When and What Should I Eat on a Run?


How’s your Wednesday?! I ate another leftovers salad – but this time with avocado. It makes all the difference. PSA: Watermelon is NOT good right now. Save yourself some money and heartache. And had an energy drink and popcorn a little later. The drink was not carbonated, so I was very disappointed. I like bubbles. (That reminds me of a dirty joke…never mind.) I get … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook


*I just lost this entire post and my laptop restarted itself twice. I need a new laptop and some computer skills. Boo. Okay, where was I?! Oh, I was on Thursday because all week I’ve thought it’s Thursday. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get it right. I had to be at work earlier this morning, luckily my schedule only called for 3 miles and strength. I did my 3 and then rushed home for a … [Read more...]