Sunday Set Up On Monday

Hello! Since I was MIA from my computer all day yesterday I tried to get caught up on everything today. I worked until 3:30pm when my stomach told me to take a cereal break. When my stomach talks, I listen. Obviously.IMG_6942 (800x600)

The cereal was delicious, but I needed some nut butter. PB&J crackers did the trick. IMG_6945 (800x600)

And since I was having fun all Sunday I didn’t do Sunday Set Up. Someone asked what the heck Sunday Set Up is anyways?

Basically, I roughly plan my meals and exercise for the week. I don’t always go grocery shopping on Sundays but I do make sure we have essentials.IMG_6949 (600x800)

And to help my life even more I made Ben a massive crockpot roast so I don’t have to cook again all week. He loves the roast, I love the crockpot.IMG_6946 (800x600)

I had roasted broccoli, a small piece of the roast to try it (eh) and a healthy frozen meal. It was some Thai Curry thing with brown rice and tofu.IMG_6950 (800x600)

Dinner Plan:

Me: Frozen meals because my freezer is overflowing.

Ben: Roast. He would be happy to eat roast everyday for a month the way he raves about it.


  • M: 4 and Yoga!
  • T: Speed
  • W: Strength
  • Th: Tempo
  • F: Zumba
  • Sat: LR
  • Sun:Rest

Last question of the evening – What is Child’s Pose? See below. You can choose to take this pose during class when you need a break.child's pose(image source)

This is me in my own personal child’s pose: SCAN0194

Get it? Get it?


  1. carrie bradshaw says

    Your child’s pose is precious!

    Couple things-
    1- I want to learn how to use a crock pot. Dont have one. Sounds fun!

    2- I feel so good after yoga as well, but the 90 min classes are too long. A hot yoga place I found here in Oz offers both 90 and 60 min classes; I prefer the 60 min classes. My attention span is too short. And sometimes yoga teachers scare me. One time the teacher told me to stop making strained faces with my eyes. She hurt my yoga self esteem.

  2. lorin says

    Bah, I need to give up sweets. I’m taking a baking class at my school and we made pound cake and devils food cake. That was my lunch and joke. ha, not good..I think my tolereance is just a lot higher and I’m making it more of a habit to eat sugar during the day instead of even just at night.

  3. says

    Ha, Ha! That’s funny! I have a pilates DVD where the instructor tells you to put your arms behind you (arms down by your feet) during child’s pose and it’s a much better stretch.

  4. says

    I am all about the Sunday Set Up. My husband is a meat eater and I’m vegan so meal planning really helps us to keep the budget reasonable. I also plan my meals around the workout for that day and make sure to get in extra plant-protein on hard strength w/o days.

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