Sunday Set Up March 4

Sundays are a rest day for me, but my legs need a little movement after a long run so I went for a walk with Ben this morning. We made a pit stop at Jamba for a shared smoothie.20120304_091627

By the time we got home I was more than ready for breakfast. I made a super quick scramble sandwich with a Pomelo on the side (Farmer’s Market purchase).IMG_7238 (800x600)

It’s like a mild grapefruit, but the skin is very very thick.IMG_7241 (800x600)

Ben and I hit up the church we went to a couple weekends ago to try again. I still like it, but people are friendly to the point of making me a little embarrassed? Does that make sense?

Back at home Ben was craving a cheeseburger for lunch, but I decided to make something. I nuked a Southwestern Soufflé from garden lites. Loved it, but these don’t make the best salad topping because they crumble.IMG_7242 (800x600)

IMG_7244 (800x600)

And then he walked in with this… fried zucchini and french fries. He said he wanted both, but the orders come with a ton of each! So, I had to help of course Winking smile I made sure to get a plate to put my serving on so I didn’t eat the entire batch before realizing it. Fries just “disappear” around me.IMG_7254 (800x600)

I ran some errands this afternoon and had this little guy as a snack. It’s like a shot of tequila yogurt.IMG_7255 (600x800)

I didn’t realize how long I was going to be out and didn’t have a snack on hand so I came home ready to eat my arm off again. I made a super quick batch of protein pancakes (my sweet tooth is alive and very well!).

And since I only had drops of syrup left I had to improvise with toppings. I used this new find – Laughing Cow Strawberry Cream Cheese. *Tip: this pack came with a dollar off sticker right on it that I used.IMG_7263 (800x600)

Protein pancakes topped with PB&J and cream cheese – I swear this tasted like funnel cake!IMG_7262 (800x600)

Now for Sunday Set up for March 3, 2012….

This week is going to be a little crazy for me. Ben and I are going to Vegas for one night Monday to Tuesday. Then, I have an all day that big Natural Products expo on Friday. And Saturday is the Refuel event in Los Angeles.

Eating Plan:

I stocked up on veggies and eggs and protein powder for the week. And I have a box ‘o salad for tomorrow’s road trip. I am going to track everything I eat even though I’m busy and just make sure to eat extra clean to allow for drinks!


  • Monday: 6 miles
  • Tuesday: Walking around Vegas, Ripped Level 1
  • Wednesday: 8 miles Tempo pace
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: 5 miles
  • Saturday: 18 miles?
  • Sunday: Rest, rest, rest.

Search Me Sunday – the top searches that brought people to RER this week:

hot mom foodEven if I was a mom I couldn’t help ya there.

fear of runny eggs Send those my way!

how to diet when you’re always hungry and love carbs Please let me know if you find the answer to this one…

what to do after eating too much cinnamon I can’t help you there. Eat too much cinnamon toast crunch and I’m your girl.

eating nothing but a jar of nutella a dayIs this the next diet craze? I should buy stock in Nutella.

are running shorts made to pee in?Yes. On a related note, things that happen on a long run stay on a long run Winking smile

Question: How are you getting ready for this week?

What food “disappears” around you??


  1. Sarah Williams says

    I almost peed my running shorts reading “are running shorts made to pee in” hahahahahahaha

  2. says

    I love those search results. I wish I could remember what I searched when I found you.
    Have a great time in Vegas, where are you staying?
    I love LV (I guess I am full of love tonight).

  3. Erica D says

    Mother of God. Have you ever attempted the cinnamon challenge? Do not. Ever. If I hadn’t been working the morning I was dared to try it, I certainly would have been googling cures too…

  4. says

    I love the search terms – so funny!
    I am getting ready for the week by trying to plan out my meals and write down everything that i eat. Why is it so hard to write it down?! I usually last a day and then give up!

  5. Meg says

    I’m more ready for this week then I’ve been in awhile (not lets just wsee how it goes!) I have to say most food disappears around me but the biggest would be chips and guac! Have fun in Vegas!!!!!

  6. Sam says

    popcorn! don’t even dare to put your hand in the popcorn bowl/bucket while i’m at it…might get your fingers chewed off! lol

    on a side note…wouldn’t it be great if running shorts were really made to be peed in? so soo convenient…..I know my girl Beth (SUAR) would love them! 😀

    heres my week plan:

    Monday rest
    Tuesday 4M -hills
    Wednesday 4M
    Thursday 3M
    Friday rest
    Saturday 7M
    Sunday 3M + Zumba

  7. says

    are those things people are really searching for?? i am seriously cracking up! let me know if you find running shorts that are made to pee in…

  8. says

    Why is fried zucchini soooo good? It is a trick food, you can tell yourself it is a vegetable and then maybe eat to many. Tricky, tricky.

  9. says

    I totally know what you mean about the new church! I always get so nervous about going to a new church and I hate when everyone is so overly friendly. I grew up going to the same church all my life and then when I moved I have yet to find one I LOVE as much as back home. It almost seems like they are desperate for members- as terrible as that sounds!! Good luck on your search and eating clean in Vegas!! I’ve started trying to eat more veggies and less fruit (because all of my servings of fruit and veggies were coming in the form of fruit!! not good for my mid section) and I can already tell a difference!

  10. Megan says

    Just found your blog last week…I’m in week 5 of training for my first marathon. I’ve been great about long runs and cross-training, but I’ve gotta get on board with the weekday runs. It’s tough in MN winter.

    This week my hubby and I are re-committed to clean eating and no weeknight drinking. This week’s menus include:
    – Slow cooker chicken tinga taco salad
    – Split pea soup
    – Sriracha turkey burgers

    Exercise SHOULD be (wish me luck on the weeknight runs):
    – Mon: Pilates
    – Tues: Cycle
    – Weds: 4 miles
    – Thurs: Arc intervals
    – Fri: 5 miles
    – Sat: Rest
    – Sun: 11 miles

    Have a good week!

  11. says

    French fries, nuts and chips totally disappear around me. I am great about savoring things when it comes to desserts, but small salty foods invoke “hand-to-mouth syndrome” in me. I guess this is also true of M&M’s and Raisinets and things like that. But I can actually savor a cupcake or piece of pie.

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