Disneyland Day


Ben and I decided to exchange Disneyland passes for Valentine’s Day. We were about to go two Fridays ago, but he was sick. Last week we were out of town. We were finally able to go today! I made a salad to eat on the way and packed a bunch of snacks – popcorn, celery, granola bars. It was super busy at the park! All the rides had long waits so we stuck to the mediocre stuff … [Read more...]

Body Fat Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I walked to the gym (it’s just over a mile away) and did a strength workout this morning. The gym was empty! I love when the gym is empty – is that mean? Well, if it is mean the universe got me back via the scale this morning. I doubt I gained 2 pounds this week, so I also checked my body fat at the gym. It’s close to the last time I checked and in … [Read more...]