Disneyland Day

Ben and I decided to exchange Disneyland passes for Valentine’s Day. We were about to go two Fridays ago, but he was sick. Last week we were out of town. We were finally able to go today!IMG 6794 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

I made a salad to eat on the way and packed a bunch of snacks – popcorn, celery, granola bars. IMG 6782 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

It was super busy at the park! All the rides had long waits so we stuck to the mediocre stuff like Big Thunder Railroad…IMG 6790 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

I had an annual pass for a few years as a kid and then again in college, so it was like going back to my ol’ playground. (Regarding my college pass: I was under-age to go cool places and my ex-bf was super into D-land so we went All.The.Time.)

Ben grew up in a little place called Florida and has only been to D-land once before. So, it was all new and exciting to him. Showing him all the fun things is like taking a kid to Disney without having to put up with whining or diaper changes. Mostly.IMG 6795 600x800 thumb Disneyland Day

After Pirates of the Caribbean we headed to California Adventure. We went on Soaring Over California – my favorite ride (and favorite state!). Seriously, that ride had Ben and I talking about taking an epic road trip up the coast.IMG 6802 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

A little bit later my mom and little brother joined us. Then have passes too!IMG 6800 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

One must see stop is the Boudin’s bakery because you get a piece of bread! I may have went around 6 times before the cast member told me to stop and buy a loaf already! Hey, races are expensive and I need to carb load for my run tomorrow…IMG 6805 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

Disneyland Tip: California Adventure sells alcohol. You will need alcohol after getting run over by a stroller and waiting in line for the restroom 8 times in a day.

Ben and I shared a margarita. IMG 6812 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

Disneyland Margaritas make his dimple appear wlEmoticon winkingsmile8 Disneyland Day

IMG 6809 600x800 thumb Disneyland Day

We had dinner at California Adventure and all did our own thing. Matt savored a bread bowl with Clam Chowder. I’m glad he eats with his eyes closed, made it easy for me to steal bites.IMG 6813 600x800 thumb Disneyland Day

Ben got Chinese food – chicken with coconut curry sauce on top of veggies (a little bit) and rice. I asked if they had brown rice and they actually mix brown and white together. They should offer brown straight up. Other than that, this was delicious. IMG 6816 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

My mom got a burrito from our house the Mexican place. I ended up ‘helping’ her finish this. It’s one of my greatest talents – making sure no carb gets left behind.IMG 6820 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

I ate a Subway sandwich. We stopped there for Ben’s lunch on the way and I got a sub for later. (You can bring food and snacks into Disneyland / California Adventure.)IMG 6818 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

After dinner we did the Toy Story ride. Again, super long line but it was fun.IMG 6826 800x600 thumb Disneyland Day

Ben and I didn’t expect it to get so cold so we had to wave the white flag and head home. I stopped at Jamba for a snack on the way home.IMG 6830 600x800 thumb Disneyland Day

Okay, I should get to sleep and hope I wake up without these two huge pimples living on my face. I have a super fancy event to attend on Sunday and I’m already nervous enough without that added stress!


  1. says

    Looks like you had a blast. I’ve only been there once and would love to go back. I was too young to really remember it before. This time, I’m old enough to order a margarita! That would make waiting in long lines so much more bearable.

  2. says

    My hubby and I went to Disneyland last night too! It was way incredibly crowded though, so we only went on Star Tours (we have passes) We did however go to the bakery and get one of the salads in a bread bowl to share. Its pretty much my favorite thing at disneyland. My hubby swears he ate most of it, but I know I dominated that bowl!

  3. says

    Oh man am I jealous! I’ve only been to Disneyworld, not land, and that was when I was 5. Return trip = necessary.

    And don’t stress about your event! Zits love stress, it’s their favorite. Deep breaths and soothing facewash.

  4. Ida says

    I’ve been to disney world and euro disney, but never disney land.
    It’s so funny to see disney as an adult, everything seemed so magical as a kid and now I know it’s a bunch of cardboard and day glow paint. I still love the classic rides though!

  5. says

    I freaking LOVE Disneyland and all things Disney. And it’s totally magical. I love it there. I really really love it. We are going to get annual passes and you could say my kids are past the Disney age, but it’s really my favorite place on earth. :)

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