That Would Only Happen To You…

Yesterday I got a knock on my door from my friend, the Fed Ex guy (aka Ed), holding a huge box. I was pretty excited thinking my life sized Matt Damon doll had finally arrived. Turns out it was even better – a ton of loot from New Balance!

NB is sponsoring our Reach the Beach Relay team and sent us gear to train in! Our team name is “Off Balance” my idea, “NewBs with Boobs” was vetoed. Oh well.IMG_7086-800x600_thumb_thumb

I guess it’s the Catholic school girl in me (who had to wear oxford shoes for 12 years), but I LOVE colorful running shoes. It’s sick how excited I am about these. I keep saying I’m in my “yellow phase” of life because everything I buy is yellow. So when I saw yellow sneaks I lost it.

Added bonus: No one will be able to tell when I pee my pants. IMG_7090-800x600_thumb_thumb

New Balance is sharing the love and offering RER readers 15% off and Free Shipping (I hate paying shipping!) at the New Balance store with the code


This code is valid at Shop New until March 10.

Okay back to today…

I hit up the Farmer’s Market for some apples, onions and samples.

Surprisingly the Pink Ladies were the tastiest so I got a load of those (I’m normally a Honey Crisp or Fuji girl).IMG_7120 (800x600)

Then I took a 4 mile walk while chatting with my best friend over the phone.

I had a two hour meeting at work over lunch time. It was supposed to be a pot luck meeting, but it’s Friday during Lent so I don’t eat meat. Plus, last time it was just a bunch of chips and cookies and pizza.

So, I packed my own. Notice my normal bucket ‘o salad has been missing? I left my favorite bowl at my mom’s last weekend.IMG_7122 (800x600)

We sit on the floor in the Group Fitness room during the meeting. It’s pretty relaxed and really nice to have some down time with my co-workers. Since everyone’s schedule is made one-on-one with their clients sometimes I don’t see my friends for weeks!IMG_7127 (800x600)

After the meeting I hit up the mall. I’m going to another fancy schmancy event next weekend and need a dress. But in the dressing room I knocked my finger and it started bleeding like crazy instantly! Like, dripping and everything. IMG_7130 (800x600)

Luckily, I had a tissue and stopped it. But it had already dripped on the floor so I had to find another tissue and wipe it up. When I finally walked out of the room the sales girl was standing outside my stall with a weird look on her face. She must have seen me wiping the floor from the bottom of the stall and thought WTF is this girl doing?!

I called a friend on the way home and she said, “That would only happen to you.”

The weird thing is, I get that “it would only happen to you” line A LOT. Ha! It’s not a good thing, but I just have to roll with it.

Afternoon snack – Fruit is my co-pilot (and a protein bar).IMG_7132 (800x600)

Question: What are you doing this weekend?

Bonus: Do weird or embarrassing things happen to you a lot? What?

I can’t even tell you guys most of the stuff, it’s always super embarrassing…


  1. says

    love the yellow shoes! They’re awesome!

    One time when I was at IKEA, I was looking for a mirror and was pulling around one of their huge carts. I (stupidly) was pulling it backwards and behind me and it rammed into my heel. I swear my entire heel like sliced off and I was gushing blood everywhere. It was all over the floor, and I asked an employee for a band aid. Apparently they didn’t have any? WTF? Shouldn’t they have a first aid kit somewhere?! Anyway, some tourist couple from China (no joke) saw me and couldn’t speak a lick of English but they were able to cough up a few band aids and some kleenex. It freakin’ hurt. The end.

  2. Jocelyn says

    Funny you should ask about embarrassing things on today of all days – here’s the short version: I came home from work for lunch and the electricity was off in the entire house. I heard a noise and for some reason went straight into there’s-someone-in-the-house mode. I ran down my block barefoot, and since I was running and focusing on not cutting my feet, I didn’t answer the phone when my husband called, so he called the police and next thing I know 4 squad cars roll up to my house and immediately start SWAT-teaming the house. Guns and all. And every piece of lingerie I own was hanging in the garage drying. And it turns out that I was just scared by the noise of the power coming back on. Holy embarrassment.

  3. says

    i’m not usually prone to embarrassing myself, but i potentially did this week. in prep for law school applications, i had to ask my favorite teachers to submit letters of rec back in november. i did so, and since i’m now getting accepted to schools, i realized it would be a good idea to show some appreciation and therefore bought each of those professors personalized gifts. two of the professors are in offices right next to each other and i was in a hurry while dropping off their (color coded so i wouldn’t forget whose was whose) presents … once i left the uni, i had to call the department secretary because i convinced myself i dropped the bags off at the wrong office!! the secretary was kind enough to go check the offices for me, but i didn’t wait on the phone to see if i had erred.

  4. says

    I get the strange and embarrassing stuff happening to me all the time. You’d think it would be less now that I work from home but I still manage to open my mouth and quickly insert my foot. It’s just part of my charm, or so I keep telling people!

    This weekend I am going to write my final paper for this semester, continue on with my c25K training plan and hopefully watch my husbands outdoor team play in the championship game.

  5. Robyn says

    I’m running 1/2 #3 mañana and I’m hoping to PR. First 1/2 I was injured, #2 I had the worst run of my life soooooo….3rd time’s a charm, right?!

  6. says

    I got yellow, too! I have big feet, and it was my hypothesis that the yellow sneakers went to those of us with big feet.

    Do you have big feet?

    You know what they say about big feet…

  7. says

    I love the color of those sneakers! And phew, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t ignore nature’s call on a run. 😉

    I’m running a 5k tomorrow and I’m hoping to PR!

  8. says

    Don’t feel too bad. I get that a lot too. I am like the family disaster. I once had a sheathed knife fall off of the top of the fridge when I opened the freezer door. While it was falling the sheath came off and it stabbed 1/3 of an inch into my leg. I still have the scar. FML.

  9. Michelle says

    I love your shoes! I’m saving up for the yellow mizuno wave rider 15s. But the most embarrassing thing that happens to me constantly is that when I’m running on the treadmill at the gym, I get really into my ipod music and start mouthing the words. Like, I don’t sing out loud (cuz that would be weird, lol) but I do the even more weird thing by just having my mouth contort itself into frog poses with no sound. I don’t notice I’m doing it until I catch my neighbor staring and thinking I’m choking.

  10. says

    This weekend is about working out, cleaning, doing my taxes, and volunteering on a mayoral campaign.

    My “only to me” story…

    I used to do ballet and I still love to go see performances of Oregon Ballet Theatre. Months ago when I found out they were doing Giselle I was so excited and bought a ticket immediately. Last Sunday, I went to the afternoon show… and FELL ASLEEP during intermission. I slept through the entire second act and woke up during the standing ovation. Everyone around me kept saying how amazing and beautiful it was. Half of me just want to cry because I missed it and the other half was embarassed for falling asleep and drooling all over myself. So then I went home and bought another ticket for Thursday night. Then about an hour later, OBT posted on their facebook a code to get half off the ticket. Not valid on prior purchases.

    Only to me…

  11. says

    I have done some spastic, embarassing things physically and the stories even make me laugh when recounting them (later on, not immediately though). Last year while curling my eyelashes, my curler slipped in my hand (or I spazed out?) and I ended up losing like a whole eyelid’s worth of eyelashes. Last week, I was getting ready in the morning and apparently was ‘aggressively moisturizing’ (again? what?), and my neck got stuck in place and I couldn’t move it for about a day! Last week, in a store, I managed to knock over a huge cosmetics display just standing there talking to the counter girl. Nice moves. Funny though, I don’t consider myself uncoordinated and I’m great at yoga/balancing, just not great at real life?!

  12. says

    Beer run tomorrow evening! It’s a fun run (5km) organised by a local pub with free flow of beer after the run. Irony: I don’t take alcohol! But it’ll be fun running with friends and catching up.

  13. Jamie says

    Those were awesome New Balance running shoes, love the yellow.

    I get that, it would only happen to you line all the time. Im known for being accident prone and klutzy.

  14. says

    Love the new kicks! Your relay race sounds like a lot of fun.
    My weekend is pretty jam-packed: running, dinners with the in-laws, and a bowling charity event. Somewhere in there I also need to grade all of the essays I brought home. :(

  15. says

    My long run was suckage so I plan to drink beer the rest of the weekend.
    Ok, I mean I plan to have a beer and then go to bed. I party hard like that.
    I do stupid stuff a lot, hit myself in the head with cabinet doors and banging my shin on my car are my most frequent.

  16. says

    Oh if I only had a dollar for the amount of times I’ve been caught by other shoppers taking to myself in a store I’d be a very rich woman. “Did he want pinto beans or kidney beans? Which one’s on sale? Oh you know what I should get, candy! No, I shouldn’t get candy.”

    Then in my head “Oh hi fellow shopper, no I’m tooootally normal I swear.” My mom once told me to wear one of those Bluetooth headsets so I could pretend to be talking to someone else…lol

  17. Kim says

    Unfortunately the New Balance website doesn’t accept the promo code. Is anyone else having this problem?

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