Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

*I just lost this entire post and my laptop restarted itself twice. I need a new laptop and some computer skills. Boo.

Okay, where was I?!

Oh, I was on Thursday because all week I’ve thought it’s Thursday. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get it right.

I had to be at work earlier this morning, luckily my schedule only called for 3 miles and strength. I did my 3 and then rushed home for a quick breakfast. I about to make toast when I realized a yogurt bowl would be quicker. It’s been so long since I’ve had one of these babies!IMG 6719 800x533 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

In my favorite polka dot bowl: Honey Oikos, Pumpkin (heated with stevia and pp spice), Cereal, Chia seeds, Banana, PB on spoonIMG 6714 800x533 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

After my client I did my own strength workout – biceps, back and abs. Then, I rushed home hungry and ate a bunch of blueberries while making a protein shake (review and giveaway of this new powder coming soon!).IMG 6725 800x600 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

A few weeks ago I received the Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook courtesy of the publisher. They must have heard I’m “team Carbs” biggest fan!i love carbs thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

I was already familiar with the Carb Lovers Diet from Health Magazine. The mag often features recipes and/or a full day of eats on the plan. IMG 6728 800x600 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

I never follow a recipe exactly, but I love looking at cookbooks (and blogs) for inspiration and ideas. I love that the book is full of great food photography. Aren’t you more likely to make something if looking at it makes your mouth water?IMG 6731 600x800 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet CookbookIMG 6739 600x800 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

The book has recipes that are quick, easy and for one person as well as more complicated and/or servings for bigger parties. I prefer the fast recipes since I’m always hungry wlEmoticon smile17 Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet CookbookIMG 6735 800x600 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

I appreciate that it even has a section for low calorie cocktails! I love when diet plans are realistic and realize ladies want a drink every now and then.IMG 6736 600x800 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

Speaking of drinks, I wouldn’t mind enjoying one with my triple D obsession friend, Guy Fieri (who contributed a recipe)…IMG 6741 800x600 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

In addition to recipes the book provides a set meal plan for a few weeks to get ya going. There is a separate book for the plan (not a recipe book), but I think this one hits all the bases you need.IMG 6742 800x600 thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

And I was able to interview Ellen Kunes, co-author of the book and Editor-in-Chief of Health Magazine. ellen kunes thumb Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook(image source)

Here’s what I asked…

Monica: Why do you think the Carb lover’s diet is effective?

Kunes:It’s a “recipe” that really works: A science-based, proven weight loss formula delivered through delicious recipes and an effortless-to-follow plan. The recipes are their own proven formula: Each one has been created to pack the perfect ratio of nutrients that research shows help to melt fat, curb hunger, rev your metabolism, promote good health, and get you a much flatter belly.

Monica: But everyone says protein and fats are what keep you full – what do you think about this?
Kunes: Here’s what I know: Cutting carbs almost never leads to permanent weight loss; most people end up gaining more weight after a low-carb plan than they started at. Scientific research cited in the book supports this. That’s why I wrote The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook. I wanted to share the evidence that a yummy, satisfying, carb-diet rich is the best way to get and stay slim for good.

Monica: What is your favorite recipe from the book?
Kunes: I am partial to all the desserts, especially the Coconut Cake with 7-Minute Frosting on page 244.

And now I’m passing on the Carb Love to you! Want to win a copy?!?!IMG 6728 800x600 thumb1 Weight Loss Wednesday–Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook

To Win a copy of The Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook: Leave a comment on this post.

Contest ends 2/23/12 at 6pm PST. Open to all residents of Earth. The book was provided to me free for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Elizabeth says

    ummm, because last year for Lent (I’m Jewish!) I gave up eating pasta twice a day, because that is how much I love carbs. And no, that didn’t stick, at all.

  2. Laurel C says

    I’m right there with you on the carb loving bandwagon. I’ve never tried doing low carb dieting, and I never will because a.) I love them too much and b.) we need them to be able to run….duhh!

  3. says

    I hadn’t heard of this book before, but it sounds great! I would be miserable on a low-carb diet. In fact, almost everything I’ve eaten today has been carbs :/ oops.

  4. says

    I spotted Chia seeds at the grocery store last night. After seeing you mention them a few times, I decided to pick them up. I put them in my lunchtime green smoothie, and I plan to try them a few more ways as well. I’ll be keeping an eye on how you use them. :)

  5. Cynthia says

    This book sounds interesting, mostly because you mention there are easy and single-serving recipes! I am the most anti-cooking person I know, but I REALLY need to get better at it :-/

  6. Lauren says

    I’m dying to have this cookbook, seems perfect for me and easy to use. I’d love to have new entree and cocktails ideas that my boyfriend even likes that aren’t “diet food”!

  7. Janice says

    I am totally intrigued by this as I have not been able to reach my goals while following a low carb diet and training for various races. This seems like it may provide a good balance of being able to fuel and refuel the way I need to and also losing some weight in the process!

  8. nicole says

    I just bought the diet plan book and have made a few recipes from it. They are absolutely delicious. Adding this book to my collection would be an awesome way to get some more variety!

  9. Danielle says

    This cookbook would be awesome. One i’m a carb lover to the end and two because one of my best friends asked me to help her get healthy in time for her wedding this august. This cookbook would give us some great ideas of things to make together and for our families!!

  10. Elizabeth says

    I am leader of team carb. In fact, when I was a kid and thought that vegetarians only ate vegetables (this makes sense when you’re 6) I decided that when I grew up I wanted to be a breadatarian. I’m pleased to say that I have pretty much reached this goal.

  11. Caitlin says

    I’m a firm believer carbs should be in every meal. And if chocolate also happens to be in those meals, it’s a great day! I’m a carb-lover & eater!

  12. says

    That looks like a book I’d like to try – I am always struggling with trying to eat the “right” kinds of foods, and end up just eating a bunch of carbs when I’m starving later on!

  13. Jen says

    I agree low carb diets just don’t work …not to mention carbs are tasty and can be healthy…looks like a great cookbook and I have been looking for some new inspiration in the kitchen lately!

  14. Mary R. says

    I am soooo Team Carbs as well. I would love this book. I have recently started to cook more and stop relying on frozen food or fast food and this would give me some great ideas. Plus when I’m hungry I need it fast, lol!

  15. says

    I never follow a cookbook recipe exactly the way it is shown. I like reading them more for ideas. Baking on the other hand, I will cook exactly how it is laid out in a book – can’t really cover up baking mistakes ;)

  16. Meghann says

    Monica- I’ve just started reading your blog and you really are an inspiration on getting me out the door running. I like that you have a natural out look on life and always jump back on your wagon when you feel you have fallen off. Keep up the great posts, I love reading them!

  17. Brittney says

    AHH this book is right up my alley! I love carbs so much and when people ask how I can run marthons I always say.. I run so I can carb load!!

  18. Emily says

    I’m skeptical, but I’d love to read this book! I’m all for carbs, but I don’t find them as sustaining as protein and fat. That said, I can’t deny a good recipe for coconut cake!

  19. Megan S. says

    I’d love to win this! I checked it out from the library but I’m WAY down on the list–having a copy of my own would be great!

  20. Terri R. says

    I have the Carb Lovers Diet book, and the cookbook would be a nice supplement to that book. And being Portuguese, I love carbs! Who else has potatoes, rice & bread all in the same meal!!! ;-)

  21. Denise P. says

    I definitely need inspiration for new meals right now. I’m burnt out on so many things and this crazy fall/winter/spring weather thing So Cal is having doesn’t make things easier – I threw a taco soup in the slow cooker the other morning and it turned out to be 80 degrees that day – ughh.

  22. Sara says

    Yes please! I hate low carb diets sooooo much. Just today I was thinking that if one more person tells me to cut carbs I will lose it! Not happening! Just not realistic and I don’t want to hate my life!

  23. Nicole says

    I’m going to school to become an R.D. and love looking at recipe books for new ideas! Most people love their carbs so this would be very handy!

  24. Taylor says

    I would love to win! I’m a recent new reader of your blog & i’m loving it! Especially all the opportunities to win giveaways ;) maybe this will be my lucky one!

  25. Renee says

    Does this recipe book feature clean eating, like using whole wheat pasta, brown rice etc? Just curious I haven’t heard of it.

  26. Emily says

    So, it’s Ash Wednesday today, the beginning of Lent. Aaaand I could never give up carbs. Nope, no way hosay, not ever ever. But, maybe this book can help me be more healthy about them ;)

  27. Hailey says

    This cookbook looks perfect. Who doesn’t love carbs? And I totally agree that you gain more weight after a “low-carb” diet because when you’ve reached your goal weight, you inevitably think that you can start eating everything that you’ve given up and before you know it…you’re worse off than when you started!

  28. Mona says

    i hope this book has some yummy bread recipes! i’ve been trying to convert to home made bread lately and a book like this would really help :)

  29. Jocelyn says

    I started running in October and my very first half marathon is this Sunday. My favorite part about running is saying “you know, I had a long run today” as I stuff carbs into my face.

  30. Regan says

    I’m a carb addict, so any diet that keeps them in is much needed! I am struggling to lose 15 lbs and I know cutting carbs always back fires….I’m torn.

  31. says

    Alrighty, I’ll take my chances in the cookbook drawing, but mostly I just wanted to say how much I love all your food medley bowls! You’ve given me some great ideas and I thank you! :)

  32. Jenny says

    I love carbs! So tired of all the no carb and no sugar people, everything in moderation. Would love this book to try out some of their recipes.

  33. marie says

    I’ve heard of this book and, as a member of Carbaholics Anonymous, would love to win a copy!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  34. says

    I’m in, commenting, I mean. Let’s see
    Breakfast: Crackers or bread with PB
    Mid morning:Digestive biscuits
    Lunch: Sandwich aka bread or oatmeal
    Tea snack: Crackers or bread with PB
    Dinner: Noodles, pasta or rice

    A whole of carbs there!

  35. Birgit says

    I love cookbooks, I love diet-cookbooks and I love carbs (even though I know that a low-carb diet works for me!).
    And I love that this is a world-wide-giveaway.

    so – I’m in!

  36. says

    I almost always lean towards protein and fiber to keep me full in between meals and at meals themselves because I can’t eat gluten, but it’s interesting to hear her say that carbs are necessary too..

  37. Natalie says

    Just found your blog and I’m loving it! Would love to try this cookbook! I’m constantly trying to find a way to balance the foods I love and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  38. Connie says

    Just found your blog and it is wonderful. I love carbs and have found if I try and cut them out of my diet I will pig out from craving them.

  39. sharon says

    I love carbs and agree that you should not give them up when trying to lose weight! I would make a lot recipes for this book

  40. Meg says

    I’m so sick of the low-carb thing! I’d love a copy of the book, and see if I can incorporate some yummy carb-age back into my life!

  41. stephanie says

    I love carbs!! My diets always fail because I can’t give them up long-term. When I add them back into my diet, I regain all of the weight I’ve lost. Hopefully this book would help.

  42. Jennifer says

    I am impossible to live with whenever I try low-carb diets. It turns me into a depressed shrew with no energy! So glad to hear I’m not hopeless if I keep up my carb habit…

  43. Linda says

    MMMMM….carbs!! I dont’ think it’s ever a good idea to completely eliminate one type of food – unless that food is fish (I’m from Nebraska).

  44. says

    hi this is and awesome site it really help people to understand the truth about being in good shape and plus eating what you like
    i love this blog ; keep doing this, that’s a way to go!!!!

  45. says

    Great post, awesome pictures, I too love collecting delicious, healthy recipes. Would love to win the book to add to my collection.

    Am Losing weight the right way, (healthy eating lifestyle) and loving it.

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