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The Bumble Bee tuna peeps sent me some Lemon & Pepper tuna 5 years ago (give or take) and I finally used it tonight. I love tuna, but don’t think to make it that often (or I get it from Subway).IMG_7043 (800x600)

I know it’s already seasoned but I’m an OG tuna kinda girl and still mixed it with a little lf mayo, pickle juice, chopped picked, green onion.

And the most random salad of the day award goes to…

My dinner.

It had roasted broccoli, buffalo chicken pieces, chickpeas and tuna.IMG_7044 (800x600)

Now I’m sipping some hot cocoa Smile  I got this mug when I was out there for the Las Vegas RnR half in December and I’m actually going to Vegas next week for my brother’s girl friend’s birthday! It’s just for one night a “turn around” trip if you will.IMG_7048 (600x800)

It must be my blogaversary present because Dunkin Donuts is finally coming to California!!! Not only that, this state is BIG and the first location is fairly close to me.

50 miles is an acceptable commute to get coffee right?image

See you soon old friend…IMG_4635 (600x800)


  1. says

    I literally walk past 4 on my way from the train to the office. I am not a fan of their coffee. Their Munchkins on the other hand get me every time. (this is why I just walk by)

  2. says

    That is news for me too. My husband is obsessed with Dunkin Donuts coffee and I have nicknamed him “dunkin diva” ….

    He goes EVERY SINGLE MORNING with his punch card and reusable mug. At least you know you can get it if the urge hits

  3. says

    I am jealous of your DD. I grew up in New England still miss the DD there. They came to Colorado, but only lasted about 3 months each time. Oh, and those chocolate munchkins-so good.

  4. says

    Sunday mornings my husband and I drive about 15 minutes to our favorite coffee shop when there is a Starbucks like 1 minute from our place. I don’t see anything wrong with a road trip for your favorite coffee.

  5. says

    I haven’t had that tuna in years! But used to always eat it when I did BFL. It is so good and I love that you don’t need to add mayo or anything. THanks for the reminder!

  6. Summer T says

    this girl runs on Dunkin every morning of my life (self brewed from the bag, but that counts right?) This is totally random, but since you were the one to first introduce me to Peanut Butter Cheerios, I thought I would tell you, those mixed with a few m&ms makes for one yummy afternoon treat!

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