10 Miles and a Dress

Happy Saturday! I made a rough plan to do 12-14 miles today, but my hips just feel super tight so I turned around at 5.5 out and did 10.5 miles. I am going to yoga next week or I’m grounded!

During my run I saw a running group with an aid station and everything! I am kicking myself for not stopping and asking if they’d be willing to take on a sad red-headed half marathon maniac. Next time I see them I’m going to try and ask if they’ll be my fren.IMG_6831 (600x800)

I did my 10 mile dance and then ate breakfast…IMG_6832 (800x600)

I wanted eggs and I wanted to eat my sub from yesterday. Not being one to deny myself I did both!

I took out all the veggies & turkey, toasted the bread and put a cheese omelet right on top. Hit.The.Spot.IMG_6835 (800x600)

Then, I did a little shopping for two fancy events I have coming up (one is tomorrow). I’m not in love with this dress, but I have nothing else to wear so it’ll have to work.IMG_6841 (600x800)

I also picked up a few lot of things from Trader Joes, including these Falefel Chips. I love falafel. I love chickpeas. Put ‘em together! What does that spell? Chips, apparently.

IMG_6848 (600x800) IMG_6851 (800x600)

Okay, I want to hit up another store and visit the fam. See ya later!


  1. Rachel says

    My bridesmaids are wearing that exact dress, but in navy. Even have it for myself in bright blue and almost bought the hot pink one too. Got a great deal on the dresses at Marshall’s. The best part is that it has pockets!!

  2. says

    i ran 10 today too! and boy are my hips tight. i did manage to get in one 20 min yoga sesh this last week. i need it too. you must to it! how about a yoga download hip opener from the comfort of your own home?

  3. says

    i need a good yoga routine too as my hips are very tight.
    do share what you find.
    but i am the “yoga-challenged” I’m sure you are not.
    did not like those chips :-( way too much corn in them; I wanted more chickpea! more cowbell baby!

  4. sara says

    maybe you should look into joining a running group or training program? I do it and I love it. Makes long runs go by so fast and yes, the planned aid stations are amazing.

  5. says

    I had been eyeing those Falafel chips so my boyfriend got me a bag to top off my valentine’s day gift. Apparently the cashiere laughed/didn’t take him seriously when he explained his “dark chocolate, red roses & falafel chip” purchase combo. A man after my own heart… 😛

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