Sweet Sixteen Miles

Happy Saturday! I’m thinking about officially making Friday’s pizza night. Sadly, this is the best idea I’ve had in years. But the “thin crust” frozen pizza I bought was a scam. Don’t try to fool this Mexican – I know a tortilla when I see it!  I stole a piece of Ben’s “real pizza” for carb-age.thin crust pizza

More specifically, Friday should be Pizza and Wine night Winking smileIMG_7140 (600x800)

This morning I woke up and did my pre-run rituals – bathroom, change, iced coffee, PB&J toast, bathroom again…

I had 16 miles on the agenda with the last 3 at Marathon Goal Pace. Hey, why do I have a MGP with no marathon on the schedule. Because I’m considering one and want to decide after next weekend’s long run.

I ran to my favorite spot and Ben picked me up 16 miles later. He rocks.

16 Miles – Average Pace 8:39

My splits weren’t very even but that’s partially because the route.16 miles time

When I got home I had a quick bowl of cereal. Yes, that would be the last of the Kashi Crisp. It lasted all of 3 days…kashi cereal

Then, I hit up Whole Foods on the way to my mom’s. I spotted this new Larabar find – uber. I didn’t get one because I’m a chocolate girl and these were all fruit.uber bar

And my post-run ritual… Whole Foods Salad Bar. A little bit of everything and a new bigger can of Stevia. I tried the Ginger Root-beer because my stomach has been randomly hurting and I’m hoping the ginger would help.whole foods salad

I really wanted quinoa and there wasn’t a good quinoa salad today. Oh well, guess I have to go back…

On a bed of kale (why don’t I buy kale anymore?!)… vegan ratatouille, grilled veggie couscous, baked ziti, old fashioned potato salad, chicken masala, tabouli…whole foods salad bar

Now I’m blogging from my Nina’s car enroute to my cousin’s baby shower. She lives in B.F.E, California so we’re carpooling.

See ya later!


  1. says

    nice pace on your run!! i havent seen those uber bars in stores yet around here…i love lara bars though but im with you..chocolate all the way!

  2. says

    Baby shower? Better you than me :) Is it bad I hate them? Except the inevitable cake… love the cake.

    I went to the Veggie Grill in Irvine for the first time today, partly because of your post awhile back (and because my husband likes it). Not too bad! We’re going vegetarian for lent :)

  3. says

    we must be buying the same type of cereal.
    some sort of defect where it only lasts for 2-3 days at a time…
    nothing to do with only having “ONE BOWL” aka ONE BUCKET.
    bigger boxes…
    are ya with me.

    nice work on the 16miles.
    I say just DO IT. on the Marathon. sign up. get it girl.

  4. So... says

    Why’re you running your long runs at race pace, chica? You should follow a legit training plan and you’ll perform lots better in races.

  5. Julie says

    I love ur blog!!! Why don’t you eat a slice of real pizza tho…maybe you’ll be left more satisfied?

    PS- zevia is the shizzz.

  6. says

    I would have stolen Ben’s pizza too. Thin-crust “pizza” is not pizza. My husband and I affectionately call it “cracker pizza” because it’s like you’re eating a cracker with toppings. No thanks!

  7. momgetsfit says

    The California Pizza Kitchen’s Margerite (sp) frozen pizza is super good and tastes fresh. You should try that one too.

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