  1. lauren says

    Fave meat free lunch on work days – 1/3 block tofu, half cup chick peas, half a red bell pepper, fresh green beans and lots of baby spinich.

  2. says

    wow, I have issues with soy, so I have avoided a lot of meatless options. I have never heard of these, but LOVE mushrooms.

    My favorite meatless dish is either cheese pizza or mushroom sandwich at a local restaurant. :)

  3. says

    first of all i have to say i just finished reading armstrongs book about a month ago and LOVED it too. and second of all great job on your half-jeez if you ask me that was a good time! and lastly, my fav meatless meal is soy chorizo and potatoe tacos… good!

  4. says

    I made a Taco Salad the other day with vegetarian “hamburger” crumbles. Once I mixed in some seasoning and hot sauce, you could not tell the difference!

  5. Kelly @ Running Kellometers says

    My favorite meatless meal is chili! My husband is vegetarian so I’m always excited to try new veggie/vegan products! I hope I win! :)

  6. Cristin says

    Greek ficken (fake chicken) salad!
    Me and my carnivorous fiance love to cook up fake chicken (Quorn or Morningstar farms works) with some greek vinaigrette, then put it on some spinach and add feta cheese (my personal vice), a little more dressing, olives, almonds, and cranberries. YUM.

  7. Monica says

    If you want to get rid of the cookies, send ’em over my way 😉
    My favorite meat free meal is veggie stir fry! Mmm.

  8. ltb102 says

    I know this is lame, but I love a good salad with lots of veggies. My college’s caf has the BEST selection of salad bar options. It’s so so good. Great giveaway!

  9. says

    My favorite meatless meal is mac n cheese :) Just being honest!

    I get Weird Arm Syndrome after a hard TRX class! It seems like I have to drive to our office that is an hour away after TRX and sometimes I can barely hang on to the steering wheel my arms are so exhausted!!

  10. says

    I love making different quinoa salads as meat free meals, they are delicious and I’m always getting the protein from the quinoa! Hope I get to try these burgers!

  11. Angie says

    I have so many favorite meatless meals: vegetable soup, homemade black bean burgers, grilled balsamic portobello burgers, bean and cheese enchiladas, and pasta with my grandma’s homemade sauce!

  12. says

    I love love love quorn products! Though I haven’t had the opportunity to try the vegan burgers yet. Anyhow my favorite meatless food is ice cream :)

  13. Lindsey F. says

    I love Quorn products and having been wanting to try the burgers but didn’t want to shell out the $ if they weren’t good. I Love their naked chicken strips (they remind me of white castle for some reason). I usually heat them up slice in half and put on a potato bun.

  14. katie says

    I am vegan so everything I eat is meatless. It will be hard to narrow it down to my favorite but tonight my husband made veggie yakisoba with terriyaki seitan on top and it was incredible! I am so excited to see Quorn making a vegan product. I love Quorn but haven’t had it in years.

  15. Stephanie says

    I love my own version of cuban meals I’ve had here in FL: black beans, yellow rice and plantains. I usually keep the rice and beans in the pantry and if I’m lucky plantains in the freezer, so its a nice savory meal to whip up when I havent grocery shopped in a while 😉

  16. TiffanyS says

    I call it a mexican rice bowl. Brown rice, black beans, rotel tomatoes with lime…Microwave this all with some shredded cheese. Top with salsa and quac. Yum!!

  17. Dayna says

    It’s tough to narrow my choice down to one favorite, but I’d have to say my favorite non-meat meal is an apple with mixed nuts. I eat it every day for my afternoon snack at work! Mmmmmm

  18. Jessica says

    Lets see…chiles rellenos, chilaquiles, pixsa, quinoa stir fry, kale, salads, beans and kale, beans and cheese, beans and tortillas, beans and eggs, beans. I’m vegetarian so pretty much everything I eat.

  19. says

    I agree on the froyo! I swear that I never really understood the fascination of froyo until I saw all the favors and toppings available via all your pictures!!

    My current favorite meatless meal has to be my steel cut oats with flax meal, chia seeds, and frozen berries! Yum!!

  20. Ariana says

    I’m always looking for new veggie burgers to try out, but I really like Sol Cuisine’s products, especially their mushroom rice burger. Try it! I’ve never tasted Quorn’s products before though, this sounds delicious.

    My favorite meat-free meal is tofu stir fry.

  21. Jordan says

    I think the Green tea froyo with sliced almonds I ate yesterday is my new favorite meat-free meal. Your own answer inspired me haha.

  22. Maggie says

    my fave non-meat meal are morningstar chipotle black bean burgers. costco sells them in the big box = perfect college apartment meal!

  23. Lora says

    Quorn turkey roast with quinoa…..both q words look strange to me in that sentence, it is 2 am, I hope I spelled them right :)

  24. Karen says

    My favorite meat free meals are ethnic dishes like Channa Masala and Baingain Bharta. Pair that with some hot and buttery naan and you have yummy perfection.

  25. Amy says

    umm-can I steal your answer-frozen yogurt? (but I like to mix in fruit and cereal to make it more of a “meal”) If I need to pick a real meal, I’m currently obsessed with roasting a million veggies and putting it over spinach with parmesean cheese-probably what I’ll make for dinner tonight! (though if I had some Quorn burgers, I would totally throw those into the mix!)

  26. jessa r. says

    a hearty salad – baby greens, hummus, quinoa, roma tomatoes, cranberries, feta, & sunflower seeds with a simple homemade dressing of olive oil and fresh lemon juice. mmm mmm mmmmmm, if i may say so myself! :)

  27. abby r says

    my favorite meatless meal is mac and cheese from cooking light. it is the creamiest, dreamiest i have ever tasted.

    frozen yogurt is tied though…i can seriously make a meal out of that.

  28. Tina says

    Meatless Meal – Spinach Lasagna from skinnytaste’s website. Not only is it meatless – it’s individual portions. I highly recommend checking it out :)

  29. Cari says

    one of my favorite meatless meals is apple pumpkin stew made in the crockpot with some homemade pumpkin cornbread :) yum!

  30. says

    I am a vegetarian and LOVE Quorns products! Their chicken tenders are my FAVORITE! Throw those bad boys over a salad or have some sweet potato fries and ketchup…. Perfect!!

  31. Meg says

    Can I count Cajun sweet potato fries as a meal? No? Ok then well I’ll have to go with the 3 bean chili on Eye It Try It website!

  32. Denise P. says

    Yay for that cookie win!

    Favorite meatless meal is probably a black bean burger patty chopped up and thrown into scrambled eggs with some salsa or avocado. My favorite post-workout meal.

  33. Katie P says

    My homemade Eggplant Parmesan, I coated the eggplant in whole wheat panko then bake it instead of frying. It’s the only vegetarian meal my handsome man will make a specific request for.

  34. Kaelin says

    I eat some kind of oatmeal for breakfast most days of the week, so that would probably be my favorite meatless meal! I also like quinoa veggie bowls for dinner, yummy!

  35. Taylor says

    My favorite meat free meal is Mama Pea’s (from Orange Sesame Tempeh stir fry! So good! Would love to win this as I am vegetarian :)

  36. says

    Veggie pizza, preferably involving caramelized onions and goat cheese in some capacity. Or a vat of vegetarian chili covered in shredded sharp cheddar, plain yogurt and jalapenos (cornbread on the side, of course).

  37. Debbie says

    Pad Thai with tofu. Well i don’t know if that’s my favorite, but I just had it over the weekend so it’s my favorite for right now.

  38. MrsCrystal says

    Too many meatless favorites!!!! Nuts (Almonds, Pecans, & Peanuts), Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, Peanut butter anything!

  39. says

    I got a few quorn varieties on a manager special at my grocery store in the fall, and snatched them all up. They were delicious (and in my budget)! My favorite was the breaded “chicken” variety. I was vegetarian for years, and ate a lot of beans and soy. I was in college, so I wasn’t sure what I kind of food I should have been eating. If I were to do it again (and I would love to, but my husband is anti-vegetarian) I have much better knowledge (And NO soy) of what to eat!

  40. Stacey says

    I love to make buffalo tempeh “nuggets” and homemade french fries. Tastes bad for you but its all baked so it’s actually healthy and meat free!

  41. Mary R. says

    I love veggie or bean burgers with sweet potato fries, mmmm. Last week I made Tuscan baked zucchini stuffed with artichoke, bread crumbs and couscous. I also like making pizza on a flat out wrap with tomato sauce, veggies (spinach, olives, bell peppers, artichoke, broccoli) and of course lots of yummy cheese.

  42. Katy A says

    My favorite meat free meal is fried rice with eggs! Yumm!! These burgers sound great b/c like you I can’t eat soy!

  43. says

    LITERALLY, those burgers are my faves. I stock up everytime I go to wegman’s on the weekends because stores near me don’t have them. I’d love to win!

  44. Jeri says

    my favorite meatless meal is the veggie burger from a local restaurant…with goat cheese and caramelized onion it is the best!

  45. Sarah says

    I’m a vegan and I love lentil soup! My mom used to give it to us when my brother and I were little (wayyyyy before I was vegan) so it’s total comfort food. I also love Thai vegetable curry. I’m a poor college kid so I’d love to win!

  46. Maren says

    My favorite meatless meal is healthy quinoa fried rice from the healthy everythingtarian…soooo amazing! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  47. says

    My fave vegan meal is the one I had tonight! (Till I make another one that is.)
    Hard-won homegrown carrots, sliced and steamed with minced carrot tops…a little lemon juice and honey in the water, drained and placed on a bed of Gardein mandarin orange chicken. Simple and good. :)

  48. em says

    cheese pizza forever. chocolate chip cookies second. expensive exotic fruit third. & yes, all three can be a meal when you’re nineteen in you’re first place. :)

  49. Heather says

    I am vegan, so every meal I eat is meatless and delicious. I think my favorite right now is vegan enchiladas. Yummy!!!

  50. says

    Margherita pizza is my favorite meatless meal! However, I have been testing quinoa/black bean burger recipes which are making their way up on my favorite list!

  51. emily says

    Monica! What kind of pickles are those in that picture with the wrap? Those look like the pickles from diners… but I have been buying jar after jar of pickles from the grocery store and they are this weird looking green and they taste nasty! Thanks :)

  52. says

    I honestly LOVE Quorn products but they are so pricey! They also don’t sell them in the supermarket near me. My favorite faux meat that I get regularly is the Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage. So. Good.

  53. Jasmine B says

    Tofu Stir fry with potatoes, carrots, onions, zucchini, daiya, and other various vegetables! Usually use different sauces to spice things up and a lot of spices, basil, tomato,ect.

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