Random Dot Com


The Bumble Bee tuna peeps sent me some Lemon & Pepper tuna 5 years ago (give or take) and I finally used it tonight. I love tuna, but don’t think to make it that often (or I get it from Subway). I know it’s already seasoned but I’m an OG tuna kinda girl and still mixed it with a little lf mayo, pickle juice, chopped picked, green onion. And the most random salad of the … [Read more...]

Burnt and Bloody


How’s your Wednesday going? Mine is swell. As in, my finger is swollen. But I’ll get there in a minute… I trained a client in the morning and ate an apple while running a few errands. Since I was running late this morning I told Ben just to come home for lunch. (I make his lunch most of the time and we haven’t done lunch together in a while.) As I was slicing a roll I … [Read more...]

Salad Works and Six Miles


I had to work at 2pm yesterday so I had an early snack before I went. Cereal x2. After work I rushed to meet Skinny Runner to carpool to Salad Works. (She probably would have run there if I didn’t beg her to drive me since it was only 20 miles away.) Mini-Pam, Pam and Life sized SR Salad Works is pretty awesome. They have 13 salad options or you can build your own. Salad … [Read more...]