belVita Breakfast Biscuits


Have you guys seen those belVita commercials with Snooki and Deena? I’ve been wanting to try them for weeks and my mom bought a box! (Hmm, now I wonder if she watches Jersey Shore…) Each little pack has 4 cookies. So, the calorie count seems a little higher than a granola bar but it’s more food. Ingredients: Sadly, they are really good! I was hoping they weren’t but now … [Read more...]

10 Miles and a Dress


Happy Saturday! I made a rough plan to do 12-14 miles today, but my hips just feel super tight so I turned around at 5.5 out and did 10.5 miles. I am going to yoga next week or I’m grounded! During my run I saw a running group with an aid station and everything! I am kicking myself for not stopping and asking if they’d be willing to take on a sad red-headed half marathon … [Read more...]