IronMan Texas Press Conference and Expo


After this morning’s double whammy run it was time for a good meal. The group went to Gaido’s for lunch. I cannot get rid of these crabs! Who says I want to? We started with bread. It was very cake-like in consistency without being too sweet. I actually would have liked it either sweeter or a savory-er. Pick a side! I got a salad for some greens and vitamins. The house made … [Read more...]

Death By Miles, Then Chocolate


This morning I woke up (super early to my Pacific timed body clock) to run 6 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. My calves were really tight from yesterday’s 10 miler so I planned on taking it easy. It was still dark but, I was going to run along the water path anyways so I was out the hotel door by 6:30am. I spotted Kelly outside the hotel and jumped in with her for a few miles. … [Read more...]

Texas in One Sentence


I made it to Texas! But, it’s late and I have an early wake up call. So, let me try and summarize all the days events in 1 sentence each… My inflight lunch included a salad and an apple. I wonder what she’s reading… I cannot do my makeup with a tiny handheld mirror. Seltzer water has saved my life. Trail mix saved my stomach from grumbling. The blogger group (made up of … [Read more...]

Flying Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I ran 10 miles this morning. The first 5 were slow (as I was going up hill and away) the last 5 felt GREAT (because I just rolled back down the hill). I wish I could have done more and am kind of frustrated that running keeps getting aside for other things (even if those things are fun). This was supposed to be my year of fun run before we have babies. … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #34 with Costco News


Breaking Costco News! They have turkey ciabatta sandwiches at the food bar! I picked up one to have a bite / for Ben’s lunch. It looks just okay upon first inspection, but is served up warm and you can tell the bread is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The inside bites are good! It has turkey, pesto, onion and tomato. Ben really liked it. Ask a Monican #34 Monica … [Read more...]

Things Thursday and No Recipe


Good Day I am planning on doing 10 miles tomorrow morning so I took today off from running. I was almost done with Jillian’s RIPPED in 30 when Ben suggested a walk. I grabbed one of his sweatshirts, an iced coffee and joined him! Last week someone asked me for my French Toast Recipe and I sent them a link for Bagel Thin French Toast. Then, I realized that wasn’t a recipe at … [Read more...]

My Crabs Are Back


Remember when I lived in Maryland for a year and lost tons of money on a cross country move following a dream that failed and fell in love with Crab Cakes?! Well, my crabs are back… and I’m happy about it! I found crab cakes 50% off a while back and froze them right away because I wasn’t sure when I’d make them. Well, tonight was my night and they were amazing. I served … [Read more...]

Checking In on my Hammies


Hola! I was going to do a full day of eats post tonight, but I’m lonely and thought I’d check in (waves!) Run: 5.7 miles, slow. Didn’t even feel like hitting the road today. I’m busted because I was supposed to do speed work. In addition to all the wine we picked up this weekend, we also picked up a jar of port jam. Be still my heart. Breakfast was the usual eggs with PB … [Read more...]

Hungry For Change and Larabar Giveaway


Hello and Happy Wednesday! I watched the movie Hungry for Change last night and LOVED it. I’ve been on the brink of wanting to change, but not being motivated or inspired to actually do anything about it. The movie struck a cord with me (even though it didn’t really share anything new). I know diet soda is bad for me (especially in the quantities I drink it!). Well, the … [Read more...]

Easter Dessert Recipes


Did you watch Trash TV yesterday? Two of my shows are on Monday night, so today is Trash TV Tuesday. First off, I am over Basketball Wives. There is NOTHING going on for anyone on that show. All they do is meet for drinks or lunch and talk shit about each other. Then, meet for drinks or lunch and fight about how that person was talking shit about them. AND they physically … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

bragg liquid aminos

How’s your Tuesday going? I don’t have to be into work until this afternoon so I’ve been working on blog stuff and writing all morning. Around 10am I had some nuts and a honey tangerine. The tangerine was really good, but had 2 seeds in each segment. I coulda done without that. Lunch was the usual – Salad with TJ’s peanut dressing and Bragg’s liquid aminos. I scored those … [Read more...]

Easy Curry and Dirty Hair


Hello! Yesterday I made dinner before my evening shift at the gym so I had plenty of time to experiment. I split a package of ground turkey into 2 parts and made a turkey and potato curry dish for Ben and soup for myself The potato curry was ridiculously easy! Easy Curry Recipe: Chop 3-4 potatoes w/ onions and cook them in coconut oil. Then, add ground turkey and tons of … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Monday


Since I had a little ol’ half marathon yesterday I took today off from running. My legs felt fine and I know I could bust out a run, but running injuries are often overuse injuries and creep up on us. Better to skip one day of running than 6 weeks like when I hurt my IT Band. Don’t run with scissors, or with tired muscles! So, I made breakfast before work and hoped to get in … [Read more...]

Sell Don’t Sweat


On the way home from Paso Robles we stopped in Santa Ynez for gas and lunch. It’s a super tiny town so we didn’t have a lot of options. The Red Barn worked. I got the half salad / half sandwich combo - with egg salad and a fancy apple and walnut salad. The waitress asked if it was okay that it came on a brioche bun, I said, “Yes, thank you.” But I thought, “Hell yeah I want a … [Read more...]

Paso Robles Half Marathon Recapage


This morning I woke up around 6am to leisurely get ready for the Paso Robles Half Marathon. The race didn’t start until 8am - that was a really late start from what I’m used to! I changed, fueled, bathroomed, sunblocked and pinned. Last night I checked out the course elevation profile. What the heck was I thinking?! Gravity is not exactly my friend and adding hills to the mix … [Read more...]

Saturday in Central CA


This morning Ben had to do a little training run for the Big Sur 10 mile race. I joined him of course and we did 5 slow. But, he forgot his running clothes – rookie mistake! Post-run we had Subway egg sandwiches for breakfast. Then, we headed to the half marathon expo packet pick up. And finally had the rest of the day to just enjoy Central California. LOVE. Love … [Read more...]