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Hello! I had a nice little snack mid-morning when my stomach started complaining. That apple was huge. JustLikeILikeIt. I really wanted to catch up on blogs today, but knew I should be efficient with my time. I have myself 15 minutes for some “power blog reading” and then closed Google Reader. It wasn’t enough time,  maybe I can catch up later! Lunch was a layered salad … [Read more...]

Pile O’ Mail


Last night I ended up cooking the Comfort Greens according to the package directions. Then, I added them to a bowl of tomato soup with a side of cheesy sourdough bread. It was delicious! Southern food isn’t common around here so I don’t think I’ve ever tried collard greens! I’m thinking this is the same thing, but the company named the mix different for marketing purposes? … [Read more...]