Sunday Set Up March 4


Sundays are a rest day for me, but my legs need a little movement after a long run so I went for a walk with Ben this morning. We made a pit stop at Jamba for a shared smoothie. By the time we got home I was more than ready for breakfast. I made a super quick scramble sandwich with a Pomelo on the side (Farmer’s Market purchase). It’s like a mild grapefruit, but the skin is … [Read more...]

Sushi in Little Tokyo LA


Two girls at work are pregnant. Ben’s sister is due in April. And today I went to a baby shower for my cousin Vanessa (also due in April). I’m getting pretty dehydrated over here because I refuse to drink the water Everything was decorated so cute! But you couldn’t say the word “cute” because it was one of the party games!! Most of the decorations were made by hand – even … [Read more...]